The Mummy reboot searches for new director


Some of you fine readers might remember when I talked about Universal’s upcoming reboot of The Mummy a while back. In case you’re out of the loop, up until today it was known that Len Wiseman was attached to direct the film for Universal. Well, because of some pesky scheduling issues Wiseman had to drop out completely. Despite the film’s director leaving the project, it is said to be “still moving full-speed ahead” — so if you were looking forward to a new take on the classic character, you have nothing to worry about in that regard.

So, what now? According to The Wrap, Producers Sean Daniels, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will begin searching for a new director immediately, so expect news on that in the near future. Jon Spaihts wrote the script, which aims to reinvent the Mummy series completely. There’s no word on exactly what the film is going to be about but apparently they are looking to make this one a darker and scarier take on the old Mummy tale. The new story will draw inspiration from Michael Crichton’s novels, who grounded fantastical tales in modern-day science.

I can’t complain a whole lot about this reboot. It’s such an odd choice but I like the idea of them aiming to make this more of a horror film this time around. Can’t complain too much about that. Keep an eye out for more on this one folks.


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  1. Well, it IS Summer of course. And Summer is almost Sommer. And if you got more than one, you got Sommers! 😐

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