The Conjuring and its True Story

James Wan’s latest foray into the haunted house genre leads him straight into The Conjuring, a film “based on a true story” about a family that was terrorized by demonic entities in which ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren were called upon to investigate. Many movies are based on some truth, and when it comes to something as terrifying as The Conjuring, then naturally we want to dig deeper into the events that inspired them.

I just recently wrote about the true story behind The Possession, which was produced by Sam Raimi about the famous dibbuk box that held a malicious ancient spirit inside. While that story was much easier to track down, the Harrisville haunting—the inspiration behind The Conjuring—took a little more work because it was a largely unknown case from the Warrens.

What you’re about to read is entirely from the accounts of Andrea Perron, so keep that in mind. Read on and take from it what you will; whether you believe in these things or not, it’s a fascinating story that I hope you guys enjoy.

It had been a very long time before Andrea Perron told her account of what happened to her and the rest of the family in the quiet town of Harrisville, Rhode Island. She kept it all bottled up for three decades until finally releasing her first published work, marking the first book in a three-part series which tells the story of her family’s true experiences while living in a farmhouse riddled with spirits in the lonely Rhode Island countryside.

Although this particular haunting is very well-documented and considered to be one of the most significant hauntings in history, it is still very foreign to many people. The Warrens considered it their “most intense, compelling, disturbing and significant investigation”.

Roger and Carolyn Perron finally purchased their dream home in the winter months of 1970. Little did they know that this house was going to be full of nightmares. As many people would, they were excited to be living in a home full of history and were looking forward to raising their five daughters there. What they didn’t know was that this house was full of agony and death. Two former residents hung themselves — one from the rafters of the barn.

The home was built on beautiful land with plenty of room for five growing children to play. However, once they moved in the spirits began to make their presence known.

Perron says, “My mom just wanted a place in the country to raise her kids”.

“It is an extraordinary place. We started seeing spirits as soon as we moved into the house. Most of them were completely benign and some of them didn’t even seem to notice we were there, but eight generations lived and died in that house prior to our arrival and some of them never left.”

At first many of them appeared to be harmless, like the ghost that smelled of flowers and fruit, the one who would kiss the children goodnight in their beds every night, or the spirit that constantly picked up a broom to sweep the kitchen floor. Everything you would expect from a haunted house seemed to have been happening to the family as well, like things moving on their own and doors slamming shut, or quiet whispers heard throughout the night. Probably the most frightening thing was the sound of something that had the habit of slamming itself into the front door of the house in the middle of the night, waking everyone up. There were obviously some very disturbed spirits among the family.

“We had one my sister called ‘Manny’. He was a sympathetic soul. We think he was actually Johnny Arnold, who committed suicide in the eaves of the house in the 1800s,” Perron said. “He would appear in the house and watch over us. He always appeared in the same place, in the front hallway between the dining room and the kitchen. The apparition would always lean up against the door and would wear a crooked smile like he was amused by the children. As soon as we saw him and made eye contact he was gone.”

What is very interesting is that each member of the family actually saw these spirits wandering throughout the home. They weren’t the only ones though, because those who’ve lived in the house prior to and since the Perron family saw them as well. “Everyone who has lived in the house that we know of has experienced some type of supernatural phenomena,” Perron said. “Some have left screaming and running for their lives. The man who moved in to begin restoration on the house when we sold it left screaming, without his car, without his tools, without his clothing. He never went back to the house and consequently the people who owned it, the adjacent landowners, moved in only briefly and it sat vacant for years.”

Her descriptions of the numerous entities are vivid. Perron recalls their features (or lack thereof) as especially haunting. At times, the spirits would appear opaque, seemingly solid, and other times they were translucent or in the form of mist and fog-like haze. She also claims the spirits actually communicated with the members of the family but it wasn’t through speaking out loud. She describes their discourse as being “telepathic in nature”.

Perron said. “When they would appear it was as if all time stopped. My sister Cindy described it like being “in the bubble”. The air is suddenly compressed and we were unable to move or speak, prohibited from doing anything except listening to what the spirit was trying to tell us.”

James Wan’s The Conjuring is a motion picture based on the haunting which occurred in the Perron home and persists to this day. It is a story told from the perspective of Ed & Lorraine Warren, the paranormal researchers who conducted an investigation of their farmhouse in the early 1970′s. The screenplay is based on their case files as well as information that Ms. Perron provided to the producers. The Warrens did an investigation of the supernatural activity at the house while the family lived there in an attempt to intervene on their behalf. During a séance that goes terribly wrong, they awaken and call forth a horrendous presence, one that Mrs. Warren believed to be Bathsheba, described as a “God-forsaken soul”.

Bathsheba wanted control over Perron’s mother, Carolyn, and was hell-bent and determined to drive her from the house, terrorizing her because the spirit apparently perceived herself as the rightful mistress of the house. She saw Carolyn as competition. She lusted after Roger and coveted the five children, routinely acting out and making her intentions obvious to all of the mortals in the house.Bathsheba frightened Carolyn straight to her bones, tormenting her with fire, a mother’s greatest fear. The spirit would approach her in the night and is described as having a gruesome, misshapen face and a broken neck. This thing was like looking at something straight out of your worst nightmare.

According to legend and local folklore, Bathsheba was suspected of being a practicing witch and was accused of sacrificing an infant child as an offering to the devil. More than two dozen mysterious and tragic deaths occurred on the property. Although she was absolved of any wrongdoing in a courtroom, the court of public opinion was not so kind. Bathsheba lived a miserable life and died an old woman in 1885 from a bizarre form of paralysis which the physician who examined the corpse found stunning and utterly inexplicable.

Early accounts of Bathsheba’s life before becoming this tortured soul are said that she was a young and beautiful woman when an infant mysteriously died in her care. When the baby was discovered, the mortal wound was presumably caused by a needle which was impaled at the base of its skull, which caused it to have convulsions and die. Bathsheba denied these charges and ultimately walked free due to insufficient evidence. Although Bathsheba may have walked free, these accusations never left her as they haunted her for life. Perhaps this is why Bathsheba wanted Perron’s mother out of the home and away from the children so badly.

“What she put my mother through, no human being should ever have to endure,” Perron claims. “She appeared to several of us, but I never saw her. I saw many of the spirits, but I never saw her except in a telepathic dream state. When she would appear to my mother, I would see the encounter in a dream state at the same time it was occurring, though I was rendered immobile and helpless to offer any assistance while she was appearing to torment my mother.”

Perron’s description of Bathsheba is where things really start getting creepy because she describes the sprit’s face as having almost no real features. Instead, it looked like a lifeless beehive with vermin crawling all over it. “Its head was leaning off to one side. It was round and gray, resembling a desiccated hornet’s nest. I couldn’t see anything underneath it… no eyes or mouth…it looked like the cobwebs hanging in the corners of the cellar.” This, as described by her mother.

Despite having Ed and Lorraine Warren attempt to dispel the evil spirits they ended up doing more harm then good and were never successful in ridding the house of its horror. The family stayed in the home for ten years before finally leaving — but the horrible things that happened within those walls stayed with them forever.

Perron always knew there would be skeptics and I don’t blame her. Her story isn’t the only one that has been subject to criticism over whether it is true or not, which explains why she waited 30 years to tell the world what really happened in that farmhouse. Obviously there is so much more to this story than what I’ve covered here and quite honestly, I have only scratched the surface. This article is only meant to give you an idea as to where the story for James Wan’s The Conjuring came from and to hopefully give you some insight as to what really happened. What I’ve written here is really all I know on the events so if you want to learn more I strongly urge you to read Perron’s book, House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story, because it gives a very in-depth and detailed look into this story.

So what do you guys think? Do you believe her story and that evil spirits really do exist? Have you ever had an experience like this yourself? Personally, I’ve never experienced any sort of paranormal happenings but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t believe in ghosts or tortured spirits. It’s one of those things that’s truly hard to believe until you’ve experienced it yourself. I’d love to hear your stories and thoughts on this so please leave them below.  Also, I thought you guys would dig this — it’s a photo of Lorraine Warren, one of the major inspirations behind the film.

Source: House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story

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494 thoughts on “The Conjuring and its True Story

      1. Kellye good: I paused movie I don’t see what you are seeing. I’m interested in seeing what you see

      2. This should show you the exact frame you need. There is definitely a figure in the window.

      1. that would be kind of scary but you should go on to see your family history 🙂

    1. I lived in a haunted apartment in Santa Monica, California, when I was 14. It was an old post-war building, spacious and sunny, and it’s where I learned to believe in ghosts. Whatever it was, it was only in my bedroom, a small, apple-green room that I was thrilled initially to have because it was the first time I’d had a room of my own. But there was something in there, something dark and malevolent, and I think if we hadn’t moved out it would have killed me. I never saw or heard anything; I just had a gradual awareness that first I was “uncomfortable” in that room, then I was afraid, and then I was terrorized. Nobody else felt it and I didn’t tell anybody about it for 30 years, either. Finally I’ve finished a novel called “Residue” that gives an ending to the story I never had in real life. The longer we lived there, the more frightened I became–just a feeling that there was something there and it sure as hell wasn’t Casper. I finally realized that I was in “its” room and it wanted me out. It began to act on me. First, I would go to bed at 9 pm (I was 14) and wake up in the morning in Daddy’s chair in the living room, where my parents lived in a fold-out sofa. I’d never sleepwalked before and I’ve never sleepwalked since. Then it upped the ante. I started going to bed again at 9 p.m. and waking up at 11 p.m–every single night for a week–with my dad’s oxygen mask on my face (he had emphysema). My parents told me I’d come stumbling out of the room blue in the face, gasping for air. They attributed it to my asthma, but I know better; it wanted me dead. What is really strange about those two incidents was that I still have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION of what happened to me in that room between 9 pm. and when I woke up. None. I went to bed at 9 and woke up in the living room or with the oxygen mask over my face with no memory of what happened between. And one afternoon I was alone in the apartment. You have to understand that from the living room you couldn’t see my room, there was a sidewall blocking it. I was in the living room, reading, when I was gradually overcome (I’m getting goosebumps) by a feeling that whatever was in my bedroom was awake and coming out of that room and coming for me; that if I’d stayed a minute more it would have rounded that corner and shown itself. That feeling of absolute terror can still come back to me if I try to remember it in detail. I bolted, I threw open the door, ran down the stairs, and sat on the stoop until my parents came down. And whenever anybody questions me when I tell this story? I tell them: You weren’t there. It’s never happened to me before and it hasn’t happened since. I think that says it all.

      1. Sorry, I meant my parents SLEPT in that pull-out sofa, not lived in it! And I’m a writer! Sheesh!

      2. Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience. I have had brushes with the supernatural myself, and I understand it takes courage to relay them. I know very well from my childhood that feeling of terror over something sensed but not quite seen; it is very different from childhood fears that can stem from simply having a vivid imagination. I’m glad that whatever it was, you were quick enough to stay one step ahead of it, and it did not follow you beyond that apartment.

      3. I live in santa monica where is this apartment located! ive always tried to look for haunted homes in my area!

      4. I’ve had an experience similar yours. The room i slept in at my mothers apt just felt….off. Then one morning when i was home alone a little girl made herself none and was determined to get me to “play” with her. I was 14 or 15 then now im 25 and still feel like something is in there with me whenever i go in there especially at night

      5. I very much understand where you’re coming from and talking about, people have said a lot more worse things to me than anyone I know. I just ignore them.
        Like you, I’m trying to write a book, but I have no clue how to start. If you can help me, and I get published, I swear on all things Holy, I’ll pay you for this. I’m extremely serious about this offer. Please respond to my email address.ThAnk you and Blessed Be! You can find me on Facebook” Toni Latona- Remer, I’m looking forward in speaking with you.

      6. After speaking to enough people in this world, I am fully convinced there are a lot of unseen things in existence. From what I’ve studied, it seems that a lot of the past generations were a lot more open about the existence of these things.

        I had something similar myself, mostly the opening and closing of a sliding closet, that feeling of something creeping up on you (most often while you are in bed!) and sometimes waking up with a start and then hearing whispering, occasional laughter or feeling something grabbing you or touching you somewhere on your body.

