The Art of Daniel Norris


The work of Daniel Norris is truly unforgettable as he brings his brilliant artistic ability to some of our favorite films — trapping them in a single gritty image. He creates these single-color print-like movie poster redesigns and each and every one of them are absolutely stunning. Each print drowns in a style that is unmistakably unique as his posters breathe new life into some of our favorite films. Good luck finding a favorite folks! I give you, The Art of Daniel Norris.

Creating things is a compulsion for me, it’s what I love doing. I’m a packaging designer during the day, a poster designer in my spare time – but it’s all problem solving with the aim of creating something that’s lives long in the memory.


Twitter: @DanKNorris







DN_The Birds_A2





DN_the machinist_A2



MSDSHIN EC021 tumblr_mmnb7fJ5Rt1qf70axo1_1280

If you want to see more cool art like this, head over to The Art of Horror where Daniel Norris joins many other fantastic artists — be sure to leave the lights on!

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12 thoughts on “The Art of Daniel Norris

    1. I wish I knew Jmount. I tried doing more digging to find some info on it but he doesn’t provide a lot of process stuff on how he completes them or what exactly he uses to do them. Maybe he’ll stumble across the blog and let us know in the comments! 😉

      1. Hope so. I’m trying to learn pastels and these posters would be great to try and see if I could do anywhere near as good; which I highly doubt I could 🙂

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