The Art of Adam Rabalais


Because I know you guys love some original artwork as much as myself I decided to shine the spotlight on a truly talented artist, Adam Rabalais. He specializes in creating some of the most amazing alternate movie posters that more often than not blow the original artwork out of the water. All of his work comes from a minimalistic vision showing key elements to the film that capture the heart and soul of a film in one simple picture. His work is undeniably cool with a each poster looking as if they have been sitting on a dusty shelf for decades just waiting to be discovered. I have always been a big fan of the simplistic approach to doing art and Rabalais has proven that sometimes less really does mean more.

Website: deviantArtEtsy

Facebook: Adam Rabalais

If you would like to own a piece of his work you can head over to his Etsy shop where you can pick up any of these beauties for a great price. In fact, just for Halloween, there’s a sale going on right now where you can pick up any 3 horror posters for just $31. Not bad!

Website: deviantArt

Facebook: Adam Rabalais

Also, if you head to the top of this article you will see I’ve added a new page, “Art of Horror” where I’ve given each of these artists their own page to showcase their amazing work where it can be fully appreciated.

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14 thoughts on “The Art of Adam Rabalais

  1. Absolutely love his style. Uncanny, creative, and like you said simply intuitive. Favorite one is probably The Thing or Nosferatu.

    Random story, but when I was in Cali, a 45-50 year old I worked with rarely said a word to anyone. I struck up a conversation with her and I asked her what her favorite movie was. She told me Nosferatu and went into detail why. She instantly became the coolest person I worked with.

    1. Wow that’s pretty awesome! I’ve actually seen Nosferatu and it’s a very eerie movie — as are most silent films. Even the silent films that are meant to be funny have a creepy quality to them lol.

      1. Haha, agree 100%. Super eerie stuff. We actually watched Nosferatu in school, it was pretty cool. I wish I could remember what class/teacher it was.

      1. Yea man, it’s great you noticed that as well. He’s in good company! I really liked the Pan’s Labyrinth one as well. He really has too many great ones to choose from!

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