        Fortunately, it stopped for me. I have also moved around a lot, and it was only in one place. It seems like it’s less of an issue in more congested areas, these things only happen in isolated places. From studying different cultures and religions and talking to people from diverse backgrounds, that seems to be the common theme. Whatever these things are, they don’t like places with a lot of people. It’s especially dangerous to be by yourself in a big house–I suppose this may be a reason why people have maids/servants in so many parts of the world where there are really old houses and a lot of space.

      7. WOW, you justt descibed the EXACT same experience I had. I was 12yo, my parents bought a brand new mobile home, had it set @ Soledad, Ca. The presence was also in my room, same kind of experiences except my parents also felt it. I had a small dog & she would bark @ something that wasn’t ther, her hair on end, she would hide under the bed, etc.

    2. I live in a house that was built 1852 in San Jose calif. in the 70’s, It had it’s spirits..and it followed me till I was in my early thirty’s. I was scared out of my wits and seen things that would curl your hair..or straighten it!! I believe there are spirits.. One did something to two pregnant cats that lived in our garage.I heard them being tortured in the middle of the night. In the morning I went in there to investigate. I found 7 newborn kittens killed and dissected.. they were all in a row, with there body parts laying where they should be..if they were attached..

      1. I dont know why you waited until morning. If I heard something like that going on I would burst out there immediately armed and ready to go to war with whoever or whatever did that to those poor animals. And ghosts cant phsyically attack like that. It waould`ve been something else.

        Be more quick to act next time.

      2. Are you crazy???!!! I wouldn’t go outside in the middle of the night, BY MYSELF, if I heard scary noises just for some friggin’ cats! Be safe and stay inside no matter what crazy animal lovers say!

      3. You should have called the police. It was animal abuse, pure and simple. As Anonymous aptly said, “be more quick to act.”

      4. seriously? you think the spirits followed you personally or just lived in your house? Didnt you think to seek a medium or demonologists because that shit with the cats is some seriously twisted and deranged activity!

      5. That’s so so sad! I would of gotten up and checked on them if I heard noises like that. To check on them.

    3. I would like to know 1 thing WHY would anyone go through that for (TEN) years 5 I can understand but 10,Im not saying there ling but got to be the toughest family I have ever heard of.

      1. I would assume that they financially could not afford to move and also one of the daughters said that they fought the spirits and entities ‘tooth and nail’. Maybe they did not want to give up the house, they could have been looking for a solution to the haunting but eventually had to give up.

      2. It’s a fair question. That most of the spirits were not malicious might have influenced the family’s decision to stay. Financial issues can’t be dismissed, of course. Although they did put the house up for sale at one point. It was on the market for six months with no response at all – not one call. It seems the family felt fated to live there.

      3. It is supposed to be explained in the film, actually. I like how James Wan addressed that in Insidious, too. “Fuck this place”. They move and it follows them (since it’s not the house, it’s the kid). Should be interesting to see in The Conjuring. DAMN I WANNA SEE THIS NOW!

      1. at 359 look to your left in the video and you see a shadow figure move from the other side of the door, through the curtin

      2. I totally see the face at 251, I’m not much of a ghost believer or non believer but I see that face pure and simple lol

    4. At 3:58 you see a shadow go past the window on the left. I has to be someone outside as they are filming this. But the more I look, the creepier it is.

    5. I believe in ghost, when I was a little girl I remember seeing suitcases at my bedroom door every night. My family was planning to move in a few months into their first own home. After we moved the house caught on fire in less than a month.

    6. saw it ….. I would luv to see this house and spend the night !!!!! Try the Villisca Axe murder house that is crazy

    7. there are 3 thing’s going on in the window at 3:59,I personally can see a full face and directly above it a full figure of a little girl directly above the face,wow,u must pause it at just the right time.Crazy

    8. Your all diluted, there’s nothing there, your all letting your imagination run away with you, think maybe it’s what you wanna see, LOL

    9. I’m confused…if the house was as awful as described, how’d they live in it for TEN years? TEN years under those conditions would lead anyone to insanity or death if you ask me. That’s pretty fishy.

    10. don’t see it sorry. BUT I will say that it does NOT surprise me that RI has these hauntings.. I have lived here my ENTIRE life and have experienced the “supernatural” many times from when I was five on until today, though NOT lately.. I grew up in a part of Smithfield that used to be part of an Indian reservation, and I was visited almost daily as a child playing in my backyard by a little indian girl that only I could see. I wasn’t ever afraid, freaked out a couple of times, but never actually fearful.

      1. me Too Vikki, grew up in RI, have a couple of stories from my childhood that I never share…………..

    11. At 3:57 when they are walking down the hallway to the stairs on the left is a window and at one point you can see a figure walking across it. Not that could be something or it could be from all the lights in the house from filming it and someone just walked across a light and it silhouetted on the window.

    12. I grew up in Harrisville, RI. Being 40, I think that I would have at least heard of this before seeing a movie on the subject. Burrillville (which harrisville is located in) was and kind of still is a town with so few people that everyone knows everyone else in town. There were a couple of well known ghost stories in town but most supposedly and conveniently took place ‘before we were born’. Add to that, the fact that none of them remotely sounded anything like the plot to this movie.

      I think someone made some money and just used the town name to bolster their creative license. Good for them, but I wouldn’t think it’s based off a true story for a moment.

  1. I happen to know that the premise of The Conjuring is based upon true and actual events, because I was there. In fact, I was a member of the original paranormal investigation group (P.I.R.O.) that first investigated this home in Harrisville, RI back in 1973. So I can verify that the house was truly active with spirit phenomena. It was our organization that first consulted with Ed & Lorraine Warren and alerted them about the case.
    ~ Keith Johnson, NEAR Paranormal

    1. Can you contact Lorraine for me?! I have ‘something’ evil and it’s not in the house, it follows us whenever we move…..

      1. I would be willing to talk with you.

        Kelly J Atkins
        St. Benedict’s Guild
        Louisville, KY

      2. I would say this, you are haunted, not a location. Go to a Catholic priest and and see what he says. Whatever it is, it is following you. I have seen and felt first hand what you are dealing with. Go to a Catholic, they will know what to do.

      3. Yeah I’ve been to a Catholic Roman priest and he basically said I needed ‘faith’ and that the power of Christ helps it to ‘go’. Granted, it’s worked a bit but it’s not totally gone. I feel I’m doing more to battle it than anything. The only reason it leaves my Husband alone (it was him it started on when he was a boy of 8/9) is because I struck it a deal and said it can have me instead – hence why I have the ‘backlash’. And as for people demanding proof of paranormal activity’s, until you’ve lived with it, You won’t ever have enough proof. Stare into the depths of Hell and you’ll know true fear!

      4. thats what one of the Pastors I contacted said, i needed to improve my prayer life. Im sure he felt i was just another nut case, and Im sure i looked like one, I was desperate, it was attacking my kids.

      5. Same Laurie, he seemed to take me seriously but I don’t think he actually did. Our Demon moves things, scratches, growls, throws things, laughs, enters our dreams, brings in reinforcements (other Demons) and will come and go when it please. It’ll be quiet for months and we’ll think it’s gone, then it comes back with avengance. I always call on God to help us and he does, but how do we get it away perminatly? Why did it start in the first place? No one can answer that…..

      6. Oh and another thing, since we’ve moved to our new home (on a street of about 20 houses) at least 10 have gone up for sale or to let. Someone threw herself out of a 4th floor window and died on impact, another house at the bottom of the street is a known haunted house (I feel it has a portal in there as it feels dreadful when ever I walk past it)

      7. Utter rubbish, These folks are just over imaging things. If you have God with you then no spirit can harm you. Also I have always been curious how come only white folks get effected by these experiences you never hear black, asian , east indian folks complain of such things.

      8. Evil Destroyer, until YOU experience something yourself, keep your mouth shut. And for the record – I AM BLACK!

      9. Evildestroyer IT DOES HAPPEN IN EVERY RACE!! I am South Asian (East Indian as you put it) and have experienced it as well as heard other peoples experiences.

      10. Evil Destroyer sounds more like an intelligence destroyer. Good luck with your situation. I have had paranormal experiences since I was a child. I’m now 42. From home, to home, to home. Not all of them have been bad though. People have a hard time believing in things they cannot see and feel, yet believe in God. I had guests in my home experience “things” who never came back to my home. I’ve gotten used to them.

      11. Hey, try praying by starting wit repentance for ur sins, asking our father in heaven to help u draw closer to him. Then rebuke satan telling him he has no place in ur life in any form, b specific, then praise GOD, give him thanks for everything b specific here to. Then just pray bout th things u normally need to pray bout friends family kids

      12. Hey, I always start a prayer wit repentance, asking for guidance, draw near to our father in heaven. th next thing I do is rebuke satan. Rebuke him in all areas of ur life, he has no place in ur home. Rebuke him from every family member, any struggles u have. Then I give praise. Praise him for everything. B specific. Draw near to God & he will draw near to u, resist th devil & he will flea (James)

      13. I am so, so, sorry you and your family are going through this. Maybe a Catholic priest or Lorraine can help. Again, I am so truly sorry you and family are in our prayers, God Bless!

      1. Have you ever read Jane Robert’s “The Nature of Personal Reality”? I suggest it highly.

      2. Justy,
        Events like these are liked to items that you may possess. I would recommend getting rid of any religious objects or anything that looks like it could be used for religous practices. They are not ghosts, they are demons and they can only have influence or meddle with us if we are inviting them to. Bringing in priests are only going to make your problems worse. Put your trust in God and use his name when doing so. Psalms 83:18.

      3. Justy, what helped me was blessing my house. I went to every room in my house and said, with Bible in hand, “I plead the blood of Jesus upon this room…I plead the blood of Jesus upon this hallway…” etc. The weird stuff stopped. If I get a bad feeling I just pray and plead the blood of Jesus upon my house. Try it!

      4. Justy or any and all under attack =1st say any prayer(s) to the blessed virgin MARY ASAP to come to your assistance; 2nd another to Saint Michael the Archangel; 3rd to Saint Joseph; 4th Get a Saint Benedict’s round Jubilee medal blessed by a catholic priest and keep it on you at all times…if not I’ll send you some blessed using the old rite by a retired 91 year old retired exorcist priest for you
        remember that 1 sigh from Mary is more powerful than all of the angels and saints put together…begin a devotion to the unknown shoulder wound of Jesus, 2 Our fathers 2 Hail Mary’s 2 Glory Be’s devotion in honor of the drops of blood Jesus lost on Calvary say 100 Jesus I Love You’s before you go to sleep; hence end of problem forever…you are welcome in advance pray in expectant faith and confidence always be on a just cause in true charity and all you do will turn out good

      1. Justy,
        These are demons and a Catholic priest will not help. Like the person above said, you need to get rid of any religious artifacts. You need to repent of your sins and invite Jesus into your heart. Using the name of Jesus will be the only thing that will get rid of any demons. You must turn your life over to Christ, he alone will make these beings disappear. Ephesians 6:

        John 3:16

    2. Hi Keith. I wanted to ask you something given your first hand experience with paranormal phenomenon. Have you ever heard of the James Randi foundation and their standing one million dollar reward for any proof of things ghostly, psychic, or otherwise supernatural? The wikipedia link is below. I’m curious because when I hear about people publishing books or maybe getting other compensation for these types of things, I always ask myself why don’t they just take the James Randi challenge, let them see the ghosties, and then walk away with million dollars? Maybe it’s something your NEAR paranormal staff could arrange at one of your investigations so you could win the “Bathsheba Lottery”.

      What do you think?

      Here’s the wiki link:

      1. Hi Nuclearhaircut, I like he idea of the “Bathsheba Lottery”! lol The best proof I and the NEAR staff have, as far as actual paranormal evidence, is EVP; I’m not sure if the Randi Foundation would accept this. I have known of representatives from this organization showing up at Mrs. Warren’s lectures and hassling her… which is rather unfair, because when her late husband Ed was still able to lecture with her, he actually scared them off! He accepted their challenge, even called them, but they never got back to him. But if I ever happen to be at another presentation and I see one of them hassling Lorraine, I’ve promised myself to stand up, introduce myself to them publicly, and accept their challenge. What can they say? “:Er, uh, thanks, but we don’t want you.” But thanks for the link, I will definitely check it out… and just maybe, who knows? Perhaps they will give me the time of day. 🙂 ~ Keith

      2. I couldn’t agree more. Not to mention the Warrens and their sketchy history of manipulating the fantasies of disturbed families.

