‘Evil Dead’ Will Premiere at SXSW This March!

Any Evil Dead news is good news in my opinion. South by Southwest Film Conference has just confirmed that they will host the world premiere of Evil Dead — officially making SXSW the place to be on March 8th through the 17th. They will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, and oh boy, what a celebration it will be. While there is no specific time and date yet for the screening, you can expect it to be announced very soon.

To those of you lucky enough to make a trip down to SXSW this year for the Evil Dead screening, I just want you to know a couple of things. I hate you, and also, I hate you. A screening at this year’s Austin based festival is a huge move for Evil Dead because it shows major confidence in the film. Not only that, but after its premiere you can expect the reviews to spread like wild fire creating the official buzz for the hotly anticipated remake, and I think we are going to like what we hear.

Get caught up on ALL things Evil Dead right here!


Source: Daily Dead

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8 thoughts on “‘Evil Dead’ Will Premiere at SXSW This March!

      1. I guess you don’t think your soul is worth that much if you’d trade it for a movie ticket! lol.

        You sound like a fanatic – like I will sound once a trailer for the Dumb & Dumber sequel comes out. lol. Been waiting and waiting a long time for that sequel; they better do it right!! 🙂 They got Jim & Jeff back, so i think it will be good.

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    I can not wait for this film! I will start posting more about films this coming year and will try to get guest writers & interviews regarding movie reviews. Stay tuned!

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