The Art of Laz Marquez


Here is an artist I think you guys are really going to dig on. Laz Marquez is a very unique talent that uses a minimalistic style to his advantage in his stunning work. His gallery of work is phenomenal with each new piece better than the next. Marquez is another example of an artist being able to capture the very essence of each and every film and freeze it timelessly on the canvas. It really proves to how creative Marquez is by how important the image he chooses for each piece of art because for many of these you don’t even need the title to know exactly which film he’s portraying. His work highlights the classic films of Alfred Hitchcock to Darren Arronofsky’s Black Swan. Marquez has great taste in film and an unbelievably creative mind that shines a new light on some of our favorite movies. The Art of Laz Marquez.




Laz Marquez is the latest artist to be added to The Art of Horror”, so be sure to check that out where you can find more amazing artists like Marquez.



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