Short Round: Photography is a tough job these days

Today on the Short Round we’ve got a fantastic little short horror film written and directed by Stuart Stanton called Inside. The film was shot entirely on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera as RAW and colour graded using DaVInci Resolve and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

What differentiates between a bad short film and a good one is simply how that short amount of time is used to tell your story. Inside comes in at just under 7 minutes and holds your attention for each and every second. With almost no dialog, Inside is completely fueled by its wonderfully creepy score and great performance by Stephanie Danielides that will leave you guessing up until its final frame.

A curious young photographer discovers more than she bargains for when she decides to explore off the beaten track…

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3 thoughts on “Short Round: Photography is a tough job these days

  1. Really well done. I was still guessing at the final frame, though. Great that it was left hanging. A lot of impact for such a short film.

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