The Sundae Guest Review: “Raw & Honest” Movie Reviews on ‘Mama’

Welcome to The Sundae Guest Review, a new feature on Rhino’s Horror that will showcase some of the latest and greatest horror reviews from fellow bloggers and readers alike.

Gary from “Raw & Honest” Movie Reviews is new to the blogging world so I’m pleased to have his review of the much anticipated Guillermo del Toro produced horror film, Mama, up on The Sundae Guest Review.


Anyone who knows me knows I love a good horror movie…and anyone who knows me well knows how I hate cliche endings…

No, I mean I really loathe them; they piss me off.

So, to the ones who have seen the highly anticipated “Mama” (or at least it was highly anticipated for me) can imagine how I felt as the closing-credits began to roll. I stayed glued to my seat hoping, and praying (not literally) for a final scene post-credits to put this thing in perspective, and satisfy my unquenchable thirst for quality storytelling.

But then, all I got was a screen that cut to blue with a “PG-13″ logo. “Damn it” I thought as I reluctantly rose from my seat, and sighed, “Duped again.”

I’m sure there are some horror buffs out there who still appreciated the movie, in spite of it’s underwhelming, and perhaps downright silly finale – and to those guys and girls that’s great for you, but not for me. I was expecting more.


This was after all promoted as “Presented by Guillermo Del Toro” so naturally I thought that meant Guillermo Del Toro directed it – but no, I got bamboozled just like I was last year when going to see “Sam Raimi’s ‘The Possession”.

And while it was better than “The Possession” that’s not saying much. The cliches ran rampant in both, and recycled material from dozens of other horror films. But I’m not going to get into the “The Possession” and point out it’s flaws, and shortcomings b/c this entry would grow way too long (“666″ on the chalkboard, anyone?) and I’m already frustrated enough dealing with one letdown.

Let me clarify, and state for the record that I don’t think “Mama” was an overall terrible film, and I am sure many will actually find it entertaining. But for me, I not only want the first and second acts to be quality, but I want an ending to match – b/c the ending ties the entire story together; therefore it needs to be on-par with the build-up, or else it feels like a failure all across the board.

And the last act is where “Mama” fell short, and even borrowed from other films.


If anyone reading this entry has read my “About” page on my blog you will see how I hate the typical Hollywood formula, and “Mama” is a perfect example of a potential great feature falling flat due to following the Hollywood formula to-the-tee. I challenge anyone who has seen this film tell me how it differentiates from any of the other lackluster finales we’ve grown to expect from many other horror movies of the last decade.

I will admit this film had strong directing, and acting. There were some genuinely creepy moments throughout the first two acts, and a couple shots in particular that were pretty creative, and unique – and I was thoroughly enjoying the ride, and in high anticipation to be blown away by a revealing climax that would have ranked this film up there with some of the classics…but when it failed to deliver, and came crashing down it ruined the entire story for me, and all of the good that came beforehand seemed wasted, and now felt vain.

With that in mind, as anyone who is familiar with Jessica Chastain would expect, she is great in this, as she is in everything she touches. I am beginning to think she is incapable of a mediocre performance; so, although I was disappointed by the overall story, I am always fond of her work, and watching her bring her characters to life, in which she did in this, as well.


If you’re looking for a movie with a twist, or unique ending, then I cannot recommend “Mama”…you will be thoroughly disappointed.

But if you’re simply looking for a decent horror/thriller and have limited expectations, knock yourself out.

Just know you’ve seen this movie before.

– GL



Thanks again Gary for the awesome review. He’s new to the blogging world so please show him some love and head over to his blog and give that “follow” button a click.

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  1. Ryan, thanks for letting me submit an entry…

    And readers, I am not sure if most of you agreed, or disagreed with my “Mama” review, but I just posted a very in-depth interpretation of “The Last Exorcism” and the controversial ending, so it’d be cool if you gave it a gander and let me know what you think. 🙂

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