Creepy Red Band Trailer Reels In For ‘Sinister’

Exorcism of Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson’s latest horror film Sinister is set to arrive in theaters on October 12 which is just around the corner. The newest red band trailer features some very horrific imagery with one truly creepy score that is guaranteed to stay with you long after watching.

This trailer raises the bar for other horror trailers out there and rivals the recent Mama trailer because it’s flooding with tension and lets the unforgettable imagery do all of the talking. Will this be the unfortunate case of a trailer being better than the feature film? Time will tell.

Found footage helps a true-crime novelist realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home, though his discoveries put his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity.

Watch the trailer below.

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

7 thoughts on “Creepy Red Band Trailer Reels In For ‘Sinister’

    1. It does look great and from the few reviews I’ve seen is that the story isn’t great but the scares are some of the best in quite a while.

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