      3. Hello, my name is Toni (please forgive the intrusion), and I am able to see them, hear them, and smell them. I’ve been like this since I was 3 years old (I’m 43 now), and “they” follow me, because a lot of them are confused, lost, don’t believe they passed, or are angry that they didn’t get justice. I am a Catholic and I am also a Wiccan ( yes, I fully believe in God our Father, and Jesus as my Savoir), there’s things you can do to drive the bad ones away, and my religions go hand in hand when I have to deal with spirits.
        I have a true story that had happened to me when I was 6 years old. My mom, dad, sister, and I lived with my great grandmom in her house that was built in 1876. My mom and dad lived in the basement, my sister lived in a small room that was by the dining room (someone died in that room), and I lived in the sun room or added on porch. Oh, we are from Chicago, sorry for not stating that before, and my mom was like me or I was like her ( seeing, hearing, and smelling spirits).
        Well, anyway, we all just got home from the drive-in (we went to see The Exorcist), and my mom put us to bed. During the night, I began to hear things move as if someone was looking for something. I also heard heavy footsteps coming from the attic right above my room. Now, in my room there was an oak dresser, a cabinet for sharp knives, pots, pans, and other things too, a heavy sewing machine, a picture of Jesus, a small ceramic figure of The Blessed Virgin Mary, a cross, and my clothes that were hanging up. Mind you, no one heard anything that was going on, just me.
        When I awoke the next morning, the oak dresser was moved all the way to my bed, the sewing machine was in the middle of the floor on its side, the cross was upside down, the Jesus picture was cracked and scratched, the ceramic figure of The Blessed Virgin Mary was broke, and a very sharp knife, with the sharp end facing me , was right next to my head on my pillow. I was freaking out, because my room looked like a tornado went through it. I started to scream for my mom (yes, I was crying my little eyes off), when she came up and saw what my room looked like, she tried to rationalize it as if I did all that by myself, but my great grand mom told my mom that was no way a little skinny girl could move an oak dresser, pick up a heavy sewing machine ( those of you who are my age, remember the old Singer Sewing Machines? That’s what my mom had) place it in the middle of the floor, and do all the damage quietly ( the oak dresser weighed about 100 lbs, it was solid oak, and I weighed about 55 lbs) without waking anyone.
        Years later, my mom admitted to me, that she truly didn’t believe that I had done what happened that night. There were on several occasions, a female or a male’s voice woke her up by forcefully calling her name and when she awoke, they demanded that she go to my room immediately, when she got to my room, she saw 2 figures in my room, one was standing and the other was sitting on my bed with their left hand on my knee ( I was in a deep sleep). She demanded that they leave me along and the one standing told her that he will never leave my side ( and he hasn’t, he’s not threatening at all, he’s more like my protector. My husband has even seen this man). The next day, we got the news that my great grand-pa had passed at the same time my mom saw a figure on my bed ( I was his 1st great grand-child).
        When my great grand-mom passed, I was in Alabama for boot camp and several people saw her on my bunk. I had a ticked off spirit follow me, and got mad at me, because I moved on and got married, and he committed suicide, because he couldn’t have me, and he thought I would mourn for him for the rest of my life. He was my Uncle Kenny’s friend, who developed an obsession with me. He would follow me to school, in his car. He would follow me home. He would knock on my window and give me things ( I thought he gave them to me, because I helped him and my uncle with their laundry and whatnot), he tried to (ok, I’m going to speak the “80’s” language for a sec) rap with me ( it didn’t mean talking, it meant tongue hockey), and I wasn’t having it. well, he told my mom that he was going to take me away from her when I hit 18, and he was asking if he could have my hand for marriage. My mom said several cuss words, and she kicked my uncle and him out. Well, they moved up to Wisconsin to stay with my grandparents ( my mom’s parents) and it was there he got a gun, and shot himself ( left a suicide note stating “If I can not have my true love, Toni, to be my wife and bear my children, life’s not worth living” the reason I remember this is, because I have a photographic memory and the note was given to my mom, and she read it to me). To this day, my Uncle Kenny never forgave me for his friend’s death.
        If you have something in your home, I have a suggestion, if you want it. Place basil (from any grocery store, spice aisle) in the door ways, windows, and anyplace else that they can astral project themselves through a portal to your home. There’s other ways, but I’d rather tell it anyone whom needs help, my email address is Please contact me, and I’ll see if I can “connect” with them. I never ever charge a single red penny for any and all help I give. I feel that God gave me this gift for a reason, and one never charges people for a gift. Please forgive me for this being so long, but I can tell that people really need to know why they are being haunted, who are they, and how to get rid of them. I have helped many people, and I extend my help to you all. Blessed Be, and please take care and do not try to deal with them on your own, you’ll just tick them off even more. Thank you all for allowing me to share a couple of my hauntings with you, and I will say a prayer for all of you.

      4. Someone needs attention. I’m looking at you Toni. I was on paranormal research as the token skeptic and we had tons of people like you that did nothing except put on a performance.

    3. That’s cool, I just wish someone somewhere would come up with some proof of paranormal activity but nobody ever has. The same thing goes with UFOs and bigfoot, even with all the cameras and recorders around everywhere. I love the stories though.

      1. There is proof of the paranormal. EVP’s, taped footage ect. Non believers just dismiss this. I’m in Law Enforcement (21) yrs and experienced an event with three other officers at a large county jail. The event was caught on CCTV and recorded. The inmate involved was transfered and the tape confiscated and never seen or talked of again.

      2. You know that Siafu Ants exist, because you probably have seen pictures of them somewhere, huge enormous ants with antennas that can bite your toe off. But have you ever seen one in person? Same logic, you know they exist somewhere in Africa, but never ever seen one in person, same thing, Ghosts, UFO’s even bigfoot are out there somewhere. There are a lot of stories out in the world in regards to all of that somewhere that predates television or modern history, either we had creative minds or it is based on something that happened in real life in some form. It never dawn upon me that in Nepal they actually worship bigfoot as some kind of magical being, so who really knows.

      3. EVP doesn’t count for anything. I could give you a tape of static from a television and tell you I got it from a haunting. You’d hear something. It’s how our brains work.

    4. I do believe you. When I was a teenager around 17 years old, me and my best friend were at her job of babysitting. The woman she was babysitting for was there too and they were playing the ouija board. I have never used it before in my life. This woman had lost her husband in some accident. She wanted to contact him. I saw the plastic thing moving so I thought they were faking. I tried it then and it did feel like it was moving itself. then it was telling me things that scared me. The spirit did not like me. I said to my friend that she was moving it. She said no.I asked it to prove to me that this is real, and the plastic thing flew right off the table. I never played again. i was told that it is dangerous to play the ouija board cause it opens some kind of door to let demons or spirits to come through. Well like 5 years later, I lived alone in my attic apartment. I was reading my book then something started to ring loudly in my ear, then I heard like 5 or more voices over lapping whispering loudly in my head or ears. It happened like 3 times. Then I felt it was leaving because the last time it did it, I was going up the stairs to my apartment and then all of a sudden those whispers became screams that blasted at me and then something pushed me down the stairs. I never heard it again. I still think to this day was I going crazy or did it really happen?

    5. Hi Keith,

      I was wondering, what do you think of teams like “ghost hunters”. They seem to take challenges and go everywhere. But I read all the stuff they did was fake. Do they have any credibility in your view?

      1. I think a lot of them are fake. However, I hate when people do/go on ghost hunts – it’s only my opinion, don’t shoot me for it – I personally feel it’s the living haunting the dead when they do things like that. We don’t like being haunted, so why do it to them? If they’re going to help them cross over/go into the light then that’s great, but 9 times out of 10, they want to hear their story, then leave.

    6. I grew up in harrisville, my friends and are trying to figure out what street it is on.. Locating pics on the actual house is hard to find on the internet..

      1. Live in area. Land records show it on Round Top Road and they sold it in the spring of 1980.

      2. Justy… that is a lie straight from hell…. there is no such thing as “good spirits” or “benign spirits”…. Hebrews 9:27 –> “and as it is appointed unto men to die once, but after this the judgment”. There is no middle ground or “lost souls”… they are subject to judgment from our righteous and Holy God in heaven. The reason for this lie is to encourage contact with these spirits, but that is what satan wants. Rebuke these spirits in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, because they are demons, and that is all that they are. Christ has victory and nobody else! “You believe in God, you do well. The devil also believes in God, and trembles” – James 2:19. There is no other power that has authority over these demonic spirits except for Jesus Christ, period. You are not alone in this fight, but you must repent of your sins and turn your faith to Christ who can not only save your soul, but has the authority over these created beings who’ve fallen from grace. They fear their final destination, hell, and want to condemn as many souls as they can before their appointed time. Matthew 8:29 – “and they (legion) cried out “what have ye to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? Have you come to torture us before the appointed time?”. They fear Jesus, they fear God. They have no power over God, but you must understand, it is not “God” in a vague sense…. it is Jesus of Nazareth!

      3. That’s your opinion. There is no evidence for the “no good spirit” theory.

      4. I too am from Burrillville..BHS class of 79..I remember vaguely a house on Round Top that was haunted..we would drive by and blast the horn..I was always a passenger in the car..scared that something would happen but never did..

    7. You are really THE Keith Johnson?! Wow! It’s an honor! I have read a few of your books. They are phenomenal! Listen to Keith, Justy…he knows what he’s talking about!

      1. Could I ask you more in detail to describe what you experienced in that house as part of the investigative team? I would be extremely interested in hearing what you witnessed first hand.

  2. I don’t believe in ghosts and I think anyone who has experienced something minor has used their imagination to make it something that it’s not. Anyone who’s experienced something major has probably lost their sanity.

    1. We did however experience some startling phenomena in the Harrisville farmhouse after we agreed to take on this case, which was why we decided to consult with our friends Ed and Lorraine Warren.

    2. I wish it was insanity, that would at least explain it. But how do you explain it when others see or experience the same things, they had no idea of others having experiencing it. I too am very skeptic, and think alot of people read more into things than necessary. i.e. they see a ghost in every speck of dust on a camera lens, or spooks in every shadow. But, until you’ve lived it, you would never understand it.

    3. And you dont believe in ghost because why….seeing is believing..? And i assume you have never experienced anything paranormal. And F.Y.I. no i never used my imagination for the minor things ive experienced…and for the major ones…im quite sane. Maybe you will never experience things like some people…but for you to suggest that its imagination and that a person has become insane is stupid. If one day you do experience something im sure you will rely on imagination and maybe question ur sanity right?

      1. Do you know much about brain chemistry? Well neither do we. So at least allow for the possibility that it was your brain doing normal brain things.

    4. Just because you don’t see or haven’t seen for yourself, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist… GOD & Jesus existed & we can only go by what many scriptures have told us through the years & if they have existed whose to say that evil doesn’t live among the living?

      1. Where is the proof that god exists? Jesus, maybe, but not at all what the “scriptures” try to say.

      2. I feel the same way about your scriptures that you might feel about the Book of Mormon. It does not constitute proof.

    5. You are a minority. Over 75% of people on earth believe in the paranormal. Maybe you’re the one that needs to see a shrink.

      1. And even more than that believe in some form of God, doesn’t mean that god exists. What percent of people 500 years ago believed the Earth was flat? What percent of people thought that schizophrenia was a result demon possession?

    6. I believe in the supernatural. I work at a nursing home. The front of it is attached to an old mansion, that used to be a brothel. Ever now and then, someone sees or hears paranormal activity. I was sitting at the desk near the bathroom. The bathroom sink all of sudden turns it self on. The door was wide open and no one was in there. The water did turn right off but it was creepy.

      1. I agree, I live in an apartment and was alone with my pets. I went to turn on the water in the tub and went to get my towels in my bedroom. Dogs beside me, cats sleeping and all of the sudden my faucet turned off, it happened to me twice. First time, thought I was crazy but when it happened again. Then other things have also occurred, once sitting in living room talking with my behavioral therapist that comes to visits me once a week. While we were talking all of the sudden my tv turns on. I’ve experienced quite a few things. Just glad nothing too serious.

