The Art of David O’Daniel


David O’Daniel creates these incredible silk screen posters for films that release in conjunction with a screening at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. His artistic vision is extremely unique to say the least and you would be hard pressed to find a style quite like his. O’Daniel’s work is a nouveau style mixed with victorian flair as he takes advantage of the canvas by using silouhettes with a wicked cool background. There is a lot going on in each and every piece of his art as he hides little gems from the film within the image. His work is truly unique and has created an impressive line-up of posters that I really think you guys are going to dig. The Art of David O’Daniel.


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14 thoughts on “The Art of David O’Daniel

    1. Thanks! Yea his work is amazing and so unique, glad u like. He does all sorts of films from popular classics to art house films. He basically makes a print for whatever the theater happens to be screening from what I understand.

  1. These are stunning……However it seems if your lucky enough to purchase one, your even LUCKIER to receive it. Bad, bad reactions from the poster world on how unprofessional the shipping and communication is with David.

      1. THIS IS TRUE. His account took my money early January via Paypal and I’ve received no communication whatsoever from him, going on a month now. No shipping info, no confirmation that he even received my order (other than the subtraction of over $50 from my bank account!). I’ve sent multiple e-mails to different accounts associated with him (from what I found just googling his name), and still nothing. I’ve escalated a dispute via Paypal so we’ll see what happens.

        He’s got artistic ability, but if he offers them for sale then he needs to act professional. It’s pretty disturbing that he is apparently a fraudster.

      2. Sorry to hear that J. D., I hope you get everything figured out! A great artist for sure but people deserve what they pay for regardless of the talent.

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