Let’s Talk Zombies: The Walking Dead S3 Ep. 2

With the second episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead officially in the books, it’s time to start talking about all things zombies; spoilers and all. So join the conversation and let’s talk zombies.

With the first episode debuting with a cut throat pace I expected the second episode to slow down some. Man, was I all sorts of wrong on that idea. It opens exactly where we left off; with stubs (Hershel) lying on the ground passed out and everyone freaking out when some unexpected guests arrive. Considering this is a prison it’s quite obvious these guests are actually not guests at all but inmates that have been shacked up in the cafeteria for the last 10 months. They all skip the small talk and rush Hershel back to their cell block with the inmates quickly on their heels.

Once Hershel is in good hands it’s time to get down to business as Rick has to figure out what exactly he is going to do with these inmates. It become evident very quickly who the douche bag of the group is when Ponytail boy starts running his mouth like he’s some sort of badass. You might have been cool when you were in prison but I’ve got news for you buddy; the world is a different place now. Rick tries to explain that to him, but again, he’s too busy being a douche and doesn’t listen. You know right away that this guy is going to be bad news.

It’s funny how quickly you can be introduced to a character and immediately hate them; so kudos to the writers on that one because I was wishing for his death within the first 5 seconds of him opening his mouth. Anyways, they make a deal to split what is left of the food in exchange for weapons and everyone gets their own cellblock. Rick explains to them how to properly kill a walker before they start clearing out more cell blocks. Hit them in the head! Sounds easy right? Well obviously these guys don’t listen very well because the first group of zombies they try to take down is absolutely comical because it looked like something straight out of a prison fight. Big dude holds a zombie while his buddy tries to shank the zombie to death in the stomach with what I can only assume was a filed down tooth brush. You’re telling me that these prisoners who have been locked up in there for 10 months DON’T know how to kill a zombie?! They deserved what was coming to them. And don’t forget about the big dude who splits from the pack after specifically being told NOT to do that. Yet again, not listening very well. Where did that get you? Dead.

During another fight, Ponytail boy very obviously tries to get Rick killed by almost chopping his head off then throwing a zombie on him. This is where I have to thank the writers and AMC because usually when I hate a character I have to wait half the season for you to finally kill them off. That wasn’t the case tonight as Rick quickly puts a machete through Ponytail boy’s head proving yet again, Rick is not to be messed with this season. That moment had me grinning from ear to ear. Awesome!

I’m glad Hershel made it out alive (so far) because he’s really important to the group with his valuable knowledge on medicine and health. I still don’t expect him to make it through the rest of the season because he can no longer run which immediately puts the entire group in danger. His chances are slim to none but I do hope he makes it because he’s become a very key element to the group. I didn’t like that we never got to see what Andrea and the woman with the pet zombies are up to because you know at some point those two are going to make a huge impact on the show.

Fantastic episode yet again. Season 3 is off to a great start with the first two episodes being pretty damn good. As a Walking Dead fan I couldn’t be happier. You’ve read my thoughts. What are yours? Let me know down below.

Question: Who the hell was in the woods watching Carol while she was practicing her “Operation” skills on a zombie? I have a pretty good idea as to who it is but I really want to know what you guys think.

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Zombies: The Walking Dead S3 Ep. 2

  1. The walking dead is one of my favourite TV shows! Im still on season two and I can’t wait to watch season three. Great post!

  2. Dude! I was glad when ponytail -douche got it too! You could tell he was gonna be trouble. Although I don’t know why Rick had to be all hardass with the other two guys. The little one seemed like a harmless little hillbilly. I STILL really am not sure about the whole foot amputation thing. If they are all already infected, how was chopping Hershal’s leg off and him possibly bleeding to death or getting blood poisoning necessary to “save” his life. The general consensus of people I’ve talked to seem to think the additional bite/scratch is enough to push a person over the edge into “zombie-zone”. I really don’t know.
    And as usual, Lori was a pussy little bitch… she tells Rick to “do what he thinks is right.” But to me, she does it because she wants her safety ensured but doesn’t want to have it on HER conscience to make the decision to kill people, so she foists it off on Rick, giving him implicit permission to kill innocent ppl. Bitch.

    1. Great points! As far as Hershel’s leg goes and the whole being infected by a zombie through a scratch or a bite thing is concerned, I think Rick just went with his instincts. They know that if you’re bit by a zombie you will turn but they don’t really know if chopping off the limb that was bit will keep you alive so Rick was just taking a chance in hoping that if he acted quick enough he might be able to chop his leg off before it could spread. Yes, everyone is infected but you only turn if you die and I think a zombie’s bite or scratch or w/e just speeds that process up. Thats the beautiful thing about the Zombie genre, there are so many different ways to present it. Some run, some walk, some say ‘BRAAAAINS” while others just groan! Also, Lori is a total bitch and I’m glad Rick is making her finally realize that. She seems like she’s trying to change though so if her baby doesn’t eat her inside out, she could become likable!

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