    7. I never believed either, but when “everyone” reacts or someone tells you something you have already seen take place and keep it to yourself, then your ” child” or a overnight guest ask you a strange question about something they heard ( while being an overnight guest ) you may consider the thought it does exist one day. This is something most people truly hate to talk about because no-one would believe you other than think your nuts.

    8. I thought that too once, revilo007. I wish I still could. That safe place was lost to me when I watched a quarter independently move across a flat surface. No hands near it. No magic tricks – happened in my own home. One other witness. No drugs or alcohol or mental instability involved. Like Alice Through the Looking Glass, an experience like this turns your concept of what is real and what isn’t upside down. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

      1. It’s left me feeling like I walk in 2 worlds, a foot in each. Its horrible. I wish I could just delete what we experienced in my home in the past 3 years. My whole concept of this world as I know it, now is questioned. If anyone can help me to move on with how to cope with what this, please help.

        Pat . 53 . New Zealand

    9. it’s ok revilo, i didn’t beleive either till crap was flying across the room at me. U’ll probably never see it tho.

    10. I’ve had too many experiences Not to believe & my doctor has assured that my sanity is quite intact. The paranormal investigators team, that captured audio and video evidence at my home, consisted of a retired police investigator, a psychotherapist and a teacher.

      1. Where is the video and recording of this proof? Are they published? Did they get tested for authenticity?

  3. I can’t say if this story is real or not, and I have always thought of the Warrens as nut jobs, who greatly exaggerate what happens in their investigations. But I can say that paranormal things are real. Are they ghosts? I don’t know, I personally don’t believe in ghosts. But ‘something’ has followed my family to 3 homes, starting when my younger girls were 3 and 5, my older girls 14 and 16. The younger girls saw them first, and called them shadow people. Soon, all of us, the kids and myself, but not my husband, were seeing them, feeling their presence, being hit by them, things moving, whispered to,taking on each of our appearances, etc. At first they looked like small dark children with no features recognizable, yet solid, the size of a 3 or 4 year old. But over time, they have gotten to be as big as the ceiling. Usually we see them at an adult size. There are things in this world we just have no idea of. I still don’t believe in ghosts,,,whatever those things are, they are not dead people, and as I write this, my family, all grown, are still fighting them.

    1. Not to scare you, but most demonic entities start off as appearing to be small & childlike to get the living to interact w/ them. They don’t appear to your husband b/c he must have a strong lifeforce & he isn’t one to pushed around & messed with.

      1. i really feel some people just have the ability to ‘sense or see’ things. He has none of those. But also, I do believe these things to be demons. Being strong Christians,we tried everything i could. Had our house blessed by the pastor,blessing it myself, praying in all rooms, praying everynight. I had sought help from other churches, and was told by one that “I needed to have a stronger prayer life”. I told him, I go to church 3 times a week, pray and read the bible everyday, and have a close relationship to Jesus,,what more can i do?. He said pray more. And Prayer does help, dont get me wrong, it will make them leave for that day or night,,,but a day, or week, or whatever,,,they end up comming back.

      2. Exactly…Im absolutely certain that people are seeing spirits, but they are not good spirits(no matter what form they appear in) Satan is very convincing…i mean, lets face it…he did convince 1/3 of the angels to follow him when they were in the presence of GOD! So, just because it appears as a child or sweet, harmless spirit…dont be a fool and assume it is just that! It is a demon!!

      3. couldn’t agree more. They do come as small cute little children and gain your acceptance of them til they show their true colors.

    2. Maybe u and ur family should trust and believe in a Higher Power to wage warefare with against these Spirits that are following ur family from house to house…

      1. I Have tried everything I know of to try. When it gets real bad, we ban together, dont sleep alone, and pray alot. Then it settles down, and life goes back to normal.

      2. Or maybe – Just NOT believe in *any* religion or ghosts, spirits- whatever.
        You know as they say – it doesn’t happen if you don’t believe.

      3. I have dealt with demons at my church. They will leave when commanded in our lord Jesus Christs name. However if someone in your house is doing something that is not Christ honoring it will reopen the door for them to come back. Be very careful and make sure when you command them in the lords name to leave that you believe on him in faith to do so. My guess is one of the kids or your husband may be involved in something they shouldn’t be, like maybe pornography or music as they are both powerful. Be sober,be vigilant god bless.

      4. shawn, I am divorced 8 years now, I know why they are there, I took this adult education class on the paranormal, about 20 years ago, and did quite a bit of occult things, believing what the instructor told me, that it was “My” inner powers, etc. Demons entering my world was my own unknowing fault,. But, i have denounced all my errors, and have TOLD the demons in Jesus’s name to leave. I got rid of everything that had to do with any previous activity. I do not believe i forgot anything. I’ve read up on this for years, and have tried everything suggested. I know porn, and any negative issues are an open door. I have worked for 20 years to close those doors, rebuked any evil, prayed for forgiveness, I do believe I have done it all, they just will not leave, except by prayer, and that is only a temporary relief. They always come back.

      5. I know people will think I’m crazy, but I have been studying the whole area of the paranormal for about 5 years. When I say whole area, I mean paranormal, demonology, cryptozoology, ufology, etc. And I don’t believe there to be any connection between God/Jesus/Religion, whatever you want to refer to, and ghosts. I think the connection between the two came about when Christianity was dominate over most peoples and they thought it was daemons and spirits hanging around. Or fallen angels. People are always quick to jump to God and “you need to be a better Christian and call to the Lord” when these things happen. I don’t believe they have anything to do with each other. And this is why I said you will think I’m crazy, but I believe ghosts have a connection or something to do with ufos. I don’t really feel like leaving a huge explanation why since I know I personally don’t like long posts, but after studying for so long, I strongly believe that. When I start to really delve into it, I scare myself. LOL. Which is why I don’t wanna go into detail.

      1. FAST! Break the agreements and the strongholds these demons possess! In the name of Jesus you have authority over them. First ask God the order in which you need to do this. In other words ask for he orders. Then do exactly as God instructs! Stand strong! Fear Them NOT! Gods power will come and the fasting will break the agreement the enemy gas. Somewhere there is an open door that must be spiritually closed! I have experience in this and can tell you! It’s the FAST that breaks the agreement and the enemy will flee! I will also pray for you!

    3. Dear Laurie,
      I first wanted to say I am a pastor and I have had some deallings with deliverence ministry. First I want to say that I believe you and if I can help I will. I think there are some steps that have to be taken I have read a bunch of the comments on this blog however I have not read all of them but i think I have read enough to get a small understanding of the situation and please .note I did say a small understanding. You have received some good advice from some here and some not so good as you know we can not ignore it and it go away. It is real the BIBLE tells us in Ephesians 6 “that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places.” I believe step 1 is salvation if you are saved as I believe from what you have said then great but what about you children? 2 is rebuke any authority that they might have in your life either from you opening a door or even someone from your family present or past such as a father or grandfather or mother and so on because curses and open doors can go on for generations. 3rd bind them in JESUS name it is his name that has the power we are nothing but we have authority in his name Matthew 12:29 and Mark 16: 17-18. 4th cast it out and away in JESUS’ name never to return or to come back. You may have to repeat this several times but do until you feel the evil spirit is gone some do not leave right away but have faith and trust in GOD and they will they are subject to the authority and power of JESUS. 5th fill any areas you have with the Word, the Love of JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT, and anything of GOD sing hymns play. Christian music you must fill it with things of GOD so as not to reopen the doors and allow it to come back it will try Luke 11:24-26. Because if it comes back it could be worse than before. I hope this helps and if I can help anymore let me know.

    4. you r totally correct tht those things were not dead people
      i am a muslim and what our holy book says is this that there r two kinds of creatures in this world “HUMANS and JINS”
      like we humans these creatures are also good and bad
      according to ISLAM these creatures r ordered by god(ALLAH) not to show their real faces to humans because the holy QURAN says they r very very very very very very very very very scary, so much tht we will immediately die after seeing their face
      tht is why these creatures dont show themselves completely just they make us fell about their absence
      like us they also have their homes and like us they will not like any intruder in their homes

      1. Mudasir,
        I’m not of the Islamic faith, but I lived, for many years, in the Middle East. I never realized that Muslims believed in the paranormal until I was in the city of Karbala in Iraq. It was first brought to my attention when a Marine company was settled in a hotel in the city center. My interpreter, who seemed disturbed by this location, explained how Saddam’s military executed insurgents there during the Shia Uprising that happened after Desert Storm. He explained in great detail how bodies were hung from the windows, on display, to warn everybody else against rebelling. Ever since then, the locals believe the hotel to be haunted. If you asked any local about that hotel, you would notice an immediate change in demeanor. Now that I think about it, I think the term “haunted” might have been the term that we put on it. The original description may have been “cursed”. Would that be more in accordance with the belief of Jinn? On any account, when I asked a couple of the Marines (who were also aware of the legend) if they experienced anything out of the ordinary while living there, the only thing they had to complain about were the living conditions and the heat.

    5. Laurie,
      To be honest, not much is truly known about shadow people, we don’t know where they come from. They are (and you can underline that) malevolent and do tend to have violent tendencies. What it sounds like to me is that these shadow people are intimidated by your husband and like to pick on women. I would really consider consulting with Keith and his paranormal team or even a medium. He/She may be able to give advice as to how to rid your house and your family of these beings. From what you have written, it sounds like these being are a generational thing. Shadow beings are attracted to people with abilities because they put off a specific type of ‘energy’. Because people with these abilities are able to sense the paranormal (more so than others), it is easier to take advantage of them.

      1. These demons you describe are conjured by devil worshippers.being one gives you power over the demons put in your care.they come to follow those that were cursed to inflict pain and fear.the demons come from the void of darkness and of only hate,fear,anger and lust.demons are conjured to do the bidding of the devil worshipper who has their care.

      2. Katherine, I have the same problem as Laurie and her family. Are you able to give me advice?

        Pat. 53 . New Zealand

    6. Like I said you have been cursed by devil worshippers.a real worshipper can have up to a dozen demons under his care.their power is in evil and in this world they are a offering of a conduit to this world but only on certain conditions.they must earn their way into this realm and their job is to destroy and inflict pain.i would wonder why evil follows a few.devil worshippers rely on your ignorance of what they thirst for love and health they thirst for pain and hate.

      1. Satanic cults were an urban legend in the 80s. Modern day LaVey Satanists tend to be atheists. Luciferians sometimes believe in an actual Devil, but they are unorganized and normally view him as positive; the light bringer/Prometheus. Goetia is demon summoning, but the followers often use hallucinogenics because doing it sober yields nothing.

        All in all, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    7. Laurie,

      they are demons, spirits that exist in other realms or dimensions, which can appear in our world. The Bible confirms their existence, and says that they often prefer desolate places, which is why houses or buildings that are abandoned often have sightings. I do not believe they are human spirits, as once a human dies, they pass on to another realm (Heaven or Hell) and cannot return here unless God allows it. These other entities are spirits that I believe are fallen angels that have been cast out of Heaven by God when they rebelled against Him a long time ago. They have the ability to move things and take on many different forms, so they can appear like humans. There are seemingly benign ones and malevolent ones, but generally should not be communicated to or dealt with, as they can follow people and ruin their lives if they choose to. At that point, only God can deliver those people.

    8. Laurie, I guarantee you if you say “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.” They will leave. The Bible says all demons tremble at the name of Jesus. Do it the next time you encounter them. They will leave immediately. God bless you. May you go in peace.

      1. you are right.but most do not have the faith many christians say they have.You see its a little more complex then just words.Demon conduits ie higher ranked devil worshippers also have faith.The faith is one of the power these demons have in your world.This is a demon and other enities sent by a witch in the 1800 s to send a curse on persons in this home or a curse was set upon this family.Demons love to inflict pain and sorrow and they love to see the results.It brings great joy to them to destroy and you can see the results in this home.One demon here and ghosts who are attached to same conduit source from witch.Your jesus has greater power then any demon but most christians have no faith when a energy of pure hatred comes to play with your life.The higher ranked devil worshipper is a believer he feels the power he knows the power.Look at yourworld with its evil who has the power.Just another demon kicking ass lots more in your playground of earth.

    9. We are experiencing the same. The past year has been …….. Horrible. I am afraid to even type to you what has happened in this house.

