Creepy Unused Leatherface Concept Art

Oh what could have been.

You’ll be telling yourself that after taking a peak at the concept art that Geek Tyrant got their hands on. Below is the unused look at Leatherface’s mask for the latest Texas Chainsaw 3D, featuring an older — and much creepier — version of the Leatherface we all know and fear. The art is by Jerad S. Marantz, who’s designs not only look stunning, but blow away what everyone saw at the theater. Marantz was obviously going for a much older looking Leatherface, and damn is that grandpa creepy or what?

It’s understandable that they ended up not going with these designs because it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you think about it. The man wears a mask of the victims he kills. So, was Leatherface just killing old people in an attempt to look his age? Regardless, the concept art is absolutely amazing and a version of Leatherface that not only breathes new life into the classic character, but actually makes him scary again.

What do you guys think? Spill your guts!


Texas_Chainsaw_3D_Unused_Leatherface_2_1_18_13Source: Geek Tyrant

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

12 thoughts on “Creepy Unused Leatherface Concept Art

  1. I think both masks above AND the mask they chose for the new one looks creepy – so to me it’s a no-lose for the mask; after all, i think it’s that roaring chainsaw that sends everyone running for the hills. lol.

    I have not seen the new TCM-3D so cannot really comment on it, but I do know it didn’t draw me in enough to go see. It looks like the same recycled material. And I noticed you didn’t even bother to promote it, or hype it up at all, so it seems it didn’t inspire you much, either – as I think was the case for many horror buffs.

      1. Of course, they could have just given Leatherface a complex. He only wears the skin of old people because he feels like if the mask is old, he can feel young on the inside?

        Actually, that makes no sense.

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