Mondo’s ‘The Thing’ Poster

When you think of John Carpenters classic sci-fi horror film The Thing, the first image that comes to mind is the amazing theatrical poster that Drew Struzan created many years ago. The poster is pure genius and one that everyone recognizes whether they have seen the film or not.

On Friday, the Alamo Drafthouse will be screening The Thing as part of their “Summer of ’82” event. Universal gave Struzan and Mondo permission to make a print of a limited edition version of the original poster. They created this amazing poster which is essentially a cleaned up version of the original one just without any text and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The limited edition of the poster will run anywhere between $250-350$ which is quite pricey but considering one of the greatest poster artists of our time is only making a handful of these it’s definitely worth it if you could get your hands on one of these prints by Drew Struzan.

Check it out.

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7 thoughts on “Mondo’s ‘The Thing’ Poster

  1. Awesome poster commemorating an awesome film. Unfortunately a bit too pricy for my wallet. You think Walmart will get it? 😀

    1. Agreed. It’s a bit much, especially for it not being much different from the original. Nothing is cheap when it comes to Mondo!

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