      Pat. 53 New Zealand.

    10. How do I cope with this? ……. I am constantly afraid that they will come back. And I am a normally strong woman.

      Pat . 53 New Zealand

      1. Pat, that does sound terrifying, I feel for you and will say prayers for you (and Tom who also is being bothered by something paranormal). I wish I had answers. Have you tried the church? Seems like if you can get someone to do an exorcism on the home it gets rid of what is in there. My grandparents had tons of paranormal stuff going on when they had moved into their house and she had said a prayer a nun gave her and it all stopped completely. My Grandpa still lives in the house and nothing has happened in over 40 years. So we know for sure the power of Christ CAN get rid of spirits.

    11. That is a serious thing. Rejoice knowing that one day you will be in heaven and these demons will spend eternity in hell. Trust in God and fight through it. What else is there to do..

  4. ok any one who hasnt looked at the left window at 3:59(concerning the comments of anonymous above)should go look,crazy,that is spooky stuff,ive never experienced any paranormal activity and hope i never do,i believe though,nice piece ty

  5. I think its just someone walking in front of the window,,( 3:59). She was being interviewed, and I’m sure there were camera crews and others around.

  6. This is a load of sh*t, just like everything else associated with the names “Ed and Lorraine Warren”. Those two are the BIGGEST frauds around. From Amityville, to the Smurl Haunting, to the Harrisville Haunting, there are holes and inconsistencies in every case they’ve “worked”.

    The story behind this movie has about as much truth to it as “Halloween”. Sure, the family probably lived in a haunted house. Sure there were probably whispers and slammed doors. They may have even seen things from time to time. However, you cannot expect anyone to believe that they were stalked by a malicious spirit who basically tortured a member of the family and they stayed on for ten years. TEN YEARS! Typical Warren B.S..

    The movie may turn out to be entertaining, but there’s no way it’s “true”.

      1. I am still in my house. It’s been 3 years of awful hor##ble things happening.
        What has crippled me about moving is ……. What if they follow?
        And also the constant attacks from these ‘things’, have left me weakened .

        Pat. 53 . New Zealand

    1. Most people cannot just leave their home. Even when it turns against them, where would they go, and with what money? It sounds easy, and in the movies it is easy to just up and leave, but realistically , it isnt. You keep thinking it will stop, or things will slow down for awhile, and you think you can tough it out, or find help. People dont want to be ran out of their homes, their investments, their l ives.Others dont believe it.
      They instinctively fight or deny it. 10 years, but in my case, 9 years at one home(rented), it wasnt constant, 9 years at another home (bought), again, not every day, sometimes it would be weeks, and nothing, and our 3rd home(bought, from a divorce)well, it started right away, but again, where would you go?.All our money is in our dont expect it to continue, it is surreal. These things have been at us for 22 years, followed us,etc. Lets face it, its not going to stop, 10 years is nothing.

      1. Why haven’t. U contacted Amy Allen on “FEAR FILES”, ?
        She is wonderful and I believe in her gift of seeing what is there in thhe homes of these tormented people…I. truly. Believe in what u r saying, people thatquestion u r people who haven’t experienced this.

      2. Laurie, I believe your story, my Grandparents had something follow them from one house to the other. Their experiences weren’t quite as aggressive as yours, in fact she was able to say a prayer that a nun gave her and the problem stopped immediately.What scares me about what you have is it sounds like evil spirits and if they are following you they have some type of stronghold. I would be concerned about possible demonic oppression or even possession at some point as they gain strength. They can start influencing people’s thoughts and emotions for the bad. I hope you call everyone you can that may be willing to help you. I would think most paranormal investigators have someone that can help with evil spirits. I know in some cases a exorcism is required. I will pray for you and your family, I hope you get relief!

      3. I agree with this …….. The strange thing is, I constantly try to make- excuses, deny, ignore, ….. till it reached a point where what was happening here in my home became terrifying and very very real. Enough for me to flee my home constantly, tentively only returning briefly when I ‘sensed’ they weren’t around. That sounds crazy I know. Even ridiculous.
        But even the thought of going through the ‘selling my home’ process was to much to comprehend. I am still weakened by what I experienced. Constantly tired, still trying to cope with what is real anymore.

        Pat. New Zealand

      1. um, there is a choice??? I have found, in reality, the clergy do not want to be involved. I have sought help from so many churches, with no avail. I have contacted paranormal places, one was all set to come out, the priest, etc, and that day they cancelled. I have talked to paranormal investigators who seem interested, but never follow thru. All these shows, in my humble opinion, are just that,, shows. They do not jump to people’s rescue when being tormented.
        Who would stay and be terrorized by demons for 10 years? Someone who has no choice. Get your head out of the clouds, there are no magic shows that jump to the rescue, and real people don’t want to be involved. You watch too much TV if you believe that.

      2. I have to agree with Laurie. It is not easy for people just to get up and leaver a house. And what if the spirit or spirits are following you? Where can you go? She is also right about most people, who do not want to get involved, even churches and ministries. I found this out a long time ago when I met a girl who was tormented and sometimes possessed with an evil spirit. I looked for help and found none. Eventually I, with a couple of my christian friends, cast these spirits out of that girl by the grace of God. These spirits don’t leave easily, and will fight back. It took us all night on 2 occasions to win that battle.

    2. Everyone has an opinion but I do believe in Hauntings as a matter of fact I grew up in a house that was haunted and there were times it was quiet and other times things really started to get crazy! I never did contact the warrens or at least Lorraine but let me tell you the story would creep you out and stuff has happened time after time with various families that have lived there!

      1. Do not contact paranormal investigators if anything they will make it worse. They just open more doors.

    3. I saw an interview with the woman that wrote the books (Andrea?) and she said that not everyone had a negative experience with the spirits. It seemed to me that only the mother and one of the daughters didn’t like the house, and the daughter didn’t really disclose her trauma until decades later because she wouldn’t talk about it. The other children and the father loved the house and most of the spirit interactions weren’t scary. I want to read the books now to find out more.

    4. While it is true that the Warrens take ‘artistic license’ with many of their stories that are sold, having been involved with some cases that the Warrens were involved with from time to time, I know that much what they say is true…just not the extent they claim.

  7. I’ve had a lot of experiences my whole life and still have them to this day nearly all of them are not bad experiences. I believe that I’m followed by the same ghosts and am protected by them as I show them respect.

  8. I have had many “super natural” experiences. Many happening in one house. Shortly after buying our first house I started seeing strange shadows out of the corner of my eye. The size of a child no real features just a form. I just explained it away, didn’t really think much of it. Than stranger things started happening. I would be walking down the hall and all of a sudden it would feel as though something moved straight through me. It would feel like a mass of really cold air cutting straight through me. One bedroom the light would randomly turn on. I would turn it off than as soon as I walked down the hall it would turn back on. After about the tenth time I called out an electrician but he could find nothing wrong. I started feeling like wherever I went in the house something was following me. I never felt threatened but just uneasy. It got to the point where I didn’t want to be home alone. My daughter who was five at the time started telling me she would see a lady holding a baby in the hallway and when the lady opened her mouth it made sound like music. One of the most disturbing things was I started seeing an adult male figure. It was always in our bedroom always at night. I would wake up and hovering above my face would be this male figure. His face just inches away from mine. He had an angry face. I started losing lots of sleep. I told my wife but she would just say its a dream, your imagining it. The most disturbing incident happened when my wife was working a late shift and I was home alone. I went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, as soon as I opened the fridge the milk from the top shelf came flying out like it had been shoved and landed a good 3 feet away from the fridge. At this point I told my wife I no longer wanted to live there. Luckily she was transferred and we had to move. We ended up selling the house to acquaintance. I told him to be mindful of the ghosts. He laughed and presided to scold me about how ghosts are not real. Two years later I ran into him at a bar. His first comment to me was “why didn’t you tell me the house was haunted?” He than told me of how an adult male figure would visit him late at night in the bedroom, hovering above him face to face. Him telling me his experiences made me feel a lot better because I knew then that it was not just my mind playing tricks on me.

    1. From time-to-time I have had paranormal experiences,beginning when I was child and continuing right up to the present. Some were down right evil, but most were neither evil nor good. They can be quite startling and down right scarey for those who have never experienced them.

  9. I’ve always believed in ghosts but I’ve never actually experienced anything until I moved into my condo with my family when I was fourteen. Three months after we moved in, I started hearing my name being called, including one night when I heard someone call my name from right above me as I laid in my bed, trying to fall asleep. I was the only one upstairs at the time. I thought I was going insane until my dad said that he started hearing his name being called too and my sister said that she sometimes heard people walking around upstairs from the basement when she was the only one who was home. In addition to this, our little dog began to get worked up over nothing and bark at nothing during the night, including one time when she ran into my bedroom at 2am and started to bark at my closet when I saw nothing. Another unexplainable occurance that has happened was I woke up one night to the sound of someone playing a piano in my living room. This was especially strange because we don’t even own a piano and I was the only one who was awake at the time. There are times when our WII system will turn on/off by itself, even when we’re sitting in the same room. There have even been nights where I will wake up to someone rubbing thier fingers through my hair, only to find nobody there. The most recent paranormal activity that has happened only occured a couple weeks when I was woken up one night to someone moving around in the bathroom so loudly that I was surprised my parents didn’t wake up. I knew that they were both sleeping because I could hear them snoring. And my phone light had been turned on, which only happens when someone presses the top button on my phone or I get a text/call. My phone light also stayed on longer than usual but when it finally did go out, I checked my phone and saw that I had no texts or calls and it was still plugged into my wall. There was no explanation for it. I know that these incidents could probably be dismissed in one way or another if we were the only ones experiencing this paranormal activity. However, our neighbors right next door have also been experiencing paranormal activity and they’ve only recently moved in. The woman next door says that doors will shut by themselves, their garage light will turn on/off by themselves and the dish washer will turn on by itself. Also, her five year old daughter who has just started school tells her mother that she sees and hears strange things but her mother didn’t tell us much about that.

    I’m now eighteen years old and I still can’t find an explanation for any of this. I can’t even find an explanation for why our condo would be haunted. However, we’ve been living here for four years and nothing negative or harmful has ever happened to any of us and unless anything ever does, we’ll keep living right where we are now and welcome our ghostly visitor whenever he or she is around.

    1. I have had some of the same accounts at my own home. For example about 5 years ago when i was about 6 i remeber waking up in the middle of the night to some strange noises and i went into the hallway and i saw a figure standing in my parents doorway and i got so scared i just ran back into my room and went back to bed. Then another time two of my friends spent the night at my house and i have a electronic keyboard in the hallway upstairs and it was unplugged and everything and we were sitting on the couch downstairs and heard this keyboard playing well we went back upstairs and find this keboard plugged in and the keys moving by themselves and playing we went outsied and told my mom and then we went back in and it wasnt playing anymore. Then one time late at night my dad woke up to the sound of running water and he went and checked the bathroom sink and it was running and we still dont know how that happened because no one used that sink all day.

    2. I have had some of the same accounts at my own home. For example about 5 years ago when i was about 6 i remeber waking up in the middle of the night to some strange noises and i went into the hallway and i saw a figure standing in my parents doorway and i got so scared i just ran back into my room and went back to bed. Then another time two of my friends spent the night at my house and i have a electronic keyboard in the hallway upstairs and it was unplugged and everything and we were sitting on the couch downstairs and heard this keyboard playing well we went back upstairs and find this keboard plugged in and the keys moving by themselves and playing we went outsied and told my mom and then we went back in and it wasnt playing anymore. Then one time late at night my dad woke up to the sound of running water and he went and checked the bathroom sink and it was running and we still dont know how that happened because no one used that sink all day.

    3. Please please tell me …… To give me hope and the strength to move that you don’t experience this in the house you have now moved too. In my house I started experiencing similar to your experiences. It’s been happening off and on for years here. Last year was extremely bad.
      Pat . NZ.

      1. I have the solution for you. Look for a Jehovah’ s Witness elder. THEY WITH ALMIGHTY GOD’S HELP WILL PIT AN END TO YOUR SUFFERING.

