The Conjuring and its True Story

James Wan’s latest foray into the haunted house genre leads him straight into The Conjuring, a film “based on a true story” about a family that was terrorized by demonic entities in which ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren were called upon to investigate. Many movies are based on some truth, and when it comes to something as terrifying as The Conjuring, then naturally we want to dig deeper into the events that inspired them.

I just recently wrote about the true story behind The Possession, which was produced by Sam Raimi about the famous dibbuk box that held a malicious ancient spirit inside. While that story was much easier to track down, the Harrisville haunting—the inspiration behind The Conjuring—took a little more work because it was a largely unknown case from the Warrens.

What you’re about to read is entirely from the accounts of Andrea Perron, so keep that in mind. Read on and take from it what you will; whether you believe in these things or not, it’s a fascinating story that I hope you guys enjoy.

It had been a very long time before Andrea Perron told her account of what happened to her and the rest of the family in the quiet town of Harrisville, Rhode Island. She kept it all bottled up for three decades until finally releasing her first published work, marking the first book in a three-part series which tells the story of her family’s true experiences while living in a farmhouse riddled with spirits in the lonely Rhode Island countryside.

Although this particular haunting is very well-documented and considered to be one of the most significant hauntings in history, it is still very foreign to many people. The Warrens considered it their “most intense, compelling, disturbing and significant investigation”.

Roger and Carolyn Perron finally purchased their dream home in the winter months of 1970. Little did they know that this house was going to be full of nightmares. As many people would, they were excited to be living in a home full of history and were looking forward to raising their five daughters there. What they didn’t know was that this house was full of agony and death. Two former residents hung themselves — one from the rafters of the barn.

The home was built on beautiful land with plenty of room for five growing children to play. However, once they moved in the spirits began to make their presence known.

Perron says, “My mom just wanted a place in the country to raise her kids”.

“It is an extraordinary place. We started seeing spirits as soon as we moved into the house. Most of them were completely benign and some of them didn’t even seem to notice we were there, but eight generations lived and died in that house prior to our arrival and some of them never left.”

At first many of them appeared to be harmless, like the ghost that smelled of flowers and fruit, the one who would kiss the children goodnight in their beds every night, or the spirit that constantly picked up a broom to sweep the kitchen floor. Everything you would expect from a haunted house seemed to have been happening to the family as well, like things moving on their own and doors slamming shut, or quiet whispers heard throughout the night. Probably the most frightening thing was the sound of something that had the habit of slamming itself into the front door of the house in the middle of the night, waking everyone up. There were obviously some very disturbed spirits among the family.

“We had one my sister called ‘Manny’. He was a sympathetic soul. We think he was actually Johnny Arnold, who committed suicide in the eaves of the house in the 1800s,” Perron said. “He would appear in the house and watch over us. He always appeared in the same place, in the front hallway between the dining room and the kitchen. The apparition would always lean up against the door and would wear a crooked smile like he was amused by the children. As soon as we saw him and made eye contact he was gone.”

What is very interesting is that each member of the family actually saw these spirits wandering throughout the home. They weren’t the only ones though, because those who’ve lived in the house prior to and since the Perron family saw them as well. “Everyone who has lived in the house that we know of has experienced some type of supernatural phenomena,” Perron said. “Some have left screaming and running for their lives. The man who moved in to begin restoration on the house when we sold it left screaming, without his car, without his tools, without his clothing. He never went back to the house and consequently the people who owned it, the adjacent landowners, moved in only briefly and it sat vacant for years.”

Her descriptions of the numerous entities are vivid. Perron recalls their features (or lack thereof) as especially haunting. At times, the spirits would appear opaque, seemingly solid, and other times they were translucent or in the form of mist and fog-like haze. She also claims the spirits actually communicated with the members of the family but it wasn’t through speaking out loud. She describes their discourse as being “telepathic in nature”.

Perron said. “When they would appear it was as if all time stopped. My sister Cindy described it like being “in the bubble”. The air is suddenly compressed and we were unable to move or speak, prohibited from doing anything except listening to what the spirit was trying to tell us.”

James Wan’s The Conjuring is a motion picture based on the haunting which occurred in the Perron home and persists to this day. It is a story told from the perspective of Ed & Lorraine Warren, the paranormal researchers who conducted an investigation of their farmhouse in the early 1970′s. The screenplay is based on their case files as well as information that Ms. Perron provided to the producers. The Warrens did an investigation of the supernatural activity at the house while the family lived there in an attempt to intervene on their behalf. During a séance that goes terribly wrong, they awaken and call forth a horrendous presence, one that Mrs. Warren believed to be Bathsheba, described as a “God-forsaken soul”.

Bathsheba wanted control over Perron’s mother, Carolyn, and was hell-bent and determined to drive her from the house, terrorizing her because the spirit apparently perceived herself as the rightful mistress of the house. She saw Carolyn as competition. She lusted after Roger and coveted the five children, routinely acting out and making her intentions obvious to all of the mortals in the house.Bathsheba frightened Carolyn straight to her bones, tormenting her with fire, a mother’s greatest fear. The spirit would approach her in the night and is described as having a gruesome, misshapen face and a broken neck. This thing was like looking at something straight out of your worst nightmare.

According to legend and local folklore, Bathsheba was suspected of being a practicing witch and was accused of sacrificing an infant child as an offering to the devil. More than two dozen mysterious and tragic deaths occurred on the property. Although she was absolved of any wrongdoing in a courtroom, the court of public opinion was not so kind. Bathsheba lived a miserable life and died an old woman in 1885 from a bizarre form of paralysis which the physician who examined the corpse found stunning and utterly inexplicable.

Early accounts of Bathsheba’s life before becoming this tortured soul are said that she was a young and beautiful woman when an infant mysteriously died in her care. When the baby was discovered, the mortal wound was presumably caused by a needle which was impaled at the base of its skull, which caused it to have convulsions and die. Bathsheba denied these charges and ultimately walked free due to insufficient evidence. Although Bathsheba may have walked free, these accusations never left her as they haunted her for life. Perhaps this is why Bathsheba wanted Perron’s mother out of the home and away from the children so badly.

“What she put my mother through, no human being should ever have to endure,” Perron claims. “She appeared to several of us, but I never saw her. I saw many of the spirits, but I never saw her except in a telepathic dream state. When she would appear to my mother, I would see the encounter in a dream state at the same time it was occurring, though I was rendered immobile and helpless to offer any assistance while she was appearing to torment my mother.”

Perron’s description of Bathsheba is where things really start getting creepy because she describes the sprit’s face as having almost no real features. Instead, it looked like a lifeless beehive with vermin crawling all over it. “Its head was leaning off to one side. It was round and gray, resembling a desiccated hornet’s nest. I couldn’t see anything underneath it… no eyes or mouth…it looked like the cobwebs hanging in the corners of the cellar.” This, as described by her mother.

Despite having Ed and Lorraine Warren attempt to dispel the evil spirits they ended up doing more harm then good and were never successful in ridding the house of its horror. The family stayed in the home for ten years before finally leaving — but the horrible things that happened within those walls stayed with them forever.

