More Terrific Images of HBO’s ‘The Girl’

HBO’s The Girl is really starting to set itself apart from Fox Searchlight’s Hitchcock and while both of these films are about Sir Alfred Hitchcock they feature completely different stories. HBO just released an impressive set of photos which show off Toby Jones and Sienna Miller as Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren and the film looks absolutely stunning. Hitchcock better step it up because as of right now, The Girl looks incredible. Hats off to the make-up artists and costume designers on this film because Sienna Miller looks like she stepped right out of the screen of one of Hitchcock’s films.

Jones told Collider that watching the legendary director’s obsession with fashion model Tippi Hedren unfold on screen is absolutely intense. Jones also said, “He knew every single aspect of filmmaking, and I think he thought, ‘Well, I’ll just make her into a good enough actress. She has limitations as an actress, but I’m so able and so practical that I will be able to transform her to my needs.”

HBO will premier The Girl on October 20th. Check out the new photos below.

Want to read more on The Girl ? Check it out here :

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