  10. I’m from Latin America, and believe me, ghosts, demons, spirits, they do exist. I was haunted for 7 months until I moved out, but it was the most terrible experience for me (I almost went insane). At the beginning, I was skeptical (I consider myself an intelligent, rational person, and I went to the psychiatrist because I thought it was my mind playing tricks) but days and weeks went by and crazy things happened to me and my husband. I started thinking it was something that was haunting me, tormenting me and almost succeeded it.

  11. I feel bad for the family to go through something like this. Yes I believe in the supernatural. I also believe I have a sensitivity to it. My family have witness me when I walk into a home. I can point out if there are spirits if there bad or good. I don’t seem them its more a feeling and I get a sick feeling sometimes. But yea if you don’t believe that’s cool just keep an open mind to there being more then animals and humans out there.

    1. Omg i experience the same thing i have as far back as i can remember if i walk in a place i may feel a negative energy and feel suffocated and nauses and i have to leavd or i will pass out ive heard things and seen with my own eyes i dont really know how to experience it.

  12. Well, since we originally came in to help this family back in 1973, there were certainly disturbing things taking place then, and the family remained there for 10 years… but not all of the activity was disturbing or harmful. The reason we consulted with Ed and Lorraine Warren and alerted them in the first place,, was because at the time we felt the family was in serious danger, and we wanted advice from people with years of experience. This family was truly terrified!

  13. I read “House of darkness, House of light”. One of the better true hauntings I have read. Hoping the movie isn’t disappointing like “The Possession” was. I think the only thing in that movie that came from true events is the box and it isn’t even the same!!

  14. This happen to a friend of mine who use to be a security guard working in a hospital, part of the hospital upper floor is abandoned, but one of his job duty is for him to patrol those area in case homeless people or whoever could be hiding inside when is cold winter night outside. Some of the story he tells me is sometimes he sees shadow at the corner of his eyes and as soon as he turn his head they were gone, other times could be doors slamming, or hears kids playing balls in the hallway. But as far as he know those floors are abandoned and no one should be in those floors. I myself have never seen ghost but I do believe they existed, is always better to believe and being careful and mindful about it than being ignorant and cause harmful effects later.

  15. Ive had a something follow me my whole life. It showed up as a tall dark man with a hat watching me from my doorway. Then it appeared to my husband while standing over me while i slept. Then it would grab me in bed an bang on closet doors when salt was laid around the bed as if it was mad. Thats just the beginning of what has followed me and my family. We have been thru hell and its my fault. I got into a house that my grandparents built wwho were baptist an i see it sitting on my fence staring at us thru our camera.

    1. Brandy – He is known as ‘The Hat Man’ (not very original, I know, but still). He is a shadow person and is VERY dangerous. He haunted my husband for years and when he couldn’t get him, he brought in reinforcements (even more powerful and dangerous demons). My advice to you would be to get to a Roman Catholic Church, get a blessing from a Priest and seek faith immediately. I’m not saying this to scare you – I speak from experience!

    1. & what about it? Can you specify, becaise all I see is a window, with a reflection of what a window usually pertains.

      1. Look at the widow pane. They are split into four by the crosstrim. In the upper left part of the window, you see the blinds in the room. There is something that looks like a face looking out at the women

  16. While I have never really had a paranormal experience so to speak, I did once have a strange episode that would not seem to go away. One day while waiting for a date to come pick me up, I was in the bathroom putting on mascara when a knock came at the door. Without a second thought, I just flung the door open thinking it was my date, which is something we NEVER do in New Orleans due to the high crime rate. We look thru the peephole first. Anyway, it was a group of young boys selling subscriptions to the Times-Picayune to which I said “No, thank you” and shut the door, but not before they gave me a free copy of the paper. In it I found the obit for a guy I knew in high school to whom I hadn’t spoken in 4 years. So the next day, I see his murderer being arrested on the five o’clock news. End of, right? Wrong. A YEAR goes by, and by this time I am dating someone else. We go to his grandparents house, and during this year, I hadn’t even looked at a paper let alone through one. So I decide to pick up the metro section of the paper, and what do I find? An article about the trial phase of this guy’s killer, and I thought, WTH…? Hold on, it gets worse…A MONTH goes by, same story, I don’t even bother to pick up a paper, and we’re at his grandparents house again, I pick up the paper, and this time it’s an article in the Metro section about the penalty phase of the trial. At this point, I am thinking, ‘Ok, Bill, if you wanted me to know what happened, I do now so please dispense with this because it’s giving me the creeps.’ What are the odds of someone happening upon 3 different articles (the first of which being the obit) in a year’s time about the same murder case whilst not even looking for it? Now I am not big on conspiracies, UFO sightings, anything like that, but what ARE the odds? I mean, really? Does this strike anyone else as strange, or is it just me?

    1. Not strange…it was a communication. They often appear as if from ‘out of nowhere’. You may be hearing more from him through dreams as he may not yet be done communicating. Just pay attention and write things down. They come to you when they find you are ‘open’. It’s a vibrational thing..

      1. I do believe that if you are open it is not coincidence. Sometimes I get messages in dreams and found out my ex fiancé was hiding a big dark secret. Months before I confirmed it, I had dreams and other warning signs.

    2. Yes it is. But how about, when doing research on one’s family’s past, you come across the obit of one’s great grandfather on the date he died only 85 yeas later. These things happen, whether you believe them or not

    1. Me too. The house i lived in was very old, and all the previous owners died in the house. You constantly felt like you were being watched, and you could hear whispers. Sometimes, you could feel a hand on the small of your back when you were walking up the stairs to the second floor. What makes that even more creepy was that one of the owners hung themselves from one of the rafters above the staricase…

  17. AT 4:25 it looks like someone is standing in between the curtains to the left of the woman looking out the window. Probably a reflection of someone outside but notice it’s behind the curtain first fold and in front of the second fold.

      1. It is above, the photo of the cemetery entitled, House of Drkness, House of Light. It is a video with interviews of the family that lived in the house.

  18. Hi i really enjoyed your synopsis of the accounting behind the movie. I found it eerily similar to a personsl experience me and my family had in s house we rented in Yuma, Az. We too contacted a paranormal group and they came and did a walk thru. They left and necer contacted us again, but our investigation that we saw on tape while it was filming was an Orb in my childrens room. We also had 5 different entities. One was a child that my daughter played will frequently, an elderly woman who would tuck the sheets into the mattresses of my mom and my children. The other a young man who was the jokster, would laugh and call us names, an elderly man who would slam windows on us and yell about our smoking. Then the headless entity that gave off a terrifying feeling of uneasiness. We investigated and found out 3 of the entities but the scary one and the jokster we could not determine. We moved from that home after we found out that those who lived there before would also leave cause of creepy things. But i could tell some stories sbout the stuff that happened and the encounters. Nothing dangerous but the activity really started getting stronger after the paranormal people came.

  19. I have had many experiences like this. something has followed me from house to house for years. the house I was a baby in was supposedly haunted and when you go to google earth and street view and look at the front of that 100 yr old house there are 2 apparitions standing in the doorway, a man and a woman, they look like they are dressed old timey and they are looking straight at the google camera

    1. What do you do if you are tormented by evil spirits but don’t believe they are demons as in from hell and you don’t believe in God? Also is it possible for spirits to be around you and just drain your positivity and desire to live but not make themselves known in any other way?

      1. Prayer and more prayer…everytime you feel negativity sweeping over you say the Lord’s prayer over and over. “deliver us from evil” AMEN.

      2. Yes look up “Demonic oppression”, or “vampire spirits” the oppression sounds like what you are describing. Keep in mind spirits don’t care if you believe in God or not or even in the supernatural. Evil spirits try their best to conceal their true identity so rarely come off as “evil” right away. Seems thought that you will always end up discovering their true motive, which is harm to you in whatever way they can do it. However if something is draining your life force, positivity or even will to live you’ve got a serious problem. If you can’t figure it out you should try to contact some proven pararnormal investigators who can actually get rid of bad spirit energy. Keep asking for help until you get it.

  20. I’ve never had experience with malevolent spirits, but have with benevolent ones. If one type exists, stands to reason other type exists as well. In my case, when I was 12, I moved to a house with my parents and twin sister and right away we noticed things, like at times the den smelled very strongly of cigar smoke, as if someone had just been smoking, but no one in my family smokes. Other times there would be no trace of the smell. I also would get an odd feeling whenever I would go into my parent’s bedroom, especially in the bathroom, which was connected to the bedroom, it felt like someone was there, but I couldn’t see them. Later we were able to tell that there were two ghosts, most likely a father and daughter, the father was probably in his forties and the daughter about 7 or 8. I heard the daughter laughing in the hallway and this was when I could see the hallway and no one was in it. Then my sister heard both of them laughing and talking in the backyard, but couldn’t tell what they were saying. She looked out her window to the yard and saw them playing catch together. One night I went to go into the kitchen for a late night snack. I thought I saw my mom in the walkway between the dining area and kitchen and her figure was dark because it was late and maybe she hadn’t turned on the light yet. I said “Mom?”, but when I got closer, I could tell it was a shadow and the figure of a man. It couldn’t have been my dad because he has a smaller frame and like I said, was obviously a shadow, not flesh and blood person who was just in dark. He didn’t say anything and I ran into my room, even though he didn’t hurt me he still startled me! The strangest situation and you may laugh, but this is what happened. I was up late again and I heard noises from outside at the front of the house. I looked out the window next to the front door and it was just some neighbors talking on the sidewalk, but for some reason it scared me. All of a sudden, right in my ear, I heard a deep voice sing “Don’t worry, be happy”. Yes, the song from Bobby Mcferrin. There is no way this could have been a radio, tv, anything like that. It was late, but I was fully awake and that singing was absolutely clear. So then the next day without knowing what happened to me, my sister tells me she was reading in bed when her tv randomly turned on. She turned it off and it turned on again. She turned it off again, then right in her ear she heard the same deep voice singing “Don’t worry, be happy.” Not sure why the ghost liked that song, but he was obviously trying to let us know it was okay. I know that song is not so old, I never looked into history of the house, so I don’t know what happened to the people. One more thing, my parents only ever experienced strange noises or smells, but when my 11 year old cousin was visiting, and my parents were both in the living room, he said he saw a man standing in their bathroom and as soon as he saw him, the man disappeared. We never told my cousin about the ghosts, so he had no idea about it before he saw that figure. We think the father appeared to us kids more because we reminded him of his daughter and we didn’t see or experience the girl as often, but we think the father was perhaps being protective of her. Even though some encounters were unsettling, we never felt any danger and eventually my sis and I just moved out when we became adults and then my parents wanted to move into a smaller place.

    1. I have also heard someone speaking to me or chuckling- once in the middle of the day while I was in my car by myself. I am a teacher and am very careful about who I talk to, because I do not want to have people think I have lost my mind. I have also seen entities occasionally- once an elderly man in and old plantation style suit, and others only once in a while at night. I have also seen lights, one going up a picture of my uncle over my bed. He passed away a year later. I was able to tell him that someone was looking out for him before he died. Everyone in my family believes in these abilities, because my grandmother had the same sixth sense. She did not talk much about what she saw, but I know she saw several faces at night flashing before her and saw her friend being led away by an angel when she died (though my grandma didn’t believe in angels). The only scary sighting I had was a black dog with red eyes growling at me, which I saw at night. All of these things were unsettling, except for the lights, which were very calming. I feel fortunate to have had these experiences, though, since I know that I have help in this world from others (except for the dog). I have noticed that many times I have had sightings or dreams that are trying to warn me about coming events, if I can figure them out correctly, which doesn’t always happen. I am very sorry for those people who are running into malevolent spirits. I wanted to shout out to Reb, because that story sounded the most like mine.