Perron always knew there would be skeptics and I don’t blame her. Her story isn’t the only one that has been subject to criticism over whether it is true or not, which explains why she waited 30 years to tell the world what really happened in that farmhouse. Obviously there is so much more to this story than what I’ve covered here and quite honestly, I have only scratched the surface. This article is only meant to give you an idea as to where the story for James Wan’s The Conjuring came from and to hopefully give you some insight as to what really happened. What I’ve written here is really all I know on the events so if you want to learn more I strongly urge you to read Perron’s book, House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story, because it gives a very in-depth and detailed look into this story.

So what do you guys think? Do you believe her story and that evil spirits really do exist? Have you ever had an experience like this yourself? Personally, I’ve never experienced any sort of paranormal happenings but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t believe in ghosts or tortured spirits. It’s one of those things that’s truly hard to believe until you’ve experienced it yourself. I’d love to hear your stories and thoughts on this so please leave them below.  Also, I thought you guys would dig this — it’s a photo of Lorraine Warren, one of the major inspirations behind the film.

Source: House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story

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494 thoughts on “The Conjuring and its True Story

  1. i see dead people. ever since being a young child an not knowing they were dead. ive had conversations with them, see an sense their presence. but not gonna lie have seen some scary things an freaks me out. ive always been attracted to the paranormal an their encounters. ive also seen an Angel Reader/Energy Healer Elaine Grohman an she was the first to tell me that I see dead people an have special abilities…with only giving her my first name for an appointment. She knew that I see them as they are…not necessarily in mist forms, shadows an such or lights, but as they show themesleves. My parents have always been supportive and believed me and have witnessed my encounters at a young age and for themselves. But being one who has been witness to many things…I can see the other peoples side in it being untrue. Just hope you dont have to witness anything terrifying to make you believe and just keep living non believing.

  2. My 3 yr old recently started saying she sees a cat but nothings there there’s no cat in our home …. it scares her to the point she screams and starts shaking and the thing is she’s not scared of cats she likes them what could she be seeing .

    1. Have your 3yr old describe or make a drawing of it because it can be many things like that movie incidious.

  3. I’m a 41 year old man and believe me sprits are real and if this every happen to you like it happen to me it will scare you like no other let me give you a quick experience of the last incident that happen to me maybe 10 years ago give or take one night going to bed I wake up around 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning and in my room there was something walking in a circle between my bed and my dresser right next to me and it was growling I was to scared to move I just kept starring at the ceiling saying this isn’t a dream this isn’t a dream I’ve never heard a sound like that ever but believe me it would have terrified anyone. Thanks for listen to me and remember one important thing WATCH THE OBJECTS YOU BRING INTO YOUR HOME SOME OF THESE THINGS ALSO HOLD EVIL ATTACHMENTS TO THEM.

  4. I am a believer because my grandmother was psychic and knew the Wardens from what I understand. My mother can know things before it happens and I have dreams every now and then but never see anything or no when things happen but I would love to talk to Lorraine. My grandmother died 18 years ago and my mother is in her fifties. How do I get in touch with Lorraine?? Thank you!

    1. I was just wanting to ask can children see spirits at a young age I have a son that has been seeing them since he was 5 at first we thought he was just messing with us but as he got older he was more believable he describe my mom down to a the dress we buried her in the gum she chew what she died of an what part of the body she was sick of she even showed him our little brothers grave when we take him to the cemetery he respect the graves of the dead an don’t step on them I finally had to show him how to pray so they leave him alone I bought him a cross so he carry with at all times so he old feel safe we came around a person like Lorraine an I ask her about him she said to watch him Becuse of the age he was that they usually like to mess with him cuz he don’t no how to controll it yet

  5. Hi, I am not saying the story is real or not, however if it was so bad for all of them why did they not move sooner rather than later?

  6. Hi, I just came across this discussion when I was reading about the true story behind the movie ‘the conjuring’. I am in india and there is great skepticism all around me when talking about spirits and ghosts. I have never had any paranormal occurrences, but I had always this feeling and fear from childhood by watching movies and reading about such phenomena. As of I know there are some urban legends still believed here, but there is no great account or detailed conversation about them. As of I can perceive, I see ghost and demonic presence as a cultural phenomena predominantly associated with western countries. Even when I attempt to search for such instances most of them are from the United states or some other european countries. I am not against your account about such activities and moreover your accounts seem credible for me, but why is this so, such instances and accounts most often account for people in western countries. There might be some technological difficulties for people around here to share them, but that is an old case of consideration.

    1. Hello Sidharth,

      I was under the impression that in many Asian cultures, for example: Japan and Taiwan, ghosts and demons abound. Perhaps it is the manner in which you are conducting your search for these supernatural occurrences.

      My response is that Americans, in particular, are possibly more curious and open to talking about paranormal activity, perhaps because in other countries, they are often far more in touch with their ancestral roots, and they take such phenomenon in stride. Also, in the US, such topics are likely less taboo.

      The US is a relatively young enterprise that clearly represents many nationalities and ethnic/religious groups. With the exception of Native American sites, we really don’t have ancient structures (castles & fortresses, etc.) that date back thousands of years here.

      In Europe they have locations such as the Tower of London and Castle Bathory, In the US, we have old farmhouses, prisons-no longer in operation, retired ocean liners and civil war battle grounds. No doubt about it, we are a very curious bunch, and for the most part, we are very grateful to live in a country where we can express that curiosity. Often, our local “hot spots” are investigated in as scientific a manner as possible, although many approaches are employed-most of them in a sincere attempt to find tangible answers to what are essentially spiritual questions.

      It’s not a Western Culture thing, it’s not a White Folk thing; it’s the human condition thing.

      1. This discussion interests me more than the original or the movie. Esp. because I always thought that folklore, myths, urban legends, superstitions and even mass hysteria were stuff that thrive more among oriental cultures than in ‘new world’ like the US. I, too, am of the South East Asian origin. I grew up in a small town where haunting, ghosts, or jin were everywhere. I could not not believe it. But western (mostly American) horror movies and literatures made me think that it was all just entertainment, storytellers’ creativity. The older I got the less that stuff seem to be real to me, and then I moved to the US…except from time to time I think if I believed in God(s) or whatever it was I prayed to and from which I received comfort, wouldn’t the ‘others’ that aren’t so nice exist too? My skepticism prevails because, like many here say: if you don’t experience it you won’t believe it, but there’s one thing happened when I was about 9 that I never know how to place it. I was just waking up from a midday sleep (we kids had to take afternoon nap, then do homework and couldn’t stay up pass 9 during schooldays). That day however I happened to be alone in upstairs bedroom. It was hot that day so my younger siblings probably slept in my parents’ room downstairs. As I was lying lazily thinking about which homework I would do first, something caught my eyes. Above the door there was a vent hole/slit as wide as the door and about 5 inches deep (no ac back then). From this slit came out two small hands and they’re very very red, not bloody, just like dye. The hands rose up above the door top about 2 inches from the wrist part and that’s it and then slowly sunk back down. I was not freaked out, I got up to open the door because I thought my little brother was playing tricks on me, but when I opened the door there was nobody and there’s no way he got away that fast because he had to be standing on a chair to be able to reach above the door. I went downstairs and the only person I found there was my dad. I asked him where everybody was, I don’t remember what he said but none was at home while I was upstairs except dad. That’s the only experience I had if it could be called ‘supernatural’ because I never had it before or since and the house was only 1 year old when that occured, my dad built it on the foot print of my grandparents’, and before we moved in, my mom who’s a devout catholic had it blessed. There was at least one cross in every room. My old nanny said it was because at a young age our soul was still pure, not polluted (samee thing my mom used to say when my little brother was still a baby and he smiled at something unseen, she said he smiled at his guardian angel). If that was true then why did I only saw ‘it’ at age 9, not younger, when I was less polluted? I don’t know

