EA planning for a Dead Space film!


It wasn’t too long ago when we heard about John Carpenter’s interest in adapting a Dead Space film. There’s currently no director attached to the project but could Carpenter get his wish? According to Variety, Electronic Arts is breathing new life into plans to adapt its sci-fi horror video game Dead Space into a potential film franchise. Justin Marks helped develop the story for the film that Neal Moritz will co-produce. The producer has been attached to Dead Space for over three years, when DJ Caruso was eyeing the project as a directing vehicle. Right now it looks like EA plans on further developing Philip Gelatt’s version of the script with another screenwriter. Gelatt recently penned the script for Europa Report.

EA and Marks discussed development on Dead Space during a panel discussion on video game adaptations at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday saying that the film shouldn’t be 100% faithful to game. “You would be making ‘Event Horizon’ or ‘Alien, I’ve already seen that movie.” Marks goes on to say that whoever takes the helm should try to tell the main character’s story in a way that is new and intriguing.

That’s all for now but it sounds like they’re really going to try to get this thing made. Dead Space could easily make a brilliant sci-fi horror flick if put in the right hands. It’ll be interesting to see who’s going to step behind the camera and if EA has given any thought about Carpenter’s previous statements on how he’d love to adapt it. I guess we’ll find out!

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10 thoughts on “EA planning for a Dead Space film!

    1. Lol yea that’s a good point. They won’t have much creative control over the film though. It all comes down to who they get to direct it. So many good options out there!

      1. Hmm.. Who would I pick…? Hearing what’s coming out of The Conjuring, I’d love to see James Wan do a sci-fi flick. Or Christopher Smith (Triangle), or of course, Duncan Jones (Moon), but he’ll be busy with Warcraft. Danny Boyle would also be incredibly interesting- seeing him mix Sunshine with 28 Days Later. Oh my.

      2. Wan would be amazing but he’s retiring from the horror genre for a while after Insidious 2 supposedly. They definitely need a director who knows a thing or two about horror and sci-fi. Duncan Jones would be sick! Alfonso Cuaron would be fun as well.

  1. John Carpenter?… Isn’t he like… dead? I think Ridley Scott should quit now, it’s infectious! Do we really need another grandpa directing a science fiction horrormovie?

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