Release Date and Novelization Set For ‘The Lords of Salem’

Rob Zombie’s latest feature film The Lords of Salem has sparked quite a bit of interest since the release of one of the most interesting and eerie trailers of the year. Now, Anchor Bay has finally set a release date for Zombie’s film for April 26th, 2013 along with a novelization co-written by Zombie and B.K. Evenson which will hit shelves on March 12th, 2013.

lordsofsalemdatebooknewsI don’t see any sense in spoiling a film that will be releasing just a month later with the novelization; which is why I generally stay away from these types of things. It might be an interesting read after the fact as they have decided to present the novel with a “different” experience that will go deeper into the film.

Here is a new synopsis for the book:

Heidi Hawthorne is a thirty-seven-year-old FM radio DJ and a recovering drug addict. Struggling with her new found sobriety and creeping depression, Heidi suddenly receives an anonymous gift at the station-a mysteriously shaped wooden box branded with a strange symbol. Inside the box is a promotional record for a band that identifies themselves only as The Lords. There is no other information.

She decides to play it on the radio show as a joke, and the moment she does, horrible things begin to happen. The strange music awakens something evil in the town. Soon enough, terrifying murders begin to happen all around Heidi. Who are The Lords? What do they want?

The Lords of Salem remains as one of my most anticipated horror films of the next year which is already shaping up to be pretty decent. His brand of horror is very different from the stuff we normally get to see. Love him or hate him; the man knows how to direct a horror flick. Now, the big question is what kind of theatrical release this will be getting. While Zombie has made a name for himself and has found success at the box-office before; I’m no so sure that his latest film will find much of an audience, especially with Anchor Bay distributing, who is notorious for having very limited releases. I hope this gets a decent run in theaters because I’d love to see it on the big screen but something tells me that won’t be the case. Hope I’m wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Release Date and Novelization Set For ‘The Lords of Salem’

    1. His films usually have a grindhousey vibe and r very brutal but this one looks much different from his other stuff. It’ll definitely be interesting.

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