The Art of Gary Pullin


I recently gave you guys a taste of horror artist Gary Pullin’s work with the Martyrs poster that he did for FrightFest UK recently. Since you all loved that piece so much I’ve decided to do the most logical thing and present to you a fantastic gallery of his work. Gary Pullin has been a force in the art world for quite some time and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business creating some truly unforgettable pieces of art along the way. Some of you may recognize his work from Rue Morgue where he worked as an art director for the past 13 years. His award winning art is absolutely phenomenal so the best thing to do here is to let his work speak for itself. I give you, The Art of Gary Pullin.

“Gary Pullin’s work encompasses everything that I love about horrific art. Taste inspired by 100s of years of painting and typography, design and illustration. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes amusing, always beautiful, and constantly reminds my why I’m passionate about the genre.” – J. Edmiston



Vertigo2pullin2 21d2d8a03d42ffe577306e26_533x780 (1)

gary_pullin_descent re-animator-vapor-final-coversmall













If you like what you see here, be sure to check out The Art of Horror where Gary Pullin is joined by many other fantastic horror artists. Just make sure you leave the lights on!

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