Horror Movie Cabins: Cabin in the Woods Edition

With Cabin in the Woods set to release this Friday the 13th I decided to take a look into some of my favorite horror movie cabins. What is it about cabins in horror films that make them so creepy? Is it because they are always a run down pile of filth where nothing but terrible things can happen or is it the simple fact that they are always so isolated from everything else? Regardless of what makes cabins work so well in our beloved horror genre the fact remains that they present the perfect breeding grounds for those horrible things that lurk in the night to come out and play.

While there are many horror films with creepy cabins, below are three that stand out to me the most. Enjoy.

Evil Dead I & II

Perhaps the most famous horror movie cabin is from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead I & II. Raimi visited the idea of cabins being the center of a horror film long before it became a cliche. Not only is this cabin holding the book of the dead but it is surrounded by a terrifying forest with the only way in or out is by a rickety old bridge. If that wasn’t bad enough, this cabin wouldn’t be complete without a creepy cellar, perfect for locking up loved ones possessed by demons.

How to survive this cabin:

Cabin Fever

Eli Roth’s first feature film has a very unforgettable cabin and while it isn’t nearly as creepy as Raimi’s Evil Dead cabin it is quite certainly every bit as deadly. Much like Evil Dead, this cabin seems like the perfect place for a group of five young people to booze n’ snooze out in the middle of nowhere. Sounds perfect right? Well it was, that is until a dying man with a horrible, flesh-eating disease shows up turning this cabin into the perfect cesspool of death.

How to survive this cabin:
Bring ointment.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

While this cabin probably wouldn’t win a creepiest cabin of the year award it would however, win an award for best kills. The great thing about this cabin is that most of the death occurs on the outside of it keeping the interior nice and clean for whomever happens to wander towards it next. You could argue that this cabin isn’t evil considering everyone ends up killing themselves in ridiculous fashion. But I would say that there is more to this cabin than meets the eye because something evil is definitely at work here, this cabin just knows how to get it’s hands dirty without spilling any blood on the antiques.

How to survive this cabin:
Never just assume that a couple of hillbillies who you believe kidnapped your friend want to murder her. Chances are they just wanted to eat pancakes together.

Cabin in the Woods is the latest film to take a shot at the old horror tradition but it promises to be everything but cliche. The film is set to hit theaters this Friday and is currently sitting on an early Rotten Tomatoes score of a 94%.  It looks like we might have another great horror movie cabin on our hands. The film is about five friends who go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods. Written by Joss Whedon this film promises to be something totally unique and mind bending with twist after twist.

As always, thanks for reading.

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