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Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

Directed by Morgan Spurlock

The worlds largest comic book convention is a breeding ground for weird, creepy, awkward, and awesome things, yes I’m talking about Comic-con, the one and only spot to surround yourself with socially awkward fanboys. A documentary about Comic-con has so much promise and I’m surprised it took this long to get one. The trailer opens with none other than Eli Roth who explains how he will never forget the first time he took a piss next to a Stormtrooper and a Klingon, and that is exactly what makes this convention so special. It then follows up with the always hilarious Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen talking about some of their experiences. This is why Comic-con is so cool, it’s a place where fans get to meet the people that have such an impact on their lives. Not only that but all of the creepy people who don’t normally have friends can all hang out together and be sweaty while enjoying their light-saber battles. Okay, all jokes aside, this is a wonderful convention where fans – even the creepy ones – can all get together and express their love for the things that they really enjoy. Here is a film that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the fans of the worlds largest comic book convention.

Wild Bill

Directed by Dexter Fletcher

From the second the trailer starts you know this is going to be a fun one. What I love about it is that it totally reminds me of the days Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Anyone who has seen those two films will know exactly what I mean right away. This trailer really is a breath of fresh air. The pacing of this trailer is fantastic because it starts out slow in order to build enough momentum for the intense finish. So many times you see trailers that just go right at you and throw in a bunch of cuts and explosions and while that can be cool, it’s nice to see a trailer that was edited to show that this film is much more than that. I love films with senseless violence and dark witty humor and it looks like Fletcher has blended the two seamlessly. Guy Ritchie may have moved on from these types of films to do bigger things but it looks like we have found his replacement in Fletcher.


Directed by Chris Butler & Sam Fell

Normally I could care less about “kid” movies and I’m also not a huge fan of stop motion which is why I’m surprised at how cool this movie looks. It’s one of those movies that I wish was around when I was a 10 year old kid obsessing over movies like Night of the Living Dead and Poltergeist. There is something about zombies and and the stop-motion style of filming that makes this movie look so appealing. It’s about a boy who has the ability to speak with the dead who has to take on ghosts, zombies and even grown-ups in order to save his town from a centuries-old curse. I’m a sucker for zombie flicks and when you add the interesting stylistic approach of stop-motion it adds something totally new the genre. Maybe it’s just the kid in me, but I really think this one will be a lot of fun. It has a quirky cast, zombies, and ghosts. Count me in.

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6 thoughts on “Today in Trailers

  1. Comic-Con has always interested me, and I think it’d be fun! Nice job! Even though it is mostly comics, and I’m not really into those, they do sometimes feature horror films and stuff! 🙂 Passionate fans of anything are always a plus in my book!!

    1. Absolutely, I’d love to go as well I think it would be a ton of fun to see all of the good and BAD costumes that people have. Plus, like you said sometimes there are horror films there. Even though its mostly about comics, over the years the films have been really getting big there. I’d definitely love to go!

      1. Nope I don’t really live close enough for it to be convenient. The tickets just went on sale, but they sold out the same day and thats part of the problem. Getting tickets is pretty ridiculous. At least we have this documentary to look forward to!

  2. If you’ve ever been to a con of any kind–comic, anime, trek, horror–San Diego Comic-Con is like every one of them… only turned up to 11, and with an ever-increasing Hollywood presence. I was fortunate enough to go in ’04, ’05, and ’07, and it grew exponentially each year. It really is like the Super Bowl for geeks; everyone should try to make it to one (though, its rising cost and exclusivity is ostracizing the average fan. They may have to go to some kind of ticket lottery if it keeps up).

    And to you and Ms. alohamisterhand, seeing that you’re big fright film fans, I highly recommend hitting up a horror convention nearish you if you haven’t already. Spooky Empire in Orlando is a yearly trip for me. You can literally have one-on-one conversations with guys like Danny Trejo (which I did) and hang at the pool post-show with both Boondock Saints (which my co-workers got to do) at those shows. Let me get out before I sound like a name-dropping con whore (too late).

    1. Haha holy shit definitely too late you whore. That sounds amazing, and I have actually never been to anything of the sort but I have always wanted to. Comic-con tickets sell out the day of so it’s almost impossible anymore. I live near Salt Lake, I’ll have to check into the conventions because I’m sure they’ve got something up there. Thanks for the heads up! P.S. Danny Trejo is fucking awesome! Totally jealous over here.

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