      2. Hi Yvlz,
        I actually wrote the response to Sidharth, but it came up as an Anonymous reply. Thanks for sharing your memories. I experienced at least two supernatural events as a child, not to mention dreams that felt more like visitations. I agree that most of us (unless we have the “gift,” or we find ourselves in circumstances that are highly active-in a paranormal sense,) lose our receptiveness to spiritual happenings. I also think that the modern world has so many technological distractions that moderate to subtle supernatural cues likely go unnoticed. I firmly believe that even though one has to wade through all the hype and fraud, rule out physiological responses and natural phenomena, etc., that there are manifestations occurring all around us that defy scientific explanation as we know it. I think, as it has already been pointed out, these things are governed by their own set of rules and conditions; this is why we can’t “prove” their existence by making them appear on cue. I can’t see how all of this is a product of overactive imaginations when I see so little evidence of imagination (as it applies to original creativity) itself in modern existence.

      3. Hi Diane, thank you for your response. I’m still a non-believer of ghosts. When I get unreasonably and inexplicably scared from time to time, I chalk it up as sleep paralysis, and when things get unbearable, I get impatient and get out in the dark and let out my anger toward ‘what bothers me’, kind of mental scream, “Leave me alone!”, and usually I win. But I believe in primal instinct, a survival mode of each living thing on this earth – something that had provoked a strong argument from a friend of mine because I said we humans were basically animals but we’re intellectually more evolved. Well, that friend was rather mad at me because what I said insulted her as a person with religion eventhough I didn’t say it toward her nor anyone in particular. But like animals, however domesticated they are, babies or very young children do ‘pick up’ or sense things that are imperciptible to naked eyes/ears…or even those hi-tech gadgets pictured in many ghost hunters shows. I’m not saying these babies sense ghosts… Poor things… But I believe they feel certain energy around them, from other living things or say, climate change. Like a bat sending sonar to direct where they fly. Have you ever seen koala babies whose eyes are still blind but they can crawl from inside their mother’s pouch to nurse, or some wild duck chicks born in the hollow of a trunk at the top of a tree can free jump to the ground with assurance that there’s a body of water waiting for them nearby, same thing with sea turtles and salmons..? Or more close to home, recently, I was asked by my neighbor to watch for her 2 kittens for two weeks while she’s gone on vacation. Within 2 days since she left the two kittens jumped the fence and practically ‘moved in’ to my property. I didn’t feed them at/close to my home. I always herded them back next door at meal time, but after their meal they’d show up again at my back porch. But approximately 10 hours before my neighbor’s planned time of arrival back from vacation (that’s the time difference between my place and her vacation place time zone), the kittens went back to their original residence and never returned to my place as if their 2-week ‘vacation’ never happened. That’s the kind of paranomality I can take. I still don’t understand it, but like people who claim to see/hear/interact with ghosts say, I believe it.

      4. Hello YVLZ,
        Good to hear from you. (I have been reading some over-the-top responses here, and am grateful I have not been verbally assaulted by any readers to date!)
        I subscribe to Shakespeare’s notion that : “There are more things in heaven and earth…” I believe that animals, (of which we share a kingdom with-like it or not) alongside traditional modes of functioning, operate on an extrasensory level that as human adults, most of us have come to dismiss. I acknowledge that we share 98% genetic information with Chimpanzees. I am in awe of primitive cultures such as the Aborigines who are able to communicate with one another in the brush-despite vast distances and no mechanical/electronic devices. I am convinced that there is a higher power that appears to us in a vast variety of ways, all the while carrying the same message and fundamental truth, and which is responsible for all the incredible forces of life/energy that operate in the universe. I admit that I dread dark, negative forces, but acknowledge at the same time that they must hold some sort of place, creating their own fearful balance in the grand scheme of things. I have at times sensed occurrences that are beyond my comprehension; if I ever find myself face-to-face with “evidence” of what has been previously unknowable, I hope I will maintain presence of mind, hold my ground and experience the awe and wonder of the paranormal world, which I suspect is all around us…

  7. I have had only four experiences.
    Two were completely horrific, the other scared me at the time, though thinking back on it, it makes me happy, and the final one just makes me wonder what was going one..
    When I was five, I shared a room with my sister, I was sleeping one day, and I woke abruptly, the something told me to look over to the mirror, so I did. I see something in a black hood peering out at me, leaning over, it’s arms looking like it’s trying to grab me, the only thing it had was red eyes.. I was freaked out, and my dad eventually duct taped the mirror the next day. I went to sleep again the next night in the same room, again, I woke up abruptly, this time, there was an eerie blue light coming from the corner, a girl with no legs, and rags for clothes was there, she was transparent, and had long orange hair, you could just see hints of the colours, red rosy lips, blue eyes, pale skin… The final one happened a few years ago, I was asleep in my new room, and I woke up again, the lights were all on, every single one in the house, other than my parents and sisters room. The cats were all in my room, meowing their heads off, and I felt as though something was watching me. the TV in my room was on, but there was only static, and the alarm was going off. It was around four AM, and I didn’t sleep the rest of that night.
    The odd thing about the thing with the red eyes and the lady, is everytime one of my friends comes over for the first time, they see both of them. One in the corner of the room, watching me, and the girl staring at them in the middle of the room. My old friends had experiences with the thing with red eyes, or so they say.
    Actually, when one of my friends came over, we were playing a game, all of the sudden, the air around me grew tense, and I couldn’t breathe, she tells me to stop moving, and the feeling passes after a few minutes. It happens again, and she says the same thing. We keep seeing things, and hearing things, and every few moments it felt like something was tightening it’s grip around my neck. Eventually, we saw a cross with the words “Welcome Donna” And the picture of a beautiful woman underneath it.
    I still live in this house, and I will for awhile, but the only time things happen now, is when a new friend spends the night, and even then, I don’t see it anymore.
    I just get odd feelings every now and then, and I am scared to go into my sisters room, I feel a bad vibe in there every time I enter.

  8. I wasn’t always a believer of the paranormal. Will not until I turned 15 and I had many encounters. I can’t name only one experince. I can name many, but a main event I remeber dealing with this sort of thing.

    Was something that Save me from a abusive and bad realationship. So I believe highly in the paranormal. So that goes to show you, people beliefs can change. If you want to hear my experinces! You can email me at no junk or spam please!

  9. Andrea Perron played flute in the Burrilville High School band and I remember her being a little strange and I’m sure I heard her talk about ghosts at least on one occasion. She was a year ahead of me and graduated in 1976. That name Bathsheba sounds awfully familiar.

  10. Its really neat to see so many people share of experiences. I have had a few experiences myself growing up. When I was younger my grandparents had a house in Las Vegas Nevada. I remember always feeling uneasy there; and at night my brother and I would stay in my grandparents room to sleep. Now when I was about 10 I decided I wanted to sleep on my own so I slept in my Uncle’s old room. I had actually never been in that room because there was no real reason for me to go in there before. As soon as I stepped in the room I felt like something was there. I chalked it up to nothing for a minute thinking I just wasn’t used to sleeping on my own in the house but as I laid in bed I felt the feeling grow worse. I feel asleep finally who knows when. When I was in high school I brought it up to my grandma with curiosity and she said oh yeah it was haunted. Doors would open and close by themselves, lights off and on, apparitions, and someone killed them self in Uncle’s room. I asked why I never knew about that before. She said you were so young and came to visit every couple of months or so, we didn’t want to scare you or your brother and have you not visit us. When my grandparents moved out a detective bought the house. I have not yet been back to Vegas to visit the house but I would like to at some point.

