Director Found For Remake of Universal Classic ‘The Mummy’

Back in April it was announced that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci — co-writers on Star Trek — planned on rebooting Universal’s classic monster movie, The Mummy. John Spaihts will be writing the script who says, “I’m really excited to write something scary”. Considering that the most recent remake starring Brendan Fraser from Stephen Sommers and Rob Cohen was the furthest thing away from scary I’m pretty excited to hear that Spaihts plans to try and spark something in the remake that made the original such a classic.

And now, just a few months later they have landed a director. Len Wiseman the man behind Underworld and the Total Recall remake will be taking a seat in the director chair. From deadline, “Universal Pictures is setting Len Wiseman to direct The Mummy, the reboot of a franchise whose most recent incarnation grossed $1.25 billion over three films. Jon Spaihts is writing the script and the studio is eyeing a potential summer 2014 release, so things are moving quickly, with Universal eager to ramp back up one of its most venerable franchises.

Kurtzman also says, “A lot of the work with Len has been about creating mythology, and I remember seeing Underworld and finding it a beautiful advancement of the genre. It was presented in this fresh, incredibly cool concept, but it never gave up its reverence for the mythology and that is what inspired us to meet with Len.

Not quite sure how I feel about the directing choice. I was pretty excited to hear where Spaihts plans on taking the script with it being something “scary”. Unfortunately, however, everything about Wiseman points to the Cohen version of The Mummy rather than a dark new take on the classic.

What do you guys think? Is Wiseman a good choice?

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