‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?’ Remake Closer Than Ever

One of the most underrated gems of the 60’s is the claustrophobic thriller What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Regarded as career-best performances from Bette Davis and Joan Crawford many critics believe that it is one of the greatest psychological horror films ever made. The completely insane and deranged Jane (Bette Davis) is one of the most hardcore villains from the 60’s who — as an old hag — wore child-star make-up and served her sister a dead rat at one point in the film.

In the story, Blanche and Jane are two sisters living together in a decaying mansion. Both were stars in their youth, but their careers ended in their teens when Blanche got crippled in a car accident caused by Jane. Now in their old age, Jane takes daily care of Blanche but there is still plenty of resentment between the two. 

As Jane slowly but surely becomes demented, she starts an increasingly sadistic regime of terror over the helpless, paraplegic Blanche. 

Reports out of Hollywood are that director Walter Hill has secured the funding through Lakeshore Entertainment for the remake of Robert Aldrich’s classic thriller. The reboot will be based on Hill’s very own script which is more of an adaptation of the original novel rather than the script from the previous film.

This is a dark film that will be very difficult to remake because the two leads in the film will have to be brilliant if they want to have any chance at standing up against the classic. Hill is completely aware of this, saying that his main challenge will be finding two actresses that will be able to carry this heavy film.

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5 thoughts on “‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?’ Remake Closer Than Ever

    1. I can’t imagine the remake being able to capture the same elements from the original which is something I always worry about when it comes to remakes. Thanks for the catch btw, fixed!

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