The Art of Fernando Reza


The art of Fernando Reza is absolutely fantastic as he takes a minimalistic approach to his work. It’s a wickedly cool style that we see a lot of these days with the idea of, “less is more”, but he puts his very own stamp on it making his work stand out from the rest.  His work is regularly on display at Gallery 1988 and has also done work for film and television. They may seem simple at first glance but the more you stare into these beautiful works of art, the more secrets you’ll find deep in the background. Every one of these prints are absolutely gorgeous and as with many of the artists featured on “The Art of Horror, you’re going to have a hard time finding a favorite.


Twitter: @frodesignco 




reanimator2 2

the birds




TheThing Face



black swan2

americanwerewolf2 2


If you want to see more cool art like this, head over to The Art of Horror where Fernando Reza joins many other fantastic artists — be sure to leave the lights on!

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