Mondo reveals wicked new posters for The Thing, Son of Frankenstein and White Zombie

Mondo is at it again with three new amazing prints that will be going on sale tomorrow at a random time. The prints were each previously sold at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend. The three posters are The Thing by Randy Ortiz, Son of Frankenstein by Rich Kelly, and White Zombie by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. Each one of these little guys are absolutely gorgeous so it’s not going to be easy getting your hands on one of these bad boys.

I’m going to attempt to get Ortiz’s The Thing print. Not only is that one of my favorite horror films but the poster sums up the insanity of Carpenter’s classic in one beautifully ridiculous image. I love that it all starts with the petri dish in his hands and explodes into all the terrifying creatures you see throughout the flick. Very cool!

You guys know the drill. If you feel like trying your luck at snagging one then all you have to do is follow @MondoNews on twitter for the sales announcement. Typically their posters sell out in 5 minutes or so but I’ve seen some go in less than 3 — if you’re serious about getting on then you better be quick!









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5 thoughts on “Mondo reveals wicked new posters for The Thing, Son of Frankenstein and White Zombie

    1. I have a few posters from Mondo and every one of them look amazing on the wall. Definitely worth getting one if you’re lucky enough!

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