We have a director for ‘Jurassic Park 4’ and safety isn’t guaranteed

Well this is some pretty big news so I’m sure most of you have got wind of this already so I’m sorry for not getting this out to you sooner but Safety Not Guaranteed’s Colin Trevorrow has just been given the keys to one of Universals biggest properties with Jurassic Park 4 as he has just been announced to direct the film with Steven Spielberg on-board as an executive producer.

Oh boy, Trevorrow better get to work if he wants to make the deadline! I wanted Spielberg to direct JP4 just as much as the next guy but I gotta say, I love this choice. Right off the bat I’m sure we’re going to get some mumblings of people in total disagreement with the choice but I say give the guy a chance — this could be a lot of fun.

Per Deadline:

He met with the studio and filmmakers, and they felt he was a good match for the material, having grown up a huge fan of the trilogy and part of a new generation of directors steeped in all things dinosaur. They felt he would preserve and protect the characters in the story they created.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ RIck Jaffa and Amanda Silver have penned the script with a release date already set for June 13th, 2014.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see Aubrey Plaza (below) snag a leading role for the film – I’d be on board for that.


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17 thoughts on “We have a director for ‘Jurassic Park 4’ and safety isn’t guaranteed

  1. Jesus. I posted about this news but didn’t think about Plaza having a role. She’d actually work. She could be the Jeff Goldblum of the film. But not as sexy.

    1. Must go faster must go faster! Haha, I usually like to do that when director’s like this get interesting films because usually they try to bring on ppl they are familiar with. She’d be perfect for a role. You heard it hear first BTW!

  2. I thought the original JP was really suspenseful. I didn’t like how they moved the dinos to the city in later movies (which never happened in the second book, mind you)… I wonder how the director will address those sorts of issues… I mean, when you take a scary element and then have the whole population of Earth become aware of it, it becomes (ironically) less plausible somehow, so…well, this should be interesting.

    1. Giving a director who’s used to a “smaller” world in terms of his films the chance to make such a huge film will definitely be interesting. We’ll never see a JP film come close to Spielberg’s but I do think we’re in for a surprise with Trevorrow behind the lens.

  3. Cheers for sharing sir. Insanely excited, but like you say, tight deadline. I love Jurassic Park. Like everyone. But I also really liked the sequels too, so insanely keen for a 4th entry.

    1. Nice man! With the technology we have no for cinema there’s no reason this shouldnt be the best looking JP film in the franchise, lets just hope Trevorrow has a game plan because he’s got a LOT to do right now.

  4. I dunno. I really like the first JP, but after that it just seemed to take after the Titanic (not the movie), and I sort of gave them up for dead when the 70lbs ninja-kung-fu-acrobat-girl kicked a thousand-plus pound dino out a window. I must say, even with the choice of director, I don’t have high expectations for this one, though I can see how this would fit into the horror(ible) category.

    1. Yea, I wasn’t a big fan of the films that followed the original either. I’m hoping with Trevorrow he’ll make the movie much simpler and give us characters that we actually care about.

  5. Gah, Plaza is so unconventionally gorgeous, if she lands a part in JP4 I’m even more in (As if a higher level of excitement could even be achieved at this point). Still a bit curious about the director being out of his comfort zone, but far stranger things have happened when it comes to directors crossing to new genres

    1. Yea man, completely agree. He’s totally out of his comfort zone here but Universal knows much more about him than we do so I’m sure they see something in him that gives them the confidence to make such a huge film.

  6. I really went for Safety Not Guaranteed, it even made my top 10 of 2012. Really interesting choice for his next project, showing a lot of diversity, lets see it he can continue on with the same quality.

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