First stills for Among the Living arrive, a cross between Stand by Me and IT

The French filmmaking pair Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury made a name for themselves in the horror genre with their first two films Livid and Inside and now the duo are back with their now-filming third film, Among The Living. The premise is very intriguing as it centers around three kids who find themselves in a situation of unspeakable horror. It is being billed as a cross between Stand by Me and IT — something I think we can all get behind. 

Youngsters, Victor, Dan and Tom skip school to wander around an abandoned movie set. They stumble upon a horrific vision : a woman in chains is dragged through the field by a man wearing a clown mask. The masked man catches a glimpse of the boys, who scramble to run away. But, before they can escape, they see something which has been hidden for years, something they were not meant to see. Terrified of having been seen by the masked man, the boys try to alert the police. Unfortunately, their past record of unruly behavior discredits them and the police do not follow up on their tipoff. That night someone breaks into their homes, seeking to eliminate them…one after another… They are going to meet Klarence…

It’s a pretty wicked sounding little flick and we’ve already seen what Bustillo and Maury are capable of so I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this one. When talking about the abandoned movie set and its ideal location the directors said, “it carries tremendous collective memories while providing various places for our fear to hide and grow. It was the perfect place for Klarence’s nest…”.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty damn intrigued by this Klarence fellow.

Chloe Coulloud, Lannick Gautry, Francis Renaud, and Beatrice Dalle are all starring.


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8 thoughts on “First stills for Among the Living arrive, a cross between Stand by Me and IT

  1. Beatrice Dalle was absolutely terrifying in Inside. As much as I loved that movie I definitely need to see Livid and Among the Living.

      1. That’s okay; I went to Wal-mart on the 18th of June to buy American Mary. They had a little yellow sticker stating that it was $9.96; but no movie. Every Wal-mart I went to was the same; price sticker for the movie but no movie. They finally got it yesterday, a week later than it’s release date. I bought it FYE instead. Now I can’t remember why I told you that story.

      2. Lol that’s awesome! I ran into a similar problem at Wal-mart except they had American Mary when there were supposed to get it, just not on Blu-ray like I wanted 😦

  2. I agree about Dalle in Inside. I think that movie had its share of problems (awful, awful cops), but I did enjoy a good amount of it. This one looks like it could be a really good time. Hopefully they’ve learned a bit since Inside.

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