Mondo Unveils Latest ‘Jaws’ One-Sheet

Here we are with yet another beautiful one-sheet from Mondo, featuring Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece Jaws. Creating a print for Jaws is no easy task — and one that Mondo was well aware of — because the original poster is one of the most iconic images in all of cinema. Insert artist Laurent Durieux, and what you get is a beautifully made one-sheet for an all-time classic that perfectly captures the idea of the “calm before the storm” in a magnificent way. 

There are only 525 of these being printed and they’ll cost you $60, so if you wan’t to try your luck at getting your hands on one of these, you will have to follow @MondoNews on Twitter to find out all the sales info.

jaws_mondoSource: ShockTillYouDrop

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