Short Round: You should always leave the lights on

Ah, the Short Round, how lovely to see you again! On tap today is a brilliant little short film from Swedish director David Sandberg titled Lights Out. The horror genre tends to get a lot of guff for relying on nothing but jump scares which is considered to be an easy way out to scare the audience. But in a short film setting like Lights Out, the jump scare is its best friend. The director has a very small window to work with, so fusing his short with one jump scare after another proves to be quite effective.

Lights Out plays on the fear of those things you think you see in the dark, but aren’t sure if your mind is just playing tricks on you. You know the feeling—you’re in a dark room and suddenly at the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a dark figure standing in the corner. Well, that’s what happens here, except she made the mistake of ignoring it. It’ll only cost you 3 minutes and maybe a new pair of pants. Check it out!


  1. poiju

    Oh holy shit that was amazing.

    • Ryan

      I know! It’s amazing what they can do with such a short amount of time. Build up is everything!

  2. Patrick Keller

    Yeeeessss!! Thank you.

    • Ryan

      Lol, you’re welcome!

  3. Billy

    Seriously amazing, so minimalist and so perfect.

    • Ryan

      Sometimes that’s all horror needs, a simple set up with great execution.

  4. silverscreenings

    Oh boy, that was TENSE. I don’t think I took a single breath during the whole time.

    This was very well done.

    • Ryan

      Yea, I agree. VERY well done. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. penny smith

    Wow I actually opened my eyes wide, I didn’t expect that! Thanks Ryan

    • Ryan

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. ReyShelley

    This one is my favorite thus far! Great example of effortless tension/build up (what most horror lacks these days)! I feel anxious now about turning off my lamp before bed!

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