Indie Latvian Horror Film ‘Hybrid Vigor’ Launches First Teaser

You gotta love independent horror. With an all new year comes new gems to be discovered and Hybrid Vigor may just be one of them. Written and directed by Brandon Fowler comes an independent horror film that is sure to make a splash this year as it gears up for its 2013 summer release. As with most teaser trailers, it’s hard to gauge much of the story or where the direction Fowler is taking the mysterious film. One thing is for sure, however, and it’s that the teaser is beautifully shot with an eerie score that chills to the bone.

The film is entirely crowd-funded and being shot on location in Latvia. Through kickstarter Fowler was able to turn this project into a reality as 1,013 people from 33 different countries backed the film, making over $57,000. Hybrid Vigor is a true success story and it’s great seeing people from all over the world supporting indie filmmakers.

A mysterious girl is found living in a forest in Latvia. After being captured by the police she is taken to a mental institution in Riga. She doesn’t speak, but seems to understand everything. She doesn’t sleep, but never acts tired. Who is she and where is she from? Could she be connected to the disappearance of a little girl in the same area 20 years earlier? Most important, is she dangerous?

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

4 thoughts on “Indie Latvian Horror Film ‘Hybrid Vigor’ Launches First Teaser

  1. After all that stuff in the trailer about it being a crowd funded film, they should have added in “A year later their footage was found.” Then people would be going “Wait…what?” The dark haired girl looks kinda hot in a strange way. Looks creepy. I’m in.

    1. It definitely looks creepy man! I love trailers like this, where they don’t give much away yet you know something strange is going on. Very cool!

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