What ever happened to David Gordon Green’s Suspiria remake?


Talk of a Suspiria remake from Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green has been going on for quite some time with the last update being that the film was caught in some legal woes. At the time it sounded like chances of a remake to Dario Argento’s horror classic were slim but now it appears that Green’s version may just never happen. In a recent interview with Esquire, Green spilled some details on on the long talked about Suspiria remake saying why there’s a chance it will never happen.

“I don’t know if it’ll ever happen. Someone needs to do something very artful with that project. I’m just excited at the thought of making something elegant, and graphic, and classy at a point in the horror genre where everybody’s making films raw, and found-footage. I want something to contrast that, but anybody that’s interested in horror movies has no interest in that right now. At least, not with my involvement. But maybe someone else will do it.” So it sounds like if this film ever does happen there’s a good chance it will be without Green behind the camera which is disappointing because he’s been so passionate about this project for years and has been trying to get it off the ground for a while.

It also seems as if his version of the film was going to just be too expensive as he says, “I’ve got the whole movie in my head. It’s ready to go, but it just costs too much. My version of it costs too much.” This could be a major reason as to why the movie isn’t getting made. He does go on to say that his remake was going to be faithful to the original film while still having its own identity. “It would be very respectful of the original film. It’s like the re-staging of an opera. It’s not there to take away from what exists, but to be inspired by what it is, and make something that is its own unique experience…”

While a remake to Suspiria would no doubt upset many fans, the thought of Green stepping out of his comfort zone to tackle such a ballsy horror flick says a lot about his level of confidence. Whether we see him behind the camera for a Suspiria remake or not, I’m pumped to see what this guy can do within the horror genre.


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7 thoughts on “What ever happened to David Gordon Green’s Suspiria remake?

    1. Yea same here! I always like to see a director take a step in a different direction as far as genre goes. If he ever did make Suspiria that would be one hell of a way to get introduced to the horror genre.

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