First Look at ‘Plus One’ From ‘Last House’ Director Dennis Iliadis

Getting ready for its premiere at the upcoming SXSW Film Festival is Dennis Iliadis’ supernatural thriller Plus One. As a big fan of his 2009 remake, The Last House on the Left, I’ve been amped to see more from Iliadis and today we get just that — a very first look at Plus One starring Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw and Natalie Hall.

Three college friends go to the biggest party of the year, each looking for something different: love, sex and a simple human connection. When a supernatural phenomenon disrupts the party, it lights a fuse on what will become the strangest night anyone has ever seen. As the three friends struggle to find what they’re looking for, the party quickly descends into a chaos that challenges if they can stay friends or if they can even stay alive.

It’s a simple plot but one that definitely sounds like it has a lot to offer. Iliadis has proven that he’s a very capable director so I’m pretty excited to see how this one turns out. SXSW starts March 8th and goes through the 17th.plusone-first2342

Source: AITH

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