‘House of the Devil’s’ Jocelin Donahue Joins ‘Insidious Chapter 2’

Jocelin Donahue of The House of the Devil fame will be joining James Wan’s latest horror project, Insidious Chapter 2 as the film is currently shooting. Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson will reprise their roles as the Lambert family with Donahue playing young Lorraine Lambert. 

The sequel will start off as a direct continuation from the 2010 hit film which will also star Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins, Barbara Hershey, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson and Andrew Astor.

I’m a huge fan of her joining the cast as I found Donahue’s performance in Ti West’s slow burn creeper, The House of the Devil, to be absolutely captivating. She’s a great young actress who deserves a nod for a much bigger budget and high profile film like this.

What do you guys think of Donahue joining the cast?


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20 thoughts on “‘House of the Devil’s’ Jocelin Donahue Joins ‘Insidious Chapter 2’

    1. She’s easy on the eyes, that’s for sure! Have you not seen The House of the Devil? Check it out, it isn’t for everyone but if you like a slow burn style of horror you might dig it! I’m a huge fan.

      1. Oh wait – is that the one where she’s a babysitter? I tried to watch that and my Netflix connection kept cutting out and I don’t think I finished it.

      2. Lol hence the term “slow burn”. Thats why I said it’s not for everyone because a lot of the film is just build up to the final scenes. Totally worth it if you don’t mind waiting for the end!

  1. Because that is one lovely young actress who was immensely enjoyed in The House of the Devil. Can’t wait to see her in Insidious 2.

  2. I love this choice! She was great in House of the Devil. I hated the final act of HOTD, but she was the biggest bright spot of the film. Great actress, and looks nice, as well! 🙂

    1. Keith, yes you really do need to see it, but don’t go in with huge expectations. If you go in with fair expectations you will enjoy it, but if you think due to the hype it’s going to be a masterpiece you may be a little disappointed. It’s definitely good, but it’s not The Exorcist, or Halloween, etc. Let us know what you think after viewing! 🙂

  3. Let’s pray Chapter 2 has nudity… but in all seriousness, glad to see she’s getting some attention. House of the Devil is one of the best horror films of the last decade, so any positive whatevers coming out of the film need to be recognized.

    1. Yes man! House of the Devil is one of my favorite “recent” horror flicks. I love a good horror flick that takes its time to build tension like that. Just don’t see that very often anymore.

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