Joshua Hoffine’s epic zombie photo Last Stand finally revealed!

We were promised months ago from horror photographer Joshua Hoffine that we would be getting an epic zombie photograph and that it would be his most ambitious yet. Simply titled Last Stand, Hoffine created easily one of his greatest works of art as the image depicts a family in their very last moments of life before finally being overrun by a horde of hungry zombies.

The star of the photo is Michael Baldwin as he wields a good ol’ fashion boomstick. In the shot we see him blowing a hole clean through the head of a zombie and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Hoffine pulled this off by using flash paper and black powder fired through a prop head with a kneeling actor. While this may be Hoffine’s biggest project to date, it has only scratched the surface as he says, “The success of this image has encouraged me to consider future photo projects on an even larger, more elaborate scale.” Bring it on!

laststandIf you wan’t to see more of Hoffine’s amazing work check out his gallery in “The Art of Horror”. Just leave the lights on!

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