More Images For ‘Byzantium’

With Neil Jordan’s return to the vampire genre looming around the corner with Byzantium, some fresh new pictures have arrived. Byzantium is set to premier at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and with anticipation of the its debut they have released a few more great looking images for the film starring Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan.

Byzantium centers around Eleanor who is exhausted from being on the run for 200 years and has become desperate to settle down. But little does she know that her mother has been protecting her all of these years from their own kind, “The Brotherhood”. In order to escape from them, they must either blend in or continue running. But just as they think they may have escaped, their past quickly catches up with them.

With each new image for Jordan’s upcoming vampire film my anticipation grows more and more. It’s certainly shaping up to be something that looks very cool and who better to bring us an authentic vampire film than the creator of Interview with the Vampire. Check out the pics below.

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