David Cronenberg’s ‘Knifeman’ Series

A couple of months ago it was announced that the legendary David Cronenberg would be adapting a television series called Knifeman. The series is expected to shop itself around to different networks shortly and something tells me that with Cronenberg’s name attached to direct the pilot and executive produce the show it shouldn’t take long before it gets picked up.

Knifeman was written by Emmy-nominated write-producer Rolin Jones who has worked on shows like Boardwalk Empire, Friday Night Lights, and Weeds. If that kind of talent matched up with Cronenberg’s style isn’t enough to convince you then maybe knowing that the Oscar nominee Tim Roth has just signed on to take the leading roll. It doesn’t get much better than that folks. It’ll be interesting to see who picks this up but I’d love to see it go to HBO because not only do they have a pretty great track record but with Cronenberg’s style and the free-for-all mentality of some of the HBO shows this could be some seriously entertaining stuff.

“Knifeman centers on John Tattersall (Roth), a radical, self-educated surgeon who will go to unorthodox lengths to uncover the secrets of the human body.”

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2 thoughts on “David Cronenberg’s ‘Knifeman’ Series

  1. Awesome – As long as it gets picked up by a network not scared to take chances. I could see Showtime gunning for it since Weeds and Dexter are going to be wrapping up soon.

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