  11. Reblogged this on HORROR BOOM and commented:
    “Perron’s description of Bathsheba is where things really start getting creepy because she describes the sprit’s face as having almost no real features. Instead, it looked like a lifeless beehive with vermin crawling all over it. “Its head was leaning off to one side. It was round and gray, resembling a dessicated hornet’s nest. I couldn’t see anything underneath it… no eyes or mouth…it looked like the cobwebs hanging in the corners of the cellar.” This, as described by her mother.”
    Jesus, I’d just sleep in my car… parked a couple counties away. Anyway, read this article for more disturbing details about the real-life case –also known as the Harrisville Haunting, or The Perrone House Haunting, that inspired upcoming nightmare put to celluloid, The Conjuring (opening on July 19th… NOT SOON ENOUGH FOR US!

  12. I believe on hauntings and the truth about her story. I have and still go through hearing and seeing spirits always have since u was little. My sister lives in a house that’s haunted and her youngest is afraid of it. We don’t know what’s its purpose but I know it wants her because I have heard them speak around her.

  13. “I’m definitely a person of some origin, age and gender but believe me ‘spirits’ are definitely REAL”. Why do I see so many comments like this?
    I don’t really care who you are. It doesn’t make me believe your story any more or less.
    It isn’t like if you told me you were 45 and I wouldn’t believe you but if you were 46 I would.

    I totally believe everyone experienced what they say they experienced or saw what they think they saw. I just don’t think they are demons or spirits.

    Everyone says that once you experience a haunting, you are a definite convert. I’ve experienced many “hauntings”, that definitely made me believe in “spirits”. I’ve had the same feeling of pressing feelings as described. Unexplained phenomena. I was a super devout Christian, used to pray every day. Was studying to become a priest. What made all these phenomena stop? I stopped believing in God. I became a buddhist. I learned I have a predisposition for sleep paralysis. Suddenly, no more problems.

    Just because you have a strange feeling or have a strange sighting or something along those lines, doesn’t mean it is a supernatural being messing with you.

    It just means it is unexplained.

    Look at what all these stories tend to have in common.
    Super believers or have a troubled family history. Some sort of witchcraft is rumored to have taken place.

    “It” follows people sometimes. Why? It seems that most of the times, it is because of the people themselves.

    If it were really true that ghosts and demons existed, we would see them all over the place and at all times. Why would they only show themselves at mysterious moments? Why would they only show themselves mostly at night? Why wouldn’t we seem them walking around in the full of day? Why wouldn’t they show themselves to hundreds of people at a time? Why does it tend to happen to people living in the countryside who live in extremely old homes? Why don’t ghosts tend to show up in cities, where more violent and sudden deaths take place all the time?

    Like I said, I believe everyone truly experienced what they said. I’m not calling anyone a liar. I’m just saying there are many many possible explanations for things that happen to us.

    1. Anonymous—-in reply to your post, I am probably one of the biggest skeptics there is and having a background in fraud investigations, I am always looking for a logical explanation for unexplained phenomena that occurs. A good chunk of the time there is a logical explanation and it is not paranormal, but the things my family and I experienced in the house I grew up in defied all logic and being that all seven of us who lived in that house had different experiences that could not be explained, it makes it more plausible that there truly is indeed paranormal activity going on. We are a normal, close knit family. No family problems, no witchcraft, actually we are devout Catholics. Our house is actually in the suburbs, not in the country. There are also many suburban and city locations that are purportedly haunted, City Halls, theaters, hospitals…etc….so these occurances don’t just occur in old homes in the country. Some people are more intuitive than others which may explain why some people see ghosts and some do not. We were all wide awake when these things happened so that throws out the theory of sleep paralysis and things occurred both at night and in the daytime. My family is not nor will we ever try to make money off this, go public with this, or write a book or movie about our experiences in that house. All I know is what we experienced was real and until you have lived in my shoes and experienced what I had experienced then you will never know how very real and terrifying it is.

  14. Laurie, I was raised in a Catholic country but raised muslim. I believe in God and have been exposed to many religious, I am not religious. The beauty of my religious overexposure is that the Bible actually have powerful verses to fight these negative spirits, interestingly the Quran refers to these brown spirits (yes, they exist) as Jinn and they are specific verses that help with this in the Quran, Google Quls (the three Quls) look up the English meaning and Rughya it really helps. Jinn can be of light or spirits that are dark.

    I’ve always sense spirits and ask regularly for only beings of light, whenever I sense any negativity, it is like world war III, incense (Frankicense is my favorite), spiritual candles, prayer, Rughya; I always say I am like the Romans, when they conquered people they kept there own religious practices and adopted the ones in that region. I see what feels good and go with it.

    My oldest daughter also sense things and the funny thing is that we sense the same spirit energy in the same spot. Throw mothballs in every corner of your house and regularly mop your floors with a bit of ammonia in the water. Florida water on the walls helps a lot too. You can imagine a bubble, white light protecting you, your love ones, try to feel strong, powerful, remember we are spirits too having and Earthly experience, try to blend with your higher self which is a mighty spirit then send light to your environment and people you love, this takes energy actually. Some may say the white light of the holy Ghost. It helps. Ask for help from your angels, spirits guides, ancestors and ascended masters. Light always wins over dark, always. I actually had the blessing of seeing my guardian angel, it was as tall as the tall ceiling in my home and completely made of light that does not burn, I was terrified because it was the first time a saw something that was not a Jinn or a ghost. It was a peaceful benevolent feeling that moved towards me without walking. Spirits do communicate telepathically.

      1. Clears up the area if ghostly and psychic phenomena. Don’t use too much ammonia thoud a small amount (1/3 cup) in a bucket of water. I pray for cleansing as I mop, ask for negativity to be cleansed from my space. These are temporary “fixes” and have to be done regularly. The top way to ward off negative energy us prayer and not engaging in negative activities yourself (drug use, abuse of others, regular practice to connect with God/the universe/nature)

    1. 2 responses…first to Illuminata, I’ve been raised Christian. 3 of my 4 girls have almost always seen them, and my 2 grandchildren, plus myself. I will try the mothballs and ammonia in my mop water. You mentioned seeing an angel, I have also seen one, once. It was unreal, to put it mildly. it was in my bedroom. It, (unsure if it was a he or she) was tall as the ceiling and wide as the room, I was very awake, and it glowed immensely. It looked like something from a renaissance painting, white robe, longish hair, etc. Couldnt see the facial features in detail, but I did manage to say to it, that in Jesus name, if its from God to stay, otherwise to leave. It got brighter and simply said “Be strong”. faded away, and the room went back to normal.

      Katherine, the girls and I have felt them, at the same times,,,and we have always been able to pin point their location. When out, we can sense them at places, always at the same time, and point to the part of the store, or home, etc, where they are, ususally hiding. We leave the place quickly. Its an everyday battle.

