First Image for Eli Roth’s ‘Hemlock Grove’

Eli Roth’s hotly anticipated netflix series Hemlock Grove has finally released the very first image featuring Bill Skarsgaard and Landon Liboiron as they stand in a foggy cemetery. The series is directed by Eli Roth which will premier exclusively on netflix. Roth was given full creative power over the series so we should really see Hemlock Grove shine.

This will mark Roth’s return to the director’s chair in quite a while so seeing this project come to life with its first image is an exciting time for horror fans. Roth is currently hard at work on his upcoming Cannibal Holocaust inspired film, The Green Inferno, and while Hemlock Grove isn’t a feature film, it’s nice to see one of horror’s brightest directors returning to the genre.

Revolves around the murder of a young girl found close to the former Godfrey steel mill. The suspects in her killing include Peter (Landon Liboiron), a 17-year-old Gypsy kid from the wrong side of the tracks, and Roman (Bill Skarsgard), the arrogant Godfrey Scion, whose sister Shelley is disturbingly deformed and whose mother, Olivia (Janssen), is the beautiful and controlling grand dame of Hemlock Grove.”

There is still no date set in stone for the series but I would imagine that we are pretty close with this first image making its way online. The great thing about this series hitting netflix is that we won’t have to wait a week to watch a new episode because they plan on releasing the entire series at once. Expect more soon!

Are you excited to see Roth returning to the genre with this upcoming series?

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