Brutal first images for ‘Home Sweet Home’ arrive

French director David Morley (Mutants) has graced us with some awesome new stills and artwork for his upcoming horror flick Home Sweet Home thanks to the official Facebook page. Home Sweet Home sort of came out of nowhere for me and what a sweet little surprise it was. The first set of imagery is full of horror gold that puts some terrifying moments on display. You can peep those below!

A young married couple experiences the ultimate nightmare when they return home to find an unexpected guest. Trapped by a deranged, methodical killer in their own home, the couple must do whatever it takes to survive his twisted game. Incredibly unnerving, Home Sweet Home is a dark and panic-filled tale not for the faint of heart.

Right off the bat I get the Funny Games vibe but this one seems to be a bit more intense just based on the first set of pics. I guess we’ll have to wait and fine out! Meghan Heffern, Adam MacDonald and Shaun Benson all star in this wicked looking film.




home-sweet-home4[Written for AITH]

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