  21. I’ve never experienced a definite ghost at the place I’m at now, but I did have a very strange experience. I bought a digital watch (not the strange part) with an alarm because I thought I needed one (more on that later). The first thing I do is set the time and the alarm for 7:30 am (when I get up), but I make sure the alarm is off because I only turn it on before I go to bed. Okay, so at 1:40 pm, an hour and 40 minutes after I brought the watch home, the alarm goes off! I look at the watch thinking somehow set it wrong, but no, still off and set for 7:30. I decided to not worry about it and thought maybe was a fluke. I set my alarm that night, but I woke up at 8 and I couldn’t tell if it had even gone off. So, on comes 1:40 and what happens? Yep, the alarm goes off again. Somehow, in the day that I had the watch, I managed to lose the receipt, so I couldn’t take it back, but it seemed to work alright other than alarm going off at that time. Still, seemed rather odd to me. However, here’s where it gets really weird. As I said, I thought I had no other watches as the batteries had died. Okay, the next day at, guess what time, I hear beeping coming from a desk drawer in my room. I open it and there’s a digital watch, which not only is the alarm set for a different time and turned off, but the watch itself shouldn’t even be working! At this point I freaked out a bit and I threw both the watches away outside. Thought that was the end, but no. Next day, 1:40 pm, I hear a beep coming from a bag in the storage closet. Another watch, same story. Clearly simply throwing the other watches away didn’t stop things. I got both of them out of the trash and it wasn’t until I removed the batteries from all of them that it finally stopped. I went out and bought another watch and since then have not had any problems.

    1. I had a Swiss Army watch I bought disappear in my home for 2 weeks and mysteriously reappear on a table which was one of the first places I stopped to look when retracing my steps in my search. My brother found it in that exact spot clearly visible and said, ” what are you blind?” as he had known it was gone missing and I was looking for it. It stopped working and my fiancé took it to a jewelry shop for a new battery and not long after it had stopped working again. I bought a new cheaper watch to replace it and had the handles on it turn by themselves clockwise twice. Alarmed I ripped it off my arm and thought that was really weird. Shortly after that it had stopped working while I was wearing it. Till this day I have it sitting on a dresser and have not worn a watch again and it still works and keeps good time.

  22. I have been witness to two sightings of pure evil These forces seem to get stronger over time. One is the Republican Party and the other is the NRA. Can anyone help rid us of these demons?

    1. Let me guess, you have a shrine of the Usurper Obama? Tattoo’s of Zedong Mao? Karl Marx? How about an autographed photo of Saul Alinksky?

  23. Perron said. “When they would appear it was as if all time stopped. My sister Cindy described it like being “in the bubble”. The air is suddenly compressed and we were unable to move or speak, prohibited from doing anything except listening to what the spirit was trying to tell us.”

    I’ve only ever had one “supernatural” encounter in my life, and that description is probably the most accurate one I’ve ever read for what I experienced.

    1. This whole thread confuses me, but King W. …Im not sure who Perron is, but its exactly how we feel the demons when they are close. It is like being in a vacuum, The air is still, my stomach is in my throat, and its like time does stand still. Every primitive instinct we have, kicks in, and the urge to run or freeze hits. Sometimes they show themselves, as fleeing shadows, moving, or as an image of one of us,,,but the horrible feeling when they are close is always the same.

  24. I grew up on Long Island in New York. My dad bought a lot and had a house built on the site back in 1968. There were doorbells ringing, banging on the walls at night, my parents were downstairs many nights watching TV, swearing my 3 sons were supposed to be sleeping in their bedroom above the room they were in, hearing the children running back and forth several times my Dad threatened to blister their butts if they did not go to bed, Mom grabbed my Dad’s arm and told him that all 3 of my kids and I were outside in the swimming pool, no one was upstairs. My kids said they saw a man with a red face wanted them to touch and play with is hatchet, they were too young to know what a hatchet was, I had to tell the man “They are children who need their sleep, let them sleep please,” ANd they got their sleep. I slept on the couch on the main floor, brother and his wife had the apartment downstairs in the basement, Brother came upstairs and kicked the couch to wake me up told me to stop stomping on the floor I was waking him and his wife up. I said “Herb, what the heck? I’m asleep!” So many stories. I recently wrote to the occupants of the house, telling them hwo my Dad had designed the house and had it built and asked if they’d write back they never did. I never said anything about it being haunted, was going to ask them after we got to know each other. The house is at 341 Vernon Street in Dix Hills. Don’t know if things are still going on, I used to ehar growling at night by my door my cousin slept over and she heard it too. So many more stories in that house.

  25. No doubt things like this happen wish we would hear story’s on good spirits but that doesn’t sell

    1. It’s not my story but my Great Grandmother’s – but here’s one of the “nice” ones:

      My Great Great Grandfather was serving in the first World War, but every night when the kids were being put to bed, my Great Great Grandmother would tell them that He was watching over them no matter where he was.

      One night, my GG woke up suddenly, and saw her Father standing in the doorway of the Girl’s room in his Uniform – she was obviously very excited, and when she went to get out of bed, he put his hand up in the air to stop her and said “It’s late my darling, you need to go back to sleep” – it was at that point that she noticed he had a small Dog with him that was jumping at his leg, at which point he said “Get down *Dog’s name*” (which I can never remember the name).

      The next morning, my GG rushed out to the Kitchen expecting to see her Dad, but he wasn’t there – after telling her Mother about what had happened, she was told it must have been a dream, but that hopefully he would return soon.

      It was a week or two later when they received word that he had been shot & killed by a Sniper, and it had occured on the day my GG had her visit from him – the letter that accompanied the official notice from one of his squad members also detailed how he had rescued and “adopted” a small terrier from a nearby village.

      I always took a lot of comfort in that story – I think it fits the bill of a good spirit.

    2. The experience I share with this forum is just that…my experience. I’m not sure what it was and I will leave judgment up to the reader. A “good” encounter that I had happened in the fall of 2002. I had moved into my first apartment with my girlfriend at the time and had started a new job that required getting up at a ridiculously early morning hour. The apartment was part of a subdivided Victorian mansion that was built around the 1860’s. It was gorgeous, but I digress…I awoke one morning after living in the apartment for about a week when I saw a black cat run from the bathroom, across the living room floor, and into the kitchen. At first this did not faze me since I had just moved from my parent’s house where there were two cats that would run or walk about the house at odd hours. I remember thinking, “oh, it’s the cat”, until I remembered that we don’t own a cat! I ran back into the bedroom and woke up my girlfriend frantically telling her that there was a cat in the apartment thinking that perhaps a neighbor’s pet or a feral alley cat somehow got in. We turned on all the lights and searched the small one bedroom apartment to no avail. I easily dismissed this as me being tired and soon forgot it even happened. Fast forward about a year and a half: I was deployed to Iraq and the girlfriend had left while I was over there. I returned to an empty apartment. After about a week after returning I remember lying in bed, late morning, and contemplating what to do with my day. It was an especially beautiful and sunny day. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw the perfect silhouette of a chubby black cat calmly sitting on the kitchen table, looking out the window. I froze and suddenly remembered the cat incident when I first moved in. I slowly turned my head to look at it directly and it evaporated. Similar situations involving this cat would happen about a half dozen times more until I moved out for better living accommodations. I always remember feeling both happy and amused whenever the cat would appear. I never felt threatened or any negative feelings. I never had an experience like that ever again. It was kind of nice having a cat that didn’t need to be cared for. To this day I still question what that was all about.

  26. The one thing i experienced was when my grandma passed away in her house, they had a ceiling fan in the kitchen. When my mom went to turn it on it began to play music which it never did before. We thought it was a sign that my grandma was still around.

    The night my grandmother passed away she came to me in a dream saying she was no longer going to be around and everything would be ok. Wgen i woke up i did not think anything of it until my mom received a call from her father that she had a sudden heart atrack and passed away on the couch

    1. I’ve been in a foyer where an unwound Grandfather Clock was laying on its side but chimed the hour and half hour.

  27. I will have to get a copy of that book. My family’s new house is haunted. Every night at 3 am you can hear someone walk around the house. A guy killed himself in this house but I’m not sure it’s him due to the fact that I encountered a shadow being the other day. I believe whatever it was that haunted me when I lived with my family moved with them. It just feels too familiar. My siblings toys will go off only in the middle of the night and I always hear talking and chairs moving in the kitchen. I’m not the only one who experienced this. My sister and I heard a hissing noise all last night and a growl. I will be happy when I’m at my own home again! I love the paranormal but this is too much.

  28. I’m a believer and I have experienced them in houses that I have lived in . I’ve never been threatened that I’m aware of all though I’ve see them do extreme things like throw a mirror off the walk to land next to my bed while I was sleeping and one time while everyone was awake I had set a soda in the center of my night stand turned to walk away and the soda can flew from the nightstand to land past me on the flow in about the same spot that the mirror has landed . I think it was a female it may have even been the mother of my ex but I often would smell purfem when I know it wasn’t me. Plus I later learned I was medium although I haven’t done it in quite sometime and this was long after these events had occurred. I do however have to express that yes you could be hurt if you were subject to an event that a spirit was capable of conjuring up. But I don’t believe most spirits are out to hurt people or even scare them.I think its most commonly they just want to be non of . and we just assume its bad. I have heard of families that feel presents and never make anything of it. The only thing I would guard yourself against is consciously claiming your body by mentally being aware of who you are and claiming your life and who governs your soul for the less your brain is in connection with your soul’s being give more opportunity for another entity to reside in it and basically clam what you left open to be claimed just like a car thief would still your car. Fully occupy your being and be a good person and there’s not much to worry about.
    But lets face it any way a spirit tries to communicate with humans is going to be preserved as scary so it not fair to say that all supernatural communication is bad …

  29. I find that very very difficult to believe that James Randi would NOT get back to Ed Warren or Lorraine Warren, or anybody for that matter who accepts his challenge. Randi is so incredibly diligent in his pursuit of exposing charlatans amongst other hoaxsters, liars & those who prey on persons who are either totally convinced something paranormal & malicious is occurring, disabled or just gullable. I simply cannot see Randi shrugging anyones acceptance of his challenge.

    Randi has on numerous occasions exposed people. I mean really really exposed people! Humiliated them & rightfully so. The ones I’m speaking on are the ones who take advantage of someones situation and be it real or just how they perceive it, but take advantage nonetheless, and takes their money. Yanno, the Sylvia Brownes and Peter Popoff’s of the world. Randi exposed Uri Heller and James Hydrick (child molester). Randi went hard on Peter Popoff & exposed the crap out of him and rightfully so! Popoff is a total narcissist and sociopath. He makes my stomach turn. He embodies the word vile. What a deplorable and disgusting person he is.

    I don’t know if ghosts and spirits and all that stuff is real. I say that because I cannot speak on it as “fact”. Now I can say that I have had some very bizarre & strange things (I mean strange!) occur, but nothing like the typical doors slamming, etc. Besides, why would a spirit, demon or ghost want to slam a door? You mean ALL of their preferred method of announcing their presence is to slamming a effing door? Cmon! I would think with ALL the Countries around the word,States,City’s,Bouroughs,etc….homes in general, ALL OVER the world, that one, just ONE person would actually get something so concrete and totally authentic where NASA would even co-sign it. But that seems to never happen. It’s always the same recycled “phenom” going on. Same show, different players.

    One would surmise that if something that terrifying occurred, there would be no need whatsoever for writers. Sure, writers would need to be on board for the “fillers”, yes. But, the embellishing of events wouldn’t be needed because the situation itself would be scary enough. Why is is always a Hollywood Film? ALWAYS! It’s never ever a real and authentic lets say “nanny cam” or any home video type of cam where a very reputable agency such as NASA would put their seal of approval on it. Since the inception of the video camera, you mean to tell me NOT ONE single “episode” of “events” have been captured on film that independent scientists or like I said, NASA who could conclude its authenticity. Please please don’t bore me with the excuse “They cant, the GOV wont let them in fear of public fear and reaction” because that’s so LAME! I would imagine people who know all about diff types of phenom that occurs in our galaxy and on earth could conclude what something is or isn’t & whether or not its related to some sort of magnetic field, etc etc etc.

    Listen, I CANNOT say with any degree of certainty that this is NOT true or any stories like it are not true. I cant say that. I don’t know. But, I can say what I have already stated. I don’t have proof to “disprove” it. But, the burden isn’t on me to do so. The burden would be on the person or persons claiming it to be real. I mean, how does one get to be a “Demonologist”? Experience? Well how do WE know these “experiences”are factual? In fact, how we do know any of the things that a “demonologist” says is “fact”? See, I’m a science chick. Science generally can substanciate fact. Generally. Opinions and great “guesses” are not facts.

    Anyhoo, I WILL watch the movie because I’m a horror genre fanatic. I enjoy the rush and chemicals my brain produces when Im creeped out. Just love it. I also really enjoy the acting chops of Vera Fermiga & Patrick Wilson.

