Adam Green’s 14th Annual Halloween Short Teaches Michael Myers How To Drive

Hatchet director Adam Green has made it a tradition to write and direct a Halloween short film every season. Now that we’ve officially entered the month of Halloween Green is back with another fantastic addition to his library of Halloween short films. His 14th effort is called Driving Lessons starring the always great Joel David Moore and Kane Hodder as Michael Myers. Green shot the short in a way that presents it as a fake deleted scene from John Carpenters classic, Halloween. How cool is it that Green convinced Kane Hodder — who is famous for playing the iconic Jason Vorhees —to suit up for Michael Myers.

So who gave Myers his driving lessons?

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4 thoughts on “Adam Green’s 14th Annual Halloween Short Teaches Michael Myers How To Drive

  1. I’ve done a few interviews for my blog with various people involved with the horror genre. It has been a dream of mine to get an interview with Kane Hodder. The guy is just amazing.

      1. Bummer. I guess you gotta be persistent to get a guy like Hodder for an interview. He’s probably too busy being a badass.

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