      1. Laurie, you and your girls are gifted. The angel I saw was ilar to yours, no real facial features alsond very tall, beautiful light. It is such a blessing to experience this. I think the apparition is to let us know we are not alone. We are protected.

      2. Laurie, I’ve read a lot of your comments and I believe you and that you’ve tried everything you could think of. This might sound crazy, but have you tried calling your local Mormon church? I really believe they could help you. Not try to convert you or anything, just help with this. Would be worth a shot. All the best to you.

  15. I was followed by a demon or ghost for years,It came in many forms from running horses to pack of wild dogs,snakes,some humped back spotted dog like monster. It talked to me it always changed its form to many faces at a constant rate. The longer it was around and attacked me in my sleep i learned it would run away when i called out jesus name. It told me one time while i was paralyzed it was a demon called legions.And demons are a hybrid cross from the time before the flood and they had great powers over man at that time. They are a cross between fallen angels who came to earth to rule over man and women who they wanted,So when God seen what was going on he made the angels that came to earth go back to a place to be held until judgement and the man angel crosses that came from them was cursed to stay on the earth until his return so the flood killed the bodies they was in and since they was half angel They are still on earth as demons until god comes back,God said they came from this earth so they will stay on this earth until judgement .And they are ghost,demons,evil spirits.They rome the night.They hate man.

    1. I herd demons are also the ones that are on the ufo”s and made the pyramids and they abduct women so the can harvest the eggs to make clones to put into the government to keep control over the human race.

  16. I feel so sad when stories like this come out…. especially if they hav any validity because I’ve been haunted by spirits since a very young age, and I’ve been haunted by several very mean spirits for as long as I can remember.

  17. I was given this strange gift to know or sense, must of come from my grandmother and I don’t like it. I lived in RI and from the day she died in her house, to the clock in the attic that decided to tick, to the neighboring homes I bought in Massachusetts which I have proof of a women whom no-one knows what happen to her, did my research and moved out ( after finding strange things in the house well) to the 1820 home (which I never stayed in) to god help me this is a newer home and again ” someone committed suicide in” and the basement lights just seem to go on “by themselves” I so cannot stand this.
    I love old homes, but it plays on your nerves, to I never can escape buying something with “things” that has happened and no-one tells you. My grandmother once said ” you’ve done nothing wrong, their here to help you” I can’t help but wonder why?

  18. It is true stuff, but you have to omit the fakes, truth, and facts. From the time I was a kid, all the way to the last 3 homes I owned including this one, I can’t stand the junk that follows you. My grandmother told me I got blessed with something, which if its true I so wished not. My last home was a hum-dinger and sold it. I have proof of the women who lived there, and tried to convince my self it’s not true until they guy that lived with me (big and brave) woke up terrified and started screaming at me like I did something. But I was never there. My own child started screaming at me about something that happened and I had been not in his c company no in the house ( unbeknown to him) I no-long live there, but god did I have to buy this house which is knew only to find out that the own killed himself in the basement, and for any unknown reasons the lights go on by themselves at random times. I even had an electrician check things out and he said nothing was out of working order… I so don’t dwell on it, but it does stink from time to time.

  19. I didn’t want to tell my story but I’m doing it anyway. I from a suburb in Chicago called glenwood Illinois.its a long story so I’m gonna cut it not very good with punctuation so you have to excuse me. We lived in this house my grandfather had bought brand new, I believe he was the first owner I’m not sure though, but what I do know for a fact is this house was and still is haunted! My grandma died in that house they said my grandfather murderd her but there was not enough evidence to charge him. Plus my mom has always said to me that my grandmothers side of the family was cursed, a saying I didn’t always believe until I got older and realized it is so true. My grandmother was mean my mom said evil she actually put it she attempted to kill my mom as a kid on more than one occasion. But grandpa saved her all the time by mere luck I take it.grandpa was a good guy he just choose the wrong wife,I suppose. So as Tyne went on and after my grandmothers death my mom said she always heard and seem crazy things she wouldn’t be specific and that made it even more erie. Grandpa told me as a kid all the time that there was something evil in the house, my dog as a kid even ran up and down the wall barking and trying to bite the wall something I will never forget. But as time went on when I was younger my moms brother killed him self by throwing himself in front of a train . Ending his life at only 21. Well time went on about 3 years later on the night before Easter I was sleeping in my grandfathers room with him and in the middle of the night I was awoken by a man I knew who it was because as a boy I played within uncle alot so I knew it was him and he was already dead so I looked up and I seem his face and his brown hair that covered his face and his thick mustache like he had when he was alive and I can see his face as clear as can be his body was white and blury and he was moving his hand in a come here motion and I can see his hand as clear as day and as he was his hand I can see he had on a white rob and I can tell this by how loose it was around his hand as he moved it back and forth and he was speaking but not to me to my grandfather and I can hear him as clear ad cann be in a calm soft voice while motioning his hand at the same time saying “dad come, come dad come” over and over with me watching him and he was looking at me while he doing and saying all this I keep tying to wake up my grandfather I said grandpa get up someone’s talking to you get up but he wouldn’t so I pinched myself hard like I never have ever befor in my life and it hurt bad so I knew I wasn’t dreaming so I looked a little longer put my head down closed my eyes and fell back a sleep and I woke up in the morning time with a huge pinch mark and asking my grandfather if he remembers anything and telling every one what happened. After that a lot of crazy weird things happened to me in that house even as I got older my grandfather ended up dieing in that house in 2013.I moved out and boy am I glad to be out of that house. But still to this day I can feel something’s I don’t claim to see dead people or ghosts but I did see my dead uncle that day and alot of other crazy, scary incidents have happened to me since!

  20. Anonymous: We lived in an old building in the Bronx, New York and my sisters and I would see a ghost in the ceiling of the bathroom looking down at us. He was always smiling but had no eyes just sockets, he had no tongue or teeth but he had very red, red hair and beard. He was very friendly. We often speak of him and laugh. The first time that I saw him I screamed and my little sisters laughed when I came out of the bathroom because they had seen him before I had. From then on I would not go to the bathroom unless I took one of my sisters with me. Our mother transferred to another place two years later. We never saw him again.

  21. I do believe that what has happened to the Perron family is true. My reasoning being that at my age of 14 we have lived in our home for nearly 2 years now and upon moving in and renovating the home we have experienced noises of people walking heavily upstairs while in the basement even though nobody will be home. Also we had just tooken out our flooring in the restroom and i had seen an apparition walk upon it making it quite impossible for a human to walk it. We have stopped renovation and spread holy water and crosses throughout the home ranormal activity has decreased but still does happen only during late at night and trips to the basement as well as being home alone.

  22. Yes, I have had experienced spirits in our home. We had so much activity and a women calling my name I was thinking im CRAZY till my dog heard it to. She went nuts barking, then I knew I wasn’t the only one hearing my name. My husband was so narrow minded and did think I was crazy till he experienced a spirit in front of him. Then we decided to call stlouisghosthunterssociety and they came out and saw and heard and got captions on the audio, they wanted to come out a second time and they did. Wow is all I have to say. Im thankful our ghost is friendly and not evil. If you go to web site we are under DEFIANCE, MO. should be investigation 1 and 2 we have spirits of Indians, soldiers, and a little girls and a women.

