Poster and First Still for ‘Haunt’

With filming finally wrapping up for director Mac Carter’s mysterious project, Haunt, we finally got our hands on the very first still, along with a poster and some plot details. When Haunt was first announced, it came with very little details regarding the plot and what we could expect for the film. Now, not only do we have an official synopsis, but a back story to the house that is the main focus of the film.

“HAUNT is the story of a family that moves into a new home with a dark past. When their son becomes involved with a beautiful girl next door, and together they begin to explore their sexual awakening, they unwittingly invoke an alternative dimension of the house.”

The film stars Liana Liberato, Harrison Gilbertson, and Jacki Weaver. Gilbertson plays the son of the family who moves into the new house, with Liberato playing the girl next door, and Weaver will take on the role of the former home owner.

They created a viral blog for the film which is extremely cool and something you guys really should check out — especially you other bloggers. It gives some creepy insight into the history of the house. Here’s a piece from the site.

“Four people — that we know about — died in the house, all around 1984.  

Mathew Morello, a teenage boy, died in a crash soon after he was given a new car for his sixteenth birthday.  The youngest daughter drowned in the family pool.  The death was not investigated and was ruled an accident.  The oldest child, a teenage daughter, hung herself immediately after the death of her siblings.  The death was investigated only briefly, and was ruled a suicide.  Franklin Morello, the father, died the following week.  His death is the most obscure of them all, and I’ve so far been unable to find more than a passing reference to him having a “nervous breakdown” after the tragedies of his children.

Angela Morello seems to still be alive, and living within the same general area.  Searching through the local newspapers, I’ve found one reference to her appearing at a friend’s funeral in 1994, but other than that — silence.”



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