Brian De Palma Talks About Upcoming Remake of His Classic Film ‘Carrie’

Director of the original Carrie, Brian De Palma, spoke with Fangoria about the upcoming remake and how he gave director Kimberly Pierce (Boys Don’t Cry) his blessings.

“I know Kimberly Pierce, I’ve known her for twelve years.  I met her in Paris when she was on a press junket for Boys Don’t Cry.  We spent some time in New York together, we used to go to the theatre together. She’s a bright, talented person. I tried to encourage her to make a movie very quickly after the success of Boys and it took her years to find right material…but anyway, she contacted me when she decided to do Carrie. We discussed the right way to approach it, who she was going to cast and we had a few discussions about it and basically I gave her my blessing. She’s a very talented girl and I’m really excited to see what she does. It will be more like the book, I think, which is Sue Snell’s testimony which puts Carrie in kind of brackets…”

It’s always great to hear from the original director when it comes to their classic film. Typically the directors will stay quiet or just downright dismiss the remake which is understandable because not everyone likes to see their work being tampered with. I like De Palma’s confidence in the remake and I’m really looking forward to seeing exactly how this film plans to stand apart from its counterpart.

It would also be interesting to see what the man who created Carrie White thinks about the film as Stephen King usually has interesting things to say about film adaptations of his work. With the film getting so close — and De Palma weighing in on his thoughts — I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear something from Mr. King sometime soon.

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3 thoughts on “Brian De Palma Talks About Upcoming Remake of His Classic Film ‘Carrie’

    1. Oh ya, he actually said that Carrie was one of the only adaptations of one of his novels that he thought was actually better than the book.

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