Review: Jug Face is a backwoods tale of slow-burning horror

The indie backwoods horror flick Jug Face is a fantastic feature debut from Chad Crawford Kinkle as he crafts a patient slow-burning tale of a mysterious pit in the woods that chooses who lives and who dies. Jug Face tells the story of a pregnant teen trying to escape a backwoods community when she discovers that she may be sacrificed to a creature in a pit.

It’s an extremely well shot and thought out film that doesn’t waste any time explaining just what exactly is going on with this evil pit. Instead we learn quickly that the pit is just a way of life for this community as they go on with their daily business; that is, until the pit wants a sacrifice. One of the film’s creepiest elements is how accepting these people are when it becomes their turn to be sacrificed to the pit. The scenes are haunting as you watch them kneel over a stump and prepare to have their throats slit.

It’s an extremely unique film and a wonderful addition to the slow-burn genre. My only real gripe is that the the low budget really shines through in a few scenes that just come off cheesy and out of place when we see the ghost of a boy who’s soul is left to wander the woods. Just when you’re really locked into the suspense of the film, this ghost shows up and really takes you out of the entire scene. That being said, it’s an easily forgivable element to the film as everything else is tied together so damn well.

Sean Bridgers and Lauren Ashley Carter really dial in on some fantastic performances as they bring Kinkle’s film to life. As I said, you never really learn the origins of this pit or the back story of the community who so heavily rely on it — this keeps you wanting more well after the credits roll. It’s really an interesting story that has many layers just waiting to be peeled back.

Chad Crawford Kinkle’s feature debut is one hell of an entry into the horror genre and one that’s well worth your time. Jug Face is exactly the kind of indie horror film that keeps fans coming back for more. It’s a genuine and fascinating slow-burn that’s just waiting for its next sacrifice.


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19 thoughts on “Review: Jug Face is a backwoods tale of slow-burning horror

  1. Jug Face feels really small, in a good way, and captures the essence of this tiny group of worshippers. It’s aesthetically similar to other Moderncine movies; it’s a look that gives the film quality and technical shows expertise. Although, it’s carried by strong performances, and a few explicate shots of gore.

    1. It’s definitely an acquired taste that’s for sure. Especially with the way the film opens! Thanks for stopping by Lacey!

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    Our budget is such that we’re still holding out for this to show on Netflix (or as an Amazon rental), so we can’t really give you a personal review. Ryan, however, has pretty sharp taste in horror movies, and we trust his judgement, so take a look at his review right here from Rhino’s Horror!

  3. I just watched this one on netflix over the weekend; I agree with you. I really thought Sean Bridgers was great here, and it was his character who kept me in the story. The lead girl was also very strong, as you mentioned. The ending left a lot to be desired, but such is life in the world of horror cinema.

    1. Yeah, for sure. It’s not a bad movie just kind of misses the mark towards the end. I also really didn’t like the ghost kid. He just looked awkward.

      1. Yes! I think nearly everyone says that; he did just feel very out of place. Especially since his warnings really didn’t seem to amount to very much at the end. The audience kept waiting until the end to see just how relevant he turned out to be. Turns out, not much. Very odd decision by the writer and director. But at least it kept you wondering until the end, which you know is what I like.

      2. Yeah, very true. I hate when low budget movies add something like that to the mix. It just stands out too much because the effects were done pretty poorly. Oh well!

      3. PS: I think you’d dig “Omnivores”. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. It’s another spanish thriller. One day you’re going to have to do a spanish triple-feature and watch “The Hidden Face” and “Sleep Tight” and “Omnivores”. I think you’d like all three. And I think you’d be inspired to write a review for each on here.

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