Let’s Talk Zombies: The Walking Dead S3 Ep. 1

With the first episode of season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead officially in the books, it’s time to start talking about all things zombies; spoilers and all. So join the conversation and let’s talk zombies.

The first episode to kick things off should have pleased all the nay sayer’s of last season who complained about too much talking because this one was moving at a constant zombie killing pace. I really liked that they didn’t waste any time by having us watch them starve in the woods for a few episodes before finally finding the all important prison. Just a few minutes in and we are already introduced to what has to be one of the worst possible places to hide. I totally understand why they thought this would be a good idea because it’s completely secure from the outside world; but did they not realize that the place was going to be littered with the undead?

Speaking of the undead, you can tell right away that the budget for this season has sky rocketed because all of the make-up was absolutely fantastic showing off some of the best looking zombies I’ve seen in years. And we can’t forget about the armored zombies! How cool was that?

All of the characters seem to have stayed the same except for Rick; that dude is a total badass now. You either do what he says or you can expect to be a zombie’s next happy meal. We’ve only been introduced to one new character so far who uses zombies as pack mules. Pure genius. She even went as far as cutting off their arms and taking out the bottom jaws to keep them from biting anything. I’m very interested to see what comes from her character and finding her back story because even though she was pretty quiet in the episode you can tell there’s a lot to be said about her.

Okay, back to the prison. Even though I thought this was a terrible idea, It’s something I’m just going to have to deal with as they have already settled in and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. That brings me to the end of the episode. While they are exploring the dark hallways with nothing but a few flashlights you quickly realize this place is a human’s worst nightmare as they find out it’s a maze of hallways that never seem to end. Of course — as with any good show — something bad has to happen and they get swarmed by an insane amount of zombies that literally came out of nowhere. Seriously… where did they all come from? Once they got split up I thought for sure that was going to be the end of it, but no, not even close. Just as quickly as they appeared the zombies were gone and Hershel began looking for Maggie and Glen and he steps nonchalantly over a zombie. Really Hershel? You’re living in a world where almost everything is trying to eat you and you step right over a zombie like that? The episode was coming to and end so you knew something bad was going to happen. I was holding my breath just waiting, and waiting, and waiting. BAM! Zombie wakes up and takes a nasty — and delicious — bite out of his leg!

And we all know what happens when you’re bit by a zombie. Turns out… so does Rick. And remember how I said he became a total badass? The end of this episode proves it as he doesn’t hesitate to chop off Hershel’s leg with what has to be the most dull weapon they had. But it doesn’t end there as you see some alive and well prisoners watching from the other side through some glass with looks of pure terror on their faces.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the first episode. For the people who complained about the lack of action from the second season they should be gushing with excitement. This was only the first episode in a season that shows a ton of promise in what is sure to be an amazing 3rd season.

So what did you guys think? You’ve read my thoughts; what are yours?

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Zombies: The Walking Dead S3 Ep. 1

  1. Opening scene: badass, efficient, professional killers. Rest of episode: bumbling, jackass, amateurs. I’m amazed they lasted so long.

    1. Yes, I feel you on that one. I honestly can’t believe they thought going into the prison would be a good idea. Only bad things will happen from here on out. Yay.

  2. Haven’t seen it yet but since I’ve read the comics I know where it’s all headed (if they stick with it which they *mostly* have) so I’m thinking this season will be epic!!

    1. Lol, amazing. If I was Lori I’d be sawing that out of me asap. Not sure I’d want to be eaten from the inside out.

  3. I didn’t think the prison idea was completely terrible. I mean, yeah, shits gonna be infested inside pre bad but I think it would be worth it for all the shit there. Protection, infirmary, armory, food. Even if they don’t find food or ammo there it’s still better than where they were.

    One thing I didn’t really understand was when they just started using ammo left and right to pick off all the zombies in the yard. -That- is really where they should have used their melee weapons. Glen had the right idea stabbin em through the fence. They should have at least tried to funnel the zombies through a chokepoint then just massacre them through the fence. At least then they would have ammo for that dark and scary as shit prison.

    You made a good point about the budget increase. The gore and make-up looked fucking spectacular. Was pretty blown away(lol pun) by it. I even thought the first season did an amazing job with the make-up, this season is just fuckin imploding zombies everywhere. Love it. 😀 This season is definitely starting off with a bang(lol another pun, I’m not even trying. Except I am and that took 20 minutes to think of.)

    And yeah, seriously, wtf Hershel? I think he just didn’t wanna deliver Lori’s zombie child then have to deliver his daughter’s zombie child when Glen knocks her up. Wise man really. ;D

    1. You hit some really good points there. I can definitely see the appeal to the prison because of all the reasons you stated but thats a place I wan’t to avoid on a normal day, let alone a zombie outbreak! Agreed, total waste of ammo. And Hershel definitely picked one hell of a way to get out of delivering a zombie baby! lol. But seriously… that duded is screwed. No WAY he makes it through the entire season now.

      1. Haha, yeah, prisons are pre good places to avoid. But those towers man! Such good zombie fortresses.

        And yeah… Hershel is kinda fucked for sure. He’s risking infection from the bite, from the axe, and just from not having the proper medicine. And even if he does survive, he’s old AND gimp now.

      2. This is why I love this show so much. They’ve got balls. No one is safe and taking out a main character like Hershel in the first episode was nuts. Was NOT expecting that!

  4. I really enjoyed the start of the new season. Carl is far less annoying, and at least now he gets a gun. The only problem i had was when they’re all just chillin around a fire in the courtyard, why are the zombies lurking in the background not trying to attack? is they no hungry no more? Hershel is fudged. Rick’s going insane. Convict survivors. Bravo. Also I’d like to add that if people can’t watch the show cuz of lack of cable err sum shit they can watch it Live Stream on Stream2Watch.me (click television) (AMC) boom.

    1. Hell ya. Carl isn’t nearly as bad as he was and thank god they aren’t on a farm anymore where Carl can mysteriously go missing every episode. And you bring up a good point about the zombies in the courtyard, you would think they would never stop trying to get through the gate. My initial theory on all the zombies in there were that they were being used as a sort of “force field” to keep other humans from wanting to get inside. Guess we’ll find out!

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