Get ready to run, it’s the red band trailer for Green Room!


There’s not much else that really needs to be said about Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room, and its new red band trailer is proof of that. Saulnier’s follow up to Blue Ruin looks every bit as good as we’ve been promised, dishing out an all-new trailer with a slow-burning brilliance. The teaser we saw a few weeks ago was good, no doubt, but this new trailer is a two minute gut-punch, offering our best look at the highly anticipated thriller yet. “Stab some shit, get ready to run.” Continue Reading ›

Drink up the new poster for Ava’s Possessions


One of the surprise debuts from last year’s SXSW Film Festival was the Jordan Galland written and directed indie gem Ava’s Possessions, which has just unveiled a wonderful new poster ahead of its March release. What’s notable about Galland’s film is that his story starts where most possession films end. What’s life like after being possessed? I’d imagine we’ll be seeing an official trailer soon, but for now watch the teaser below, it’s pretty great. Continue Reading ›

The Month in Horror Releases: February


January didn’t exactly get off to a strong start; the genre just wasn’t making enough noise despite there being a handful of promising looking titles. February looks to fix that, which is officially the month of The Witch (!), no doubt 2016’s horror movie to beat. But not only is The Witch making its highly anticipated debut, we’re seeing the release of a few noteworthy indies like Nina Forever and Southbound. But before we get started, here’s what I watched in January: Continue Reading ›

Review: Howl, werewolves on a train


Paul Hyett hit the genre running with his brutal directorial debut The Seasoning House, which was a sick and twisted little cat-and-mouse revenge thriller that dared the audience to look away. Its unflinching brutality and in-your-face narrative was a hell of a way to start a filmography, that’s for sure, and now he’s back with one of the most iconic sub-genres horror has to offer—werewolves. After passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must band together in order to survive until morning. Continue Reading ›

The table is set for Richard Bates Jr’s Trash Fire; first clip and images


Richard Bates Jr.—the man behind Excision and last year’s Suburban Gothichas hit the festival circuit yet again with his latest genre effort, the indie horror Trash Fire. Trash Fire (what a great name) is currently premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, which is reason enough to share a few new stills as well as its first clip featuring stars Adrian Grenier, Fionnula Flanagan and Angela Trimbur. By the way, it’s great to see Trimbur jumping right back in the genre after turning in a fantastic, stand-out performance in The Final Girls.

Continue Reading ›

Trust no one in the trailer for The Invitation


Karyn Kusama’s (Jennifer’s Body) long awaited return to the genre comes in the form of one of the very best horror movies of the year—The Invitation. I caught this one last year at the Stanley Film Festival (read my review) and I can say with confidence that this movie will blow your mind. It’s a masterfully paced thriller that uses a paranoia-soaked atmosphere to drive the narrative in a way we rarely see. We have the very first trailer—it’s more of a teaser, but a fantastic one—and with it comes a release date. You can catch The Invitation in theaters and VOD on March 25th. Continue Reading ›

It all goes south in the must see trailer for Southbound


We’ll no doubt see our fair share of anthologies this year—seeing that they’ve been on the rise lately—but there’s one that made quite a bit of noise last year during its festival run and that film is the open road thriller Southbound. To say there’s a lot of buzz surrounding this one would be an understatement, and you’ll quickly see why after watching its fantastic first trailer. What stood out to me the most about this trailer—even more than its unmistakably eerie atmosphere and striking visuals—was that every segment looks amazing, each teasing their own wicked brand of horror. Continue Reading ›

You can’t outrun the trailer for The Pack


Much like last year’s Backcountry, Nick Robertson’s The Pack is grounded in the same horror of man versus beast, only this film is about a wild pack of bloodthirsty dogs and the family caught in the middle of their furry shitstorm. When we think of rabid dogs in film, the obvious choice is the Lewis Teague-directed adaptation of Cujo, which is a pretty fantastic take on Stephen King’s novel, using isolation and a dog-turned-monster as the force behind the terror. The Pack feels like it has that same sense of isolation—the family is trapped in their farmhouse—and the trailer is plenty intense, so it’s no doubt an intriguing little film that promises plenty of dog-fueled carnage. Check it out. Continue Reading ›

Nobody leaves the Green Room in first teaser trailer


It’s already shaping up to be another fantastic year for the genre, and one such film that will no doubt leave a mark on 2016 is Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room, which is said to be a brilliantly crafted and wickedly fun horror-thriller about a diabolical club owner who squares off against an unsuspecting but resilient young punk band. That’s just awesome. What makes the film particularly exciting—other than the fact that Patrick Stewart is the leader of a gang of vicious skinheads—is that its Saulnier’s follow-up to his fantastic thriller Blue Ruin, which marked his return behind the camera after 7 long years. This dude should never stop making movies. Ever. Continue Reading ›

Rabid Dogs remake kills with a thrilling new trailer


After a solid festival run, Éric Hannezo’s remake of the Mario Bava classic Rabid Dogs is about to make its theatrical and VOD debut in just over a week, which means we get a new trailer and poster to stare at—both happen to be pretty fantastic, too. It’s a rare thing for a remake to go by unnoticed, especially one like Bava’s 1970s thriller, but Hannezo’s remake has been generating some solid buzz since it hit the festival circuit last year, so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. The trailer hits all the right notes, offering up a quick, sharp-edged look at Hannezo’s remake and the poster is an absolute stunner. Check those out below. Continue Reading ›