    Lastly, nobody has officially taken James Randi’s challenge. A “phone call’ back is NOT accepting the challenge. We all know that if there is a million bucks for the grabbing and person could prove whats needed to get it, they would be absolutely RELENTLESS in their pursuit of it. THEY would go to media! THEY would get the public involved! Oprah! Maury! Wilkos! I mean the list is absolutely ENDLESS as to how they could reach out to James Randi, if, Randi is simply “not getting back to them”.

    Uh huh. How conveinant.

    Not Buying It

    1. I’m not sure what all the discussion is about. It’s already been asked and answered: It’s a glitch in the Matrix and rogue programs being mischievous! 😛

    2. I think that you are trying to look at something that can not be seen. I am also scientist and come to find out not everything can be explained through expirementation, not everything is measurable and not everything can be seen, at least at this point on the evolutionary scale. Think about this, if you were an angry spirit, would you let people film you…? And even if some body could pull it off via ‘nanny cam’ you don’t think the skeptics would come out of the wood works to prove that the tape is fraudulent?? Anything can be given skepticism, look at God, there are millions and billions of people that believe in God or a higher power, but I have yet to see the solid proof of that. However, people will give you first hand accounts of ‘Godly experiences’ or ‘miracles’ that they believe we’re performed by the hand of God. But I have to agree with most comments on here, until you experience it yourself, you will be a skeptic. I have also seen a UFO and I see ghosts all the time and I am scientist, think about that. Most people I tell don’t believe me either, which is why most people don’t tell their stories, they don’t want to hear all the bullshit and disbelief. No one asked you to buy anything, they just want someone to be believe them, that their not crazy, and it’s because you have such a closed mind that you will never see what we see…try opening up, try to believe the unbelievable and you will find the proof you are looking for.

      1. “Try to believe the unbelievable and you will find the proof you are looking for.” Wow. Based on that statement I suspect you will believe anything.

  30. For disbelievers it is always easy to deny a haunting, since it means they have not experienced one. Until about 1973 I experienced several, but I “swore off” experiencing any phenomena except for the empathetic (feelings) since then. One of those experiences was especially bad- an entity that I now think was not the perpetrator but the “thing” that made him act out. We never saw anything BUT my brother, an infant and then a toddler during that time (1965-1969), used to escape from his crib or bed and we’d find him sleeping in the hall. He says now that something was touching him in that room, which I later found out was thought to be how a deranged roomer entered the building from the 2nd floor (it had been his room before that and was easily accessible by ladder); he later went upstairs and suffocated the landlady. All of this happened shortly after the place was built in the late 19th century according to a neighbor who lived there long before my grandmother bought the house. I was not aware of any of this until we moved away and she came to visit! Later we moved to another town and unfortunately into a home that we discovered again, had a haunting associated with it, although this haunting was much milder until we pulled out the Ouja board. In both cases-yes-the activity was made worse in this way, so much so, that after a voice came out of someone close to me saying angrily ” Leave me ALONE!” while the voice was from someone of the opposite sex- and slammed the person into a support beam, knocking the person out cold, I determined to never use such a board again! By the way, I have only seen one ghost-enough for me; all of the other activity was spoken or active ( things turned on, moved, doors that had non-working locks, suddenly locking me upstairs, etc.).

    1. I have experienced a “haunting”. Checked into a rehab center while coming down from some MDMA laced with something. The staff told us stories about it being an old convalescence home. While lying in bed, I saw in the corner this horrifying, levitating monstrosity. It looked subhuman with a crooked spine. At the time, I was absolutely sure I had witnessed a ghost and why not? I kept seeing it later in the week. After thinking about it, the staff’s stories and my brain chemistry changing clearly made a “ghost”.

      1. Not sure if it matters, but I was checked in against my will (for heroin addiction) and was an adolescent at the time.

  31. Experiences from early childhood always made me wonder if there was something wrong with me…trying to make my parents see the man standing beside the tree in the white suit with gold teeth (don’t ask..still don’t understand THAT one…1st-4th grade) sending my dad out on wild goose chases in the middle of the night to find the person ‘knocking’ on my window…poor Pops would be out there in his bvd’s,baseball bat, and flashlight, never finding a thing. My numerous siblings would shake their heads and go back to bed. My folks never got angry for all the things I would ‘see’ and ‘hear’…like the woman who used to push me on the swing when I was about 4. We lived in the projects and I would run across a busy road every day to get to the swingset where she and I would have long talks and laughs. My mother, frantic because I’d disappear and then she’d know I’d crossed that busy street alone, would see me out there yappin’ away to ‘nothing’ and then ask who I was talking to. I don’t remember what my response was, but I remember very clearly what my friend was wearing and her hairstyle. Long black skirt, highcollared white blouse with puffy sleeves and lace, hair piled on top of her head. I saw her photo about forty years later. It was my great grandmother. She died giving birth to my grandmother in 1903. When I saw the photo, I knew immediately that was the woman who’d pushed me on the swing.
    Barreling through the years, the paranormal experiences have been wide and varied…some very benevolent, some truly horrid. I don’t ‘see dead people’ but do have clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences. Some family members remain skeptical, but a few others now ‘understand’.
    My son and I watch ‘Paranormal Witness’ together because he likes that ‘chill and thrill’ and gets upset that I’m not cowering behind the blanket with him. I told him, ‘Once you’ve experienced it, it’s no longer scary’.

  32. I just saw the trailer for this movie. I have no desire to see this movie. Way too scary. I lived in a small house on 2 acres in the country. My spirit friend would visit me when my husband would travel. I was never afraid after I realized he was protecting my son and myself. He lived in my son’s room in the closet. He would stand behind me in the kitchen and breath on my neck. I would turn around and no one was there. I would see the quick flash of a shadow go across the bedroom to the kitchen sometimes. I could feel him in the house but it didn’t scare me. My son would say sometimes he was playing with his imaginary friend, Bobby. Only later on did I realize what he meant. Our “friend” was there as a friend.

  33. TO the 99% of you – GO INTO YOUR BASEMENT ALONE AT 3AM

  34. I totally believe that. It happened to me. Can’t move or speak, like frozen. Scariest thing ever.

      1. I had several horrifying experiences of waking up and felling like I was being sat on, suffocated, leered at, or pulled by the leg but it was sleep paralysis. Now that I know what triggers it and what it is, I haven’t had another episode.

      2. Ryan, sleep paralysis is a very real thing, and ‘feels’ like a paranormal experience, I have had it in the past, but the experiences we have had, has been in the middle of the day while cleaning house, listening to music, getting ready for showers, etc. I do know the difference, both are frighting, but only one is dangerous.

      3. I used to suffer from sleep paralysis when I was younger. Fortunately I grew out of it, or maybe it was because my sleep habits improved. It felt to me more like an alien abduction account that a haunting. However, I have had some unexplainable phenomenon in my life when completely awake. I choose to be on the fence on this because it seems to me that most accounts of hauntings are made from believers. I don’t want to invite anything, real or imagined. Living people are scary enough!

  35. Until you personally experience a supernatural incident that truly amazes and scares you… You will be skeptics… But the paranormal is real and I thank this family for sharing their experience…. I have had several experiences and have had them throughout my life… I believe I am hypersensitive individual and for a long time I was a skeptic …. Until a friend of mine died in a car accident and the day of his funeral I had to go into work and almost was Tboned which would have most likely killed me and I looked in my passenger seat and I saw my friend Lee which ultimately made me press my breaks in shock and avoid being Tboned by the car I did not see as I was pulling out…. I know I have many guardians with me…. And can’t wait to see this movie!

  36. It looks like a fun scary movie, but true? lol no way. Its like the Amityville Horror all over again..which is another story the investigators worked on. Its money grab, nothing more. The “true story” is for the ignorant and the superstitious…

  37. I find it Very interesting that they describe being absolutely helpless, motionless and speechless when they were in the presence of the spirits. I thought I was the only one. But from my personal experiences, I only experienced such horror in the presence of evil spirits and was able to talk myself out of it (I am in control of my movements and of my speech) and it was only after repeating this over and over again did I finally gain control. And it wasn’t immediately, it slow and progressive, I could hear my screams in a breathy whisper until finally I heard my voice coming back slowly and then it seemed like all at once I jumped up and could hear my voice again. It seems the ones who are simply lost or curious do not seem to hold such anger. However, the ones who pass unexpectedly or violently, clearly want anyone and everyone to suffer…I have to say I am very excited to see this film and even more curious to see the house. Though it is terrifying, it’s still curious.

    1. It happened to me once when I was in my twenties. I was sick with a high fever. Dreamed I saw something in black trying to put some kind of blanket over me. I was not able to stop it. In my state I screamed for my mother but could not wake up. It was like I was paralized. I also kept crying out and it wasn’t immediately and it was slow for me too, then I heard my own voice like I was coming out of it, and did.
      I was so sick and sweating from the fever, that I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t fight to wake up.

  38. I grew up in an active home. Hearing footsteps, seeing shadow people, having sheets pulled off, etc etc. After moving when i got older i still have experiences. Some good and some bad. But what i’ve learned is to stand up and be firm with whatever passes through and claim my space. Fear breeds fear. Negative energies, in my experience, love to scare u and i do get scared but have to recenter myself, call on my higher power and stand firm.

  39. I know where andrea was coming from waiting to tell her story. Just like her i have waited 30 years of my own. House of Echoes a true haunting is my own ghost story. The book will be out july 21

  40. I believe in spirits of all kinds good are evil. People who come across these entities are mor open to whats actually happening and for who dont needs to understand its not only the living thats in the world we live in but its the un dead that can not move on due to they can not rest are of the evil that they did … Like amittyville horror , the haunting in conneticut, and the conjuring!!! What the perrons went through was REAL and unexpexted.. I would know cuz in placesthat are real old and gives you a feeling off dispear and evil are usually has great amounts of not only history but torment and angry spirits .. I once lived in New York Poughkeepsie and my family house was unusual in fact it always felt like someone was watching ” a couple of times i went to sleep and i tryed moving and opening my eyes and i couldnt it was like someone are something held me down. Next day went to bed late and my bed started shaking around that time everyones bed stated shaking and this lady was walking very translucent but with glowing red angry eyes. This image still to this day haunts me..

    1. Amityville proven hoax the haunted movie man found water on brain hallucinated. Devil in Conn. brothers suing Warrens for destroying their lives the Haunting in Conn young boy sickly exposed to many drugs. And many issues of conjuring story fabricated.

  41. I do appreciate this summary, or prelude, to the viewing of The Conjuring. I assure you I will wait until it is on DVD or a streaming service before I see it. First, I have had experiences, though minimal. I believe in spirits that stay earth-bound for whatever reason, I strongly believe in reincarnation, and I do believe there is evil on earth that comes from a different place and crosses over into the earth plane. I don’t know why any of this occurs except I do have the gift of forseeing the future and countless friends and family have counted on me to help them. Since I was fifteen years of age, I have never been wrong once. I’ve been asked some pretty intense questions to help people; some were life or death. I think scientists and physicists need to understand there’s a lot out there that cannot be explained scientifically. If we are all energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, but can change form or state, why haven’t we more answers about the paranormal? I think of all the shows on TV that portray ghost hunters, Ghost Adventures and their crew seem to be after answers, not just evidence. I hope Zak, Nick, and Aaron never stop looking for answers because stubborn scientists just don’t get it.

    1. Agreed. Seeking answers and attempting to assist the client in need are both proper motivations. That is why we agreed to take this case on when we did, even though we were a young college group at the time… and which is exactly why we contacted our friends Ed and Lorraine Warren. 🙂

    2. So you still have the gift of foreseeing the future? I’ve had paranormal activity happen in a home I bought while living in L.A. CA. and witnessed supernatural activity in a home I was visiting while vacationing in Portland, OR. while I was left alone in the home. My friends had not spoken of this to me until I mentioned what happened, then said they were praying with their church over it. Recently I witnessed a black spot on the wall under the air conditioner in my family home where I reside now. Before I saw this it was very “cold” in the house and I’m never that cold. Later on when I remembered to ask my fiancé or brother about it, it was gone! I touched it with my hand and it was definitely there and not a shadow. It was black with some very dark green in it.

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