Russell Crowe Is Dracula In Eli Roth’s ‘Harker’

It’s great to be seeing Eli Roth’s name coming up so often lately in the world of horror because he has certainly been missed by many fans of the genre. With Hemlock Grove and The Green Inferno already on his slate it now looks like the director will be tackling yet another project.

Warner Bros. is currently in talks with Roth about directing Harker, a re-imagining of Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Lee Shipman & Brian McGreevy. Russell Crowe is set to star in the film as Dracula himself who is being tracked down by Jonathan Harker, a Scotland Yard detective. Crowe is only locked into the first film which is being set up to be a potential franchise character so hopefully the film comes full circle because with Roth’s talent teamed up with Russell Crowe playing the one and only Dracula I can only see a good outcome for this. No word on who will be playing Harker but hopefully they can land another A-list actor like Crowe.

The film is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way which begs the question, could DiCaprio be interested in playing the role of Harker? We can only wish.

Right now the film sounds pretty great but I have a feeling with everything that is already on Roth’s plate this one might fall through the cracks so we’ll see what happens with this project in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “Russell Crowe Is Dracula In Eli Roth’s ‘Harker’

  1. You know what really concerns me here is the thought of Russell Crowe’s Appearance as Dracula. He looked awful as Robin Hood (even though Ridley Scott was obv. going for a kind of naturalism) and is possibly the least vampiric-looking actor out there – especially in his current flabby, middle aged guise. I though Gerard Butler made a bad vampire – this will be worse! Gary Oldman didn’t look great as Dracula but he could act vampiric at least. But Crowe, much as I like him as an actor, just seems a bizarre choice. He’s so … contemporary/suburban/Antipodian looking. Oh well.

    1. Ya man, you make some really valid points here and I can see a lot of people concerned for the same reasons. I think the fact that this may end up in the hands of Eli Roth who isn’t afraid to show his vision on screen and has never made a film quite like this is a good enough reason to be excited. As far as Russell Crowe’s casting goes, I’m always a big fan of seeing someone chosen for a role you would have never thought they would be in, it leaves so much room to surprise the audience. You are right though, he could be absolutely terrible for the part but I guess we’ll have to find out. Thanks for the comment!

      1. I agree about the concerns about Russel Crowe, but on the other hand, Eli Roth on a new Dracula movie is enough for me to want to see this. Plus the fact that I’m now very curious about Russel Crowe’s performance in a role I would never have pictured him. Yep, I want to see this.

      2. My exact feelings! I hope the film actually comes to life though because to me it feels like this one might not happen because Roth is so busy atm.

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