  23. i am going to see the premire today for the movie i am tottally excited because i am interested in paranormal events but have never experienced one…im a pastors daughter i believe in GOD, i know he is with me and i strongly believe that is the reason why i havent experienced anything..but i do fear i will someday!…. but no one kows the real reason to why these pple are experiencing these events and the spirits,demonds ,entities wont go away or leave them alone…but just like people are different so are these entities and no one but god will know why they are here…..

  24. I was not raised in any faith my parents were very non believers as they would call the bible bed time stories. So I went on to become a doctor, and got married about 6 yrs ago my life took a turn for the worst my wife left with the kids,my mom passed on. I attempted suicide, I was clinical dead for close to 4 minutes. Now here is the weird part, I have heard the stories of people seeing the tunnel and dead relatives and a sense of peace. Well that did not happen to me, the first thing I remember is the cold,very cold. I best way I can describe it was a corridor gray walls gray dirty floors. I remember rooms with no doors with people in them but just standing there. It was very quiet and I can remember the only noise was me walking on the dirty floors. There was no warmth here,its hard to describe , I don’t know how long I was in there, the only person I met was a elderly lady who grabbed me and I thought she was going to give me a hug?? Next thing I was awake in ICU ventilated. Now the weird part about 6 months after my attempt. I had some friends over for dinner and one of my co workers said to me, when did your grandmother come for a visit? I was shocked because my gram was in a nursing home 3000 miles away. I have had neighbors as me how my grandmother is because they seen her in the windows of my house. I soon started getting horrible nightmares of an old lady sitting on my chest and I could not breathe. Yes I am aware of sleep paralysis, but over the passed year I have lost alot of weight very irritable,no energy, I am even loosing my hair. So I had blood work done I am anemic for some reason electrolytes way off the mark. My doctor was joking he said its like your aging to fast. I have tried moving 3 times even countries
    to no avail. I am at my wits end to what happened to me and who the hell is this old women please any ideas will be welcomed.

    1. I have heard of people who were pronounced clinically dead bringing back a “hitchhiker,” a spirit who attaches itself to the person who was briefly in their realm and is now back among the living. It sounds as if she has manifested physically to your friends and neighbors in your home; from what you describe she only appears to you in a dream state, is that right? The place you describe sounds like a transitional realm, or purgatory, that you entered in the minutes before waking up again in the ICU. This woman likely felt lost/alone/afraid in that transitional place and grabbed you because she thought you could help her. Your life force attracted her then and continues to do so; I suspect that that is what is sapping your energy and taking a toll on your health. I think you should try to talk with her, perhaps as you are drifting off to sleep; during your nightmare will be too late if you are paralyzed. Ask her to go into the light, tell her she needs to move on because she is no longer alive. Explain to her that you can’t help her and her presence is making you ill; she may not be aware that she is causing you harm. (It is possible that she is aware that she is draining you.) If you are unable to reach her you will need to get help. Search the internet for the closest paranormal society. A medium could intervene on your behalf. This entity needs to depart from your world. Hang in there and don’t give up. You’ve made it this far.

      1. Hi
        I am writing to thank you for the advice about my clinging ghost after my clinical death. I contact a medium and she had me visit her to see what can be done. She mentioned something about a entity called the old Hag. Anyway she tried to communicate with it but is meeting alot of resistance,but she has given me somethings to try, ie: crosses,burning sage and holy water. She also said it has her claws in deep because of the length of time.
        Thank you again

      2. Hi WGM,
        I’m glad to hear from you and hope that this medium can help. I was thinking about your situation last night.
        Old Hag Syndrome, from what I have read about it, seems synonymous with Sleep Paralysis, although the question has been raised that it could also be something more, such as an entity. You have indicated that you are familiar with SP as a medical condition/phenomenon.
        I’m wondering how your clinical death experience plays in to this interpretation, as anyone can have an SP episode. All I can come up with is that this thing waits in-between worlds for an opportunity to seize. That you experienced a transitory realm, and felt that the elderly woman there (among other people) was trying to “hug” you, led me to feel that this was not so much a malignant spirit, but one that was needy and clung to you. Unfortunately, it makes sense that it would resist leaving, and like any condition that exists long enough, will be harder to eradicate.
        It sounded as if she was able to take form and appear to others because of the energy she was drawing from you; if they thought she might be your grandmother, then it doesn’t sound as if she has a menacing appearance; did any one see her up close?
        I suppose you relayed all these other details to the medium; how does she think they relate to your situation?
        You mentioned being a doctor so I assume you have had tests and investigated all plausible medical considerations. I don’t want to make things worse by raising questions or doubts, I just hope for your sake that this torment is resolved soon and you are able to regain your health. This is likely a good time to reach out to a higher, benevolent power, whatever that might be for you. May God be with you.

  25. What they experienced are a combination of evil djinn and/or dead nephilim spirits which are where all demons come from, for true paranormal investigators to think that “human” spirits can contact “us” is foolish and ignorant. The Djinn and nephilim spirits have access to high knowledge, they manipulate and trick humans they target slowly making them doubt then tormenting them and a lot of the time the same demon or djinn appears as different “ghosts”

  26. Um, stay away from priests and these ghost chasers…they will only heighten the problem people.

  27. I think its odd no one has answered where this house is located exactly?? None of those questions were answered that I saw.

  28. rebuke them in the name of jesus and mean it read the bible out loud you don’t need a priest the bible says some can only be cast out with prayer and fasting read book of john and Mathew if you truly have Jesus Christ yeshua in your heart then they cant touch you Jesus said to have faith but you also have to try to live like he did faith without works is dead forgive everyone and ask forgiveness love god yahweh with all your heart and soul they will leave because there is power in the name of jesus ive seen it with my own eyes things that you wouldnt believe god bless and keep you all

  29. This shit aint real.its all just a money maker.come on ppl thats way it was put into books n a movie.lmao

  30. My very grounded sister rented a haunted house in Florida. The ghost rattled the door and other noises. She said it was loud. She would rush to the rattling door and open it thinking it was a prankster and no one was there. Finally she began to talk to it and tell it she was not going to harm it. She urged it to go to the light. This ended all the noise and rattling.

  31. I agree with (Clovergirl1115) when asked where the house is located no one can give a straight answer why?. I am not sure if the movie is true or not, but I believe that there are things out there that we cant explain. I currently live in a 2 bedroom apt. in west Los Angeles. (my grandmother always said don’t be afraid of the dead fear the leaving) but I have experience things in this apt, that make me question the if the afterlife exist. When we first moved in I would here the bedroom door where my children sleep close itself. I always said it was the wind. One night my children were out of town visiting relatives and It was a little after 1am , there is a small corridor from my bedroom to the bathroom and I have to pass the children’s bedroom to get to the bathroom, I turned to the bedroom before I open the door to the bathroom , because from the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be the situate of a child. I wasn’t scared more like half asleep, but I stood in the doorway of the bedroom and there was a child sitting in the middle of my children’s bedroom, but my kids weren’t home , my heart started beating really hard and I could t scream or move. I finally turned the bathroom light on and whatever it was wasn’t there anymore, my boyfriend and I search the apt that night checked doors and Windows and all was fine. A few months later my daughter woke me up around 2 am and said (mom were you just in the living room) she had gone to the kitchen to get water and she said that from the kitchen she could see a female standing in our living room, but when she went pass my room she said I was in bed. My son also has seem shadows, On a conversation that I had with the owner of the building one day she as if I had ever experience anything in my apt. because she lived there before … I said no and she said good, I don’t mean to scare you , but when I lived there I experience some very bizarre things… So after she told me that …I feel that my kids and I are not just imagining things . I firmly believe that some things in life that we cant comprehend , so to all the non believers please have an open mind to all things. Anyone is free to contact me with comments on any ghost stories in the city of L.A.

    Thank you for Reading

    1. Hello Isa,
      I wonder if you could ask the building owner exactly what she experienced and if she has any idea who theses spirits might belong to. For instance, was there a tragedy in that apt, or even on the grounds themselves, at one time? Were you or your daughter able to determine if the adult female or child figure were wearing contemporary clothing? Any idea how old the building itself is? I would be very curious to know what draws or keeps the spirits there.
      Thank you.

  32. Hi, my name is Sharon and i am a paranormal investigator. I have been investigating & researching for over 12 years. I can attest that negative and evil entities do exist. However they are the minority, not the majority. With so much trauma & anger residing in that house in RI, negative energy attracts & draws more negative energy. It becomes a larger and more vicious ball of energy which feeds off of the emotions & energy of the occupants. People who are often mentally weak, have mental issues or substance/alcohol abuse are often prime targets. However anybody without issues can be targets also. One place here in MA, we have frequently investigated is the Eunice Williams bridge. There is easily 30+ spirits therewith alot of them being negative. One incident, a fellow investigator was posses by negative entity. Another time, 2 investigators were held in what they described as as a very strong vacuum that they were to break free from trapped in the bridge. A lot of spirits are protective of their territory while others harbor anger even after their deaths. In retrospect, most ghosts are harmless and lonely & and just want our attention and interact with the living.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      How did you become a paranormal investigator? I am very much interested in this pursuit but there is no local chapter where I live and I hardly feel qualified to start one. Also, is there a way, apart from an obvious attack, to determine if a spirit means you harm or not? Are there specific indicators or early warning signs? In your travels, have you come across spirits who interact with the living in a helpful, protective way?
      Thank you.

  33. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, may God bless you all and defend you with an army of angels. Amen.

  34. I’ve had paranormal experiences but in my experience it’s better to tell someone than just try to ignore it and wait until it goes away. I don’t know how much I would have stayed in a severely haunted home with 5 children for a decade but maybe she had funds tied up in it or what not. Either way at least she survived it, spirits and entities can drive a person to madness.

  35. I am not even sure it would be considered a paranormal experience. I was 16 years old and was in my first art show where I received an honorable mention for one of my photographs. The show was being held in an old house that is now a museum. The house was built in 1908. Ironically it was the same year the house I grew up in was built. Anyway, the show was being held upstairs…..up until that point I was feeling fine. As soon as I got to the room I began to feel hot (granted it was springtime) and after a few minutes I had the feeling that I needed to get out of the house!! It was a panic feeling. I ran down the stairs and ran to the front door and could not get it open. I had to unlock the door. I got maybe two steps outside and threw up in the flower bed. It was just some stomach bile nothing more. I felt fine after that but still did not want to go back into the house. I did not go back in the house. Haven’t been back since and that was 28 years ago. Like I said I don’t even know if that would qualify as an experience. Just the feeling I had of I must get out of this house, just weird.

  36. There are no such thing as ghosts. They are demons from Hell and they are deceiving. The Bible is very clear about staying away from the occult and this is the reason why. You open yourself up to demonic oppression.

    1. I do believe there are spirits good and bad. My step dad died of cancer in our house and I believe that his love for us keeps him around us to protect us from the bad spirits.

    2. That’s the truth. It’s pretty straight forward. Paranormal activity is the work of demons, not of the souls of people. When you die your soul does not stay in this world.

  37. At 3:58 you see a shadow streak past the window on the left. At first I thought it was from the light of the camera. But it can’t be because the camera is behind the window. Then I thought it has to be someone outside that is part of the film crew.
    But the more you see it the more it looks haunting, and gives me the creeps

  38. I do believe that there are things that can be paranormal. I have had odd things happen in my house. I have seen shadow people, glass has been thrown in the kitchen, kitchen drawers have slammed shut, the ceiling fan will go by itself but, if you ask it to stop it will. The smell of sweet perfume and the smell of saw dust. I went to the doctor because I thought I was going crazy and ask to be put on medicine a couple of days later my whole family admitted to seeing the shadow people that are about the height of a five or six year old child. my daughter, mother and I have heard a child giggling. My husband was drinking out of a glass cup and it was shoved into his face and cut the inside of his gum line. Nothing else has harmed us except for my husband, that was only once. I have went through out the whole house and explained what the rules of the house was. I told what is ever in my house that it was not allowed to come into any bedroom when we are sleeping, it was not allowed to bother my daughter. I also told what ever is here with us that we mean it no harm has long has it can go by the rules it can be with us. I do not think that it is violent spirit or spirits I think it likes to play games just to see if we know it is still around. things come up missing but when you ask for it back in a couple of days you will find it in an odd spot.

  39. Whatever tortured and haunted me as a little girl is now back. Especially since my daughter
    Has been born. I can feel it. I feel it lurking and watching me. I see shadows down the hall by my daughters room. There’s nights she wakes up screaming and crying. I run grab her and keep her in my bed where she will whimper on my chest till she falls asleep. I pray over her and her room every night. It’s not a ghost I know. It’s intentions are not good and it oppresses me. Should I have my apt blessed? I can get more into detail but it’s so much to type. I’m stressed and losing sleep….im aggrivated…..I’m paranoid……I’m in fear all the time.

    1. Listen this thing is a demon from hell. The souls of people do not stay in this world when we die. Do not interact with it in any way. Get your house blessed but know that it will probly not do any good unless you have repented and accepted Jesus as your lord and savior. I’ll pray for you.

  40. I am a professional woman having a background in fraud investigations and most currently I have a career in the legal field and I have to tell you that ghosts/hauntings are real. I grew up in a house that was haunted. The house was built in 1925. It is a small, two story farm house. My parent’s purchased the house in the early 1950’s to raise a family. Ever since I was a little girl I have sensed that things were not right with that house. Let me share with you some of the experiences we have had in that house. My sister and I shared a bedroom in the upstairs part of the house. There were two bedrooms up there. One my three brother’s shared and the other my sister and I shared. One night when I was about 16 years old, I could not sleep. I was tossing and turning and wide awake. My sister’s bed was on the other side of the room. As I turned over, I noticed a woman standing over her bed peering down at her. At first I thought it was my mom and I sat up in bed and called out my mom’s name. When I got no answer, I assumed someone had broken into the house. I screamed and ran out of my bed and turned on the lights and no one was there. By this time I was hysterical and woke my sister up. She said I must have been dreaming, but no, I was wide awake and staring at this figure of a woman leaning over her bed. Months later I happened to be talking to my brother and he told me he had also seen this woman in the basement twice. He described her to a tee. I had also had experiences where I would be in my room doing my homework and I would hear a man calling my name. Thinking it was my dad, I would answer back but get no reply so I would go downstairs and ask my dad if he had called me. He would always say no. This happened to me on several occasions. The dial on my radio would also start moving back and forth for no reason as if someone was trying to change the station and one night a magazine that was on the table next to my bed opened up and the pages started turning one by one. My sister used to see orbs fly across the ceiling. My mom had an experience that terrified her. One night she could not sleep so she went to lay on the sofa in the living room. All of a sudden she felt two hands grab her throat and hold her down. She said she was fighting with thin air until the hands finally released and she ran back into the bedroom terrified and shaking. One time during Thanksgiving the family was all gathered around the dinner table getting ready to eat. All of a sudden we all heard the sound of high heel footsteps on the wooden floors above us walking across the floor. We all heard it and we all knew that no one was up there. Another time my dad and I were sitting in the living room watching TV when all of a sudden the door to the upstairs flew open and a cold breeze went flying by us. It was so strong that it blew some of the magazines off the coffee table and also blew my hair up. There was absolutely no explanation for it. No window open, no fan on. My dad has told me that he has also awakened from sleep to see a shadow person standing next to him and it scares the daylights out of him. When my son was three years old, we were visiting and he ran upstairs to my old bedroom. I heard him talking and laughing to someone so I went up to see what he was doing. He was all alone in my old room. He told me he was playing with the lady. I can only assume this is the lady my brother and I have seen. We have had a priest out to bless the house and one time a medium offered to come out and help but my parent’s want no publicity of this and keep it a very quiet secret. They still live in that old house to this day. Although things have quieted down quite a bit, there are still some very odd things that happen from time to time. I am a firm believer, having lived and experienced it.

  41. There are a lot of things from the “true story” that couldve been put into the movie that werent, if you read this article and watch the movie you will see something that kind of resembles it, but it couldve been a lot better.

  42. Oh my. I wish Carl Sagan was still alive. Going off to watch a few episodes of Penn and Teller just to shake off all this -yes-stupidity.

    Actually I just feel bad to be privileged with quality education, whilst so many are not.

    1. Wow….must feel good to be you and be so much better than the rest of us, Anonymous. Can’t even use your real name. Um, for your information, I have a Masters in Business Management and a minor in Criminal Justice studies so suck on that for awhile. You are entitled to your opinion but please do not judge others on something that your highly educational brain clearly cannot comprehend.

      1. At least you feel like you are better than him now…
        Poor education does lead to superstition. Clearly you are an exception.

  43. Let me first start by saying that I would never try and convince someone that the paranormal exist.. But also agree with some of the other posts on here that until you experience it for yourself you may never believe. .. “We as living human being’s no very little about life, and nothing about death” Quoting a friend of mine after I told my story that I kept secret for a long time… All started 5 years ago as I had a opportunity to move into a small colonial home sitting on 132 acres of a old non working farm 1/2 mile back in the woods from any civilization. . A dream come true to me as I am an avid outdoors man hunting fishing hiking camping, so as you can imagine I jumped at the chance… My terms and conditions were quite simple I had to remodel the home and be a caretaker to property. Not a problem im a general contractor by trade , so I agree I except the deal… I start construction a few days later… The home is small basically was a one bedroom with upstairs being used as storage I decided to turn attic area into a loft type master bedroom… Had alot of work to do as home sat vacant for a few years old out dated ,pipes busted from freezing remodel took alot of money and about 3 months of back breaking labor but I was determined to get it done by fall time as im a avid archery hunter and there is nothing nicer than a Northeast Pennsylvania Fall… Me and my Girlfriend and my dog move in Early September … First night there was magical the sound of the crickets frogs in the pond and no noise pollution from highway or local traffic …. We both woke early our first morning and agreed heaven like slept like babies. .. That slowly started to take a turn for the worse…. Our first experience came about a week after moving in my girlfriend father and grandfather were coming to the house in the early hour of 5am to do some hunting with me so I told my girlfriend I would sleep on the couch downstairs so my alarm would not disturb her because she had work in am.. She agreed and I went down to sleep. . I fell asleep around 11pm with the Tv on for some reason I woke and to this day I dont know from what because I sleep deep not much wakes me but I awake not knowing what time it is because only clock is in kitchen and I was reliant on her dad to knock on door to wake me … First thing I noticed was living room was dark I fell asleep with tv on but figured my girlfriend woke and came downstairs to use bathroom and shut it off.. I sit up and kind of trying to get my sense of time when I hear the heavy old wooden garage door roll open its loud and can be heard below me it makes a distinct rumble through the first floor and sound so I assumed it was her family getting the 4 wheel machine out of there so I walk into spare bedroom and start getting dressed figured it was 5am never checked but what I did do is walk to dining room windows to look out to see what vehicle was there to my surprise it was pitch black in driveway they always left headlights on to see what they were doing… as I looked harder I hear something walking in garage below me feet shifting on the concrete floor below sounded like 2 or 3 individuals then heard mumbling and whispers in utter shock I knew I have a break in as I turn to go up as quiet as I can to wake my girlfriend I see time on stove clock 3:15 am I then hear door open to basement from garage where my dog sleeps he instantly starts growling and barking I scream to her to wake and call 911 we have a break in…. then I hear them walking up basement steps to kitchen I run to loft she is screaming for help with 911 operations as I get a gun … All hell breaks loose things breaking moaning screaming garage door slamming up down dog barking all going on in basement and garage whole time as girlfriend hid behind dreser crying as she is kept on with emergency operations police on route my home is a hard find if you never been there u never know there was a house back there so it going to take time fir them to find it… The noises the intruders are making is insane and its going on for 1/2 hour I mean destroying the basement and garage so im screaming down there I have a gun leave us alone police are on there way dont hurt my dog take what u want just leave us alone… So the 911 lady asked who is making all the noise she said the intruders and me yelling at them… 911 lady asked to speak with me and she throws phone to me and continue s to hide crying … The 911 ladie asks me why am I yelling like that I said they are still in house she said really I said listen. . I put the phone on speaker and she could not believe what she heard … things breaking dog barking garage door slamming up and down yelling moaning…. I said u hear that mam…. Her response O my lord. . YOU STAY PUT WITH YOUR GIRL POLICE BE
    THERE SHORTLY YOU HAVE A GUN CORRECT. … Yes mam…. well 5 min later noise stops garage door slams I say to girlfriend I think they left… 5 more mins im informed police are there… They nock I answer they come in I tell them I think they left 5 min ago so they want to look downstairs im thinking itsdestroyed we go down dog is ok but worked up basement is untouched except laundry is pilled up in middle of floor I was shocked it was all figured garage be a mess things missing walk into garage nothing touched nothing missing or out of place im in total shock… police are stunned im ashamed they ask to talk to my girlfriend to get a statement as doing so im trying to imagine what is going on so as they are speaking I call 911 and get same woman I put her on speaker so police can hear I ask her if she heard the intruders she said yes I said thank you and hung up. .. Cops are scratching there heads said well obviously you had a break in but its definitely weird. ..A few days later small things started to happen neither one of us believed in paranormal both Catholic… We would hear walking down below in hardwood floor as we were in loft a woman humming a tune perfume smell shadow figure jewelry box kitchen cabinets closing fast sink turning on … we quickly realized we had some type of entity there… Things kept up for a few months my girlfriend would be un easy waking me almost every night she started drinking wine just to sleep a glass then a bottle then 2 we were fighting she wanted to leave I didnt like it but it wasn’t harming us So it got bad neither one of us were drug users or hevy drinkers but she was drinking all the time to cope I didnt We fight every day so she gave me a option we leave and stay together or I stay and we break up…. im tired of typing if u are interested you can read full story at the research group that did the investigation. .
    where there are photos evps and video www . jam

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