‘Silhouettes from Popular Culture’ by Olly Moss

World renown artist Olly Moss’ Silhouettes from Popular Culture will mark his first ever book set for a release on October 30, 2012. When you think of some of the amazing artists that Mondo works with, the first name that usually comes to mind is the UK-based artist Olly Moss.

Paper Cuts was his first solo exhibit at the Gallery 1988 art show where he laser cut his drawings and framed 300 beautiful silhouettes. His inspiration came from the Victorian art of the late 1800’s where you would see simple, yet, beautiful silhouettes of people. He took that same approach but put his own style and twist on it as it consisted of iconic pop culture characters from film, television, comics and so on.

When he started this style of art he became obsessed with it because if he drew a certain character from one film he felt he had to do the other. Moss says, “If I drew Batman, I needed to include the entire cast of Saved by the Bell. Obviously”. 

Just from the outside cover alone — featuring an amazing silhouette of the Bride —  you know you are holding something special. There are only a few pages of text, simply allowing his amazing art do all of the talking. Out of his 300 silhouettes, he has chosen a large chunk of his favorites to be displayed in this one-of-a-kind book. Not only do you get a vast majority of his best silhouettes in the palm of your hand but you get the opportunity to try and figure out exactly who each of these silhouettes belong to. As I flipped through the pages, part of the fun was realizing exactly how nerdy I am when I could spot so many of the characters. However, while I figured out a majority of them, there were still a few that had me stumped!

There are no amount of words that I can use to do his work justice. Instead, I’ll do as the book has done and let some of his work do all of the talking.

For his eagerly awaited first book, acclaimed artist Olly Moss has had the simple but brilliant idea of putting his own twist on the Victorian art of silhouette portraits. While this lovingly crafted volume might look as if it’s from the 1890s, its pages contain today’s favourite cult characters from movies, TV, comics and videogames. Can you recognize them all?

“Olly is very special. A new Brit great who straddles the cool of Banksy, the humour of Shrigley and a wit all of his own.”
 – Duncan Jones (director of Moon and Source Code).

“Bold graphics, serious inspiration and a wry sense of humour.”
– New York Times

“One of the most in demand and influential pop culture artists today.”
– Slashfilm

You can head over to Titan for more information or Amazon to grab yourself a wonderful copy of the book on October 30th.

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3 thoughts on “‘Silhouettes from Popular Culture’ by Olly Moss

  1. Good stuff here Ryan. You reminded me that a guy actually done this for me and my girlfriend in Prague years ago. I wonder if it was the the real Olly Moss and I was conpletely unaware. Guess I’ll never know.

  2. Those are seriously funikcg cool. They would make great wall hangings and or shirts. All three of them are outstanding. I missed that they were from Olly at first but my initial reaction was that it looked like something he’d do. Very nice. I was just on his site yesterday and didnt see these, they must be new.

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