Take a First Look at Ti West’s Mystery Project ‘The Sacrament’

Ti West has quickly made a name for himself as one of the great up and coming horror directors with his films The House of the Devil, Innkeepers and his segment in V/H/S. When we first got wind of his latest project The Sacrament it made big news among horror fans because it would be teaming up West with horror favorite Eli Roth as he is on board to produce.

In this first look we get a shot of AJ Bowen (The Signal, You’re Next) as he is running from what can only be something horrible hot on his heels. The project is a big mystery as we still have no idea what the plot of the film is just yet. With Ti West directing and Roth producing along with stars AJ Bowen, Jacob Jaffke, Peter Phok and Worldview’s Christopher Woodrow and Molly Conners — I’d say The Sacrament is in good hands.

More details on this when they become available. For now, take a peak at the first still from the film.


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6 thoughts on “Take a First Look at Ti West’s Mystery Project ‘The Sacrament’

    1. Yea man this looks like it’s going to be fantastic. There’s definitely enough talent involved to make something very awesome. Huge fan of House of the Devil as well!

      1. Nice. Even though V/H/S was not as good as Trick’R’Treat as an anthology it still creeped the hell out of my friends and I. Easily one of the better found footage films as of late.

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