Ben Wheatley to Switch Bodies with Gothic Horror Film ‘Whitaker’

Jim Hosking is known for his unique short films and award winning commercials as they more often than not take you on a trip through a bizarre world of absurdity and humor. This makes news of his directorial debut, Whitaker, all the more exciting as he is teaming up with Kill List director Ben Wheatley for what sounds like a body swapping film of pure madness.

Whitaker will mark the second film from Metrodome and will be produced by Andrew Starke of Rook Films and Ben Wheatley as they gear up for a summer shoot.

The plot goes a little something like this: Whitaker has found a way to transfer his mind into a younger man’s body, which he uses to seduce a nurse at the hospital where he “borrows” new bodies for his experiments. Intoxicated by success and newfound vigour, he fails to note that each time he transfers, he leaves a fragment of his psyche behind in the host. This fragment starts to grow into a new personality: raw, curious, physically stronger and entirely lacking in compassion or moral compass. Soon whitaker finds himself in a battle to the death with… himself.


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