‘Zombieland’ Series Finds a Home and Director?

Just last week we learned that Zombieland was headed to the small screenwith all of the same characters still intact. There are reports from Deadline that it could be headed for a straight-to-series order for Amazon as they are currently in negotiations with Sony Pictures TV. Based on Ruben Fleischer’s feature film, each episode will be a half-hour and will mark the first original scripted series for Amazon’s streaming service.

Right now, the series is aimed at Tucker & Dale vs. Evil director Eli Craig who has stated that he’s a huge fan of Zombieland saying that, “Zombieland was just one of these fun rides,” also adding, “the first 30 minutes were probably some of the most exciting and humorous action-comedy-horror filmaking I’ve ever seen.”

This news is both disappointing and exciting. On one hand you have a great director who can seamlessly blend horror with comedy that is interested in bringing this series to life. On the other hand, however, if you’re anything like me — the last thing you wan’t to do is pay for another streaming service.

What do you guys think? Will you get Amazon’s streaming service just to watch a Zombieland series?


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5 thoughts on “‘Zombieland’ Series Finds a Home and Director?

  1. Crossing fingers something works out to where it’s not only available on Amazon. I’d want to watch this so badly, but I’m terrible at keeping up with shows that are inconvientent for me.

    1. I’d have to agree with you here. I’m not too familiar with Amazon’s streaming service but as someone who already uses Netflix, I doubt I’ll get Amazon Instant just for this. We’ll see though, it looks very promising.

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