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Movie posters have been around for as long as film itself and have always been a very popular way of attracting audiences. Posters have changed drastically over the years and rarely do we get a very original looking poster anymore. If you look at a movie poster for a film today, 9 times out of 10 you are going to see what I like to call the floating heads of hell. Essentially the posters are horribly Photoshopped giant floating heads of all of the main characters. Why this style is so popular I will never know because they look down right horrendous.

An unsupervised retarded monkey could create a better poster than some of the crap that’s laying around these days.

Not all is lost however, because there happens to be a wonderful company called Mondo where they recreate posters for films that are regarded as cult or genre pictures and recapture the vintage flair that movie posters used to have while still making them modern. Every poster these guys do are very unique and I felt like sharing some of my favorites with you guys. Hope you enjoy.


by Aaron Horkey & Vania Zouravliov


Swamp Thing 

by Florian Bertmer

The Burning

by Phantom City Creative

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

 by Jeff Proctor

Dawn of the Dead 

by Jeff Proctor

Hobo With A Shotgun

by Jeff Proctor

House by the Cemetery 

by Jeff Proctor

The Shining


28 Days Later

by Charlie Adlard & Jon Smith


by Methane Studios

Well there you have it guys, some of my favorite Mondo posters. These select few don’t even scratch the surface as to how many great ones they have. And honestly they really don’t have any bad posters. If you want to check more out for yourself head over to their archives by clicking here: Mondo

And as always, thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Mondo Gallery

      1. I’ve find a site where they’re not too expensive; I make it point to search out for crazy awesome posters that I use to envelop my house haha John Carpenter may be attending a convention I try to attend each year so I was trying to decide between, but prob will end up getting two either way. >_<

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