Short Round: This terrifying dive only takes a minute

V/H/S 2 and Hobo with a Shotgun director Jason Eisener takes us on a minute-long trip into under water hell with his latest short film One Last Dive. With only one short minute to spare, Eisener’s film is a terrifying look at what a a search and rescue team find in the murky depths of a lake. What they find at the bottom is nothing short of terrifying. It may only be a minute long but it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do — and that is to make you think twice before you ever go swimming at night again!

Need to kill some time? Check out the Short Round and watch more short films!

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If you are ever attacked by a gorilla just sit back and relax while you enjoy the once in a life time feeling of your limbs being ripped off.

19 thoughts on “Short Round: This terrifying dive only takes a minute

    1. hahah! It’s hard to believe you could achieve such a frightening short film in just one minute. Brilliant stuff! Good luck sleeping…

  1. I’ve always thought you could create a nice scare in a short amount of time; sometimes a short film of 5 minutes, or even a feature of 90 minutes seems to be full of fluff until the eventual scare at the end.

    I thought this was well done; to me, even scarier than the dead body that popped out was the way he got chained to the brick, and couldn’t move. That’s pretty terrifying!

    Very well executed.

    1. Exactly! That’s what got me as well. The lady was creepy but what happens next is pure horror. Seeing the chain with nothing attached to it first was a good move as well because you know he wasn’t the first. Great stuff.

      1. Damn it, now I’m really in the mood to watch a good horror! But it takes soooo long to find an actual good one on netflix instant.

      2. Netflix instant is a sea of terrible horror movies but there are some good ones. Let the Right One In, Rosemary’s Baby, Pontypool, and The Signal are all pretty solid ones in there. There are more but I stopped looking lol.

      3. I was going to watch and review Rosemary last fall, but too many people were telling me how it was more psychological than spooky or scary.

      4. Yea it’s definitely a film you’ve really got to earn. It’s a hardcore slow-burn but an absolute classic. Worth seeing but go in expecting it to be a bit slow.

      5. Okay, cool; another good one to add you may not have seen is “In Their Sleep” which is a very under-the-radar effective thriller/horror.

        Also, “388 Arletta Avenue” is a definite slow-burn thriller/mystery with elements of horror sprinkled in; and the ending is pretty crazy.

        And of course you know I told you a while ago about “The Hidden Face”. You need to get on that one – trust me! Most of my horror buddies have liked it. Although it’s more of a thriller than horror, I think you’ll like it.

        I’m about to check out that VHS 2 tonight; I remember you saying it started out slow, but finished strong!

      6. Yes sir, will keep my eye out for that segment and drop a comment on your VHS 2 entry after I watch…

        And just a friendly reminder about “The Hidden Face” do NOT watch the trailer b/c they reveal the twist in it! The movie is pretty genius and puts everything in a different light once the twist is revealed around the halfway point.

        I am hoping you like it enough to write a review for on your blog. Tyson Carter & Eric Isaacs both wrote positive entries about it on their page immediately after watching; and I made a blog in the first place just to promote it (and other obscure films). I think it’s just that unique. 🙂

      7. Oh yea, I remember reading Tyson’s review. Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what you think of that segment!

      8. Great question!! There’s definitely a story there, that’s for sure. It’s crazy what 1 